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1111 ~ Just the Beginning

As if 11-11 isn’t enough, we’ve got a 19 degree Scorpio New Moon,  Diwali, and Veteran’s Day. There is a lot going on, that’s for sure. To top it all off, my birthday week is still in motion.

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That is a picture of my birthday cake taken by a friend. It has 1 candle so it works well with the 11 – 11 theme. As a gift to me and you, I am going to disclose my age. Some of you may know this already, but I turned 55! For so long, I have hidden certain facts about myself from myself. In other words, I don’t feel middle-aged inside ( most of the time), so I tell myself I cannot be my given age. I have posted before on aging and I still have work to do on acceptance. The first step is to stop tiptoeing around this subject. So I am 55, woohoo!

Besides, the age fits in so well with this post, so why not take the plunge? As I have mentioned before, becoming old enough to retire has been a tough pill to swallow. Let me explain further. When I joined city government, I had just turned 27. My birthday was on a Friday 11-6-87. Just 2 days earlier, on Wednesday 11-4-87, I met a man who was to become one of the major loves of my lifetime ( and probably other lifetimes.) On Monday 11-9-87 I started my first day of work and many of my coworkers were much older. They talked daily about reaching age 55. Then they could retire and take a full pension. Try as I might, I had a difficult time picturing myself at age 55. Guess what, I still do. But back then this age became a symbol of the end of the road. During the 18 years of my employment with the City,  I continued to hear about turning 55.

Now I am here. So what’s next?

Lots of synchronicity and a few more 5’s.

I find it fascinating that on the year I turn 55, all the days of the week line up just like they did in 1987. I thought that this would happen every 7 years, but it doesn’t due to leap years. I have been thinking of that 27th year quite a bit lately as I have anticipated this birthday. An unusual synchronicity capped it all off nicely: I was watching the docuseries Vice on Monday. It was a special segment on mass incarceration and the war on drugs. I highly recommend it if you want to learn more about how non violent offenders fare under the current system. Most of the episode takes place in a Oklahoma federal institution. Towards the end of the segment, they switch the focus to Philadelphia. All of a sudden I see a still shot of my old office from 1987. So on Monday 11-9-15, I am viewing my old office building exactly 28 years after I started working there, Monday 11-9-87. Why a show about prisons would be doing a feature on my city office building is strange indeed. What is super strange is the day I decide to watch it. The episode is old. But I rather randomly tuned in on Monday.

Yet if you have been reading this blog for a while, you understand. I set this in motion with my thoughts and the Universe delivered it to me in an unimaginable way.

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So how about more fives?

Yesterday I reached level 55 on Farmville 2. That’s when I decided I would come clean about my age. This was after I kept noticing the $5.55 pizza sign at the local 7-Eleven ( 7-11 ) . So many numbers!

5 is ruled by Mercury and has to do with change and new beginnings. Effective today Saturn is transiting exactly conjunct my Midheaven. Guess what degree? 5 degrees Sagittarius. This is a humongous transit, a milestone that occurs once ever 29 years or so signifying the pinnacle of one’s calling coming into manifestation. To quote my blogger pal Amanda, I wonder if I am failing this transit.

But I digress and I will leave that thought for another time. Perhaps I should just leave it altogether.

To learn more about the numerology of 5 , visit this site.

Another synchronicity is that I changed my challenge post at the last-minute to one about the Grateful Dead. I mentioned in the post that a new incarnation has formed with John Mayer called Dead & Company. At the time I know they were playing on the East Coast. They were in Philly on 11-5-15 and DC on 11-6-15. On 11-7-15 they were back in NYC for a free show. Later that day ( still technically my solar return), I discovered a free livestream concert was available to anyone with wi-fi. So here I am watching a free Dead concert from my couch. Talk about manifesting out of the ethers!

One more 5 fact before I go, my sun is on the 5th house cusp for this year’s solar return. Change is on the way!

Happy 11-11 New Scorpio Moon! If I keep seeing 11s and 5s , they combine to 6s and 6 = love.  Wishing you love and lite on this lovely double Scorpio evening.

Dead & Company