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A Healing Wave


Ever feel like you are spinning out of control? Well, I have felt this way for about a week or so. This morning was different though. This eclipse energy seems ( so far ) to be agreeing with me. Could be that the lunation is squaring my moon/Venus opposition. With the sun, moon, and/or Venus, I find squares and oppositions to be typically pleasant. The grand water trine that this 19 degrees Pisces new moon in my 1st house makes to my natal mars in Cancer in the 6th house and Scorpio stellium in the 9th house is probably more likely to be the reason. Nothing says renewal and rebirth like a lovely grand water trine supported by my Pluto and north node in Virgo.

I have been fixated on my 6th house journey as more yucky test results keep flooding in. I am not giving up though. I clearly see that I must make some dramatic changes that I have been masterful at avoiding. Meeting yesterday with health coach Dana Barron was very reassuring. She met with me for free and spent about 90 minutes listening , empathizing, explaining complex systems, and making clear recommendations. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the alternative healthcare process and live in SE Pennsylvania, please check her out. I left her office feeling cared for and respected, armed with handouts and resources.

Here is the website where you can find Dana.

This morning I was led to pull a card from my Healing cards deck:


I could not have chosen a more perfect card. Good old number 22 contains the following message on the back:

Memories are clever impostors, making it appear that an experience or relationship cannot be healed. If you believe that, how can you heal your body or protect your health?

The booklet further indicates that since both the soul and the body are perfect, the body has the power to heal itself and get out of its way. It suggests to stop confusing the body with medicine and food additives and allow it to work naturally.

As I continue on my quest for wellness, I will take comfort in this card, along with the 6th house/ 12th house energies accentuated by this solar eclipse flanked by Chiron, Neptune, and the south node in Pisces opposing Jupiter and north node in Virgo. Please send me light and love as I continue to ride the waves towards wholeness.

PS ~ If you are knowledgeable about Ayurveda, please email me here.


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