No. I Am Not.

You know the drill.
This gem is sooo re blog worthy. Michael birthed a precious child here and now for all the planet to adore. Amen!

Embracing Forever

Obviously I am not a Christian,
but Jesus is my companion.
More than that, even.
We were bound together in darkness,
in a moment we both chose without resistance.
The ropes encircling us are sacred.
We are each other’s atrium and ventricle.
We live in the same house.
We love the same woman.
We lay together on a raft sometimes,
continuing our passage across the sea
to visit the birth of life.
At night, when I’m done
staring at the ceiling
and my tears
are passing out of the harbor
in a galloping herd of waves,
and the stars are keeping watch
over each one,
marking each surging shoulder
with the incendiary memory of
sodium, hydrogen, helium and argon–
Jesus is the tide that carries them.
Jesus is the road we walk that leads us to the sea.

And clearly I am not a Buddhist,
though I dissolve into the Buddha’s robes

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