Peaceful Easy Feeling


Post full Leo moon and pre Mercury stationing direct, wild times we find ourselves in! We accumulated close to 2 feet of snow in the Philadelphia region and I am glad I can wait awhile to dig out my car. It frees me up to make the most of this powerful energy. Mercury stations at 14° 55″ Capricorn at 4:50 PM EDT, which is very close to my natal Saturn. I have a sense of destiny coming alive in my life, still gaining momentum and preparing to take form.

I continue to cherish the contributions of those no longer with us. This seems to complement all the activity in my natal 12th house. Today I want to honor Glenn Frey, cofounder of the Eagles. The Eagles have been around for decades with such memorable hits such as Hotel California, Take it Easy, The Long Run, Lying Eyes, and Desperado. I have seen the Eagles once in concert and was quite taken with Don Henley, especially his solo work in the 1990s. But Mr. Frey began to enter my awareness once I discovered we share a birthdate ~ November 6th. Then I began paying more attention to his story. Glenn also struggled with intestinal difficulties so we also have that in common. Scorpio is linked to the lower digestive and reproductive systems. I have Pluto in Virgo, which accentuates the digestive challenges. Glenn has Saturn in Virgo ( conjunct my Pluto) so he also suffered the double whammy with intestinal woes. Yet he accomplished so much in his lifetime as a musician, writer, and actor.

Frey’s speech at the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony where he paid homage to Linda Ronstadt was quite poignant. Apparently he was smitten with her when she was seeing someone else. Another irony is that while Linda was too ill to participate in the Induction ceremony, she is still hanging on and Glenn has transitioned.

I posted watery images because water represents emotions and can be quite healing. Watching water in motion ( e- motion) can be a very peaceful activity.

While I enjoy many Eagle songs, Peaceful Easy Feeling is the one that seems most appropriate today. It also triggers a pleasant 12th house memory. On a sunny mid January day, many years ago, I had my first date with a man who would become my partner. I had just returned from Saint Maarten so I was sporting a tan. I was wearing hoop earrings on that day (I have excellent long-term memory, partially thanks to Mars in Cancer). We drove in his red convertible ( he has moon in Aries) where we went to a local burger place to eat. Outside of the parking lot he began to serenade me. While he was not a romantic guy in general, he had his moments. He sang Peaceful Easy Feeling and it was beautifully done. It was not his voice, but the sentiment that got my attention.

“Peaceful Easy Feeling”

I like the way your sparkling earrings lay,
Against your skin, it’s so brown.
And I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight
With a billion stars all around.
‘Cause I got a peaceful easy feeling,
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing on the ground.
And I found out a long time ago
What a woman can do to your soul.
Oh, but she can’t take you anyway,
You don’t already know how to go.
And I got a peaceful easy feeling,
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing on the ground.
I get this feeling I may know you as a lover and a friend.
But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear,
Tells me I may never see you again.
’cause I get a peaceful easy feeling
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing…
I’m already standing…
Yes, I’m already standing on the ground
Oh, oh


Here is a video clip of Peaceful Easy Feeling from 1973

I was impressed that he chose a song that not only detailed my appearance, but probably echoed his ideas about our possible relationship. This is how music becomes interwoven into the fabric of one’s consciousness.

We need peace now more than ever before. Life is so exciting and can be very overwhelming in this age of info and techno overload, not to mention all the energetic activity seen and unseen. How can we cultivate a road to peace, irregardless of disappointment, delays, loss, illness, violence, confusion?

I am open to any and all suggestions. I wish you all peace and urge you to practice peace as part of daily living.

The Eagles recorded two popular songs about the city, In the City and You Belong to the City. They were popular while I worked for the City and whenever I heard them playing, I considered how they described some of my feelings about my situation. You Belong to the City was featured on the show Miami Vice, where Frey had a supporting role.

Here is a video of his performance.

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