Revolution is Evolution

In honor of the mega-retrograde season, I am re-blogging an article from February about the influence of Bernie Sanders. I do not want him to be forgotten, an afterthought in American history. He is a symbol of what we can be as we step into our individual and collective power.

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Greetings everyone! As the sun is still a few minutes shy of reaching my Ascendant, I am milking this 12th house energy for all its worth. I did feel the Imbolc Candlemas surge once the calendar moved into February, but recent health issues has challenged my productivity. This is partially why I have not published any new material in a while. Check out Jamie’s fabulous Imbolc post to learn more about this Winter to Spring sacred time.

Welcome to all new followers and readers! I am so delighted to have so many new people visit me here at litebeing chronicles. Please feel free to comment, even if just to say hello. I want you to know that I am thrilled whenever someone takes the time to read about my journey. Thank you for your interest in my life.

I have so much going on, which sometimes leaves me undecided as…

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Share Your World ~ Retrograde Edition

As Mercury joins the rest of the retrograde party tomorrow ( 4-28-16) with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, let’s take a pause. I enjoy Cee’s Share Your World challenges as a way to get off the merry-go-round and change-up my typical intense blogging style.

So let’s get started: public domain

When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen? 

I prefer pens to pencils because they leave a stronger mark. Pencil is great for sketching though.

What’s your choice: jigsaw, word, maze or numeric puzzles?

I lack the patience for crosswords, but will take a stab at one now and again. I do like jigsaw, but really don’t want to invest the time. A few years back I did complete a castle jigsaw and it was quite a lovely finished product. I am very fond of castles, so that was the draw. Typically I get my puzzle fix at lumosity. I really like the variety of games (excluding the mathematical ones). They are challenging, fun, and allegedly great for improving memory, multitasking, facial recognition, and more.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? 

My modern planetary ruler is in Leo. So watch this video and then take an educated guess.

List five of your favorite blogs.

There are so many blogs that I follow and read religiously. I will pick five that are featuring topics and images that impact my life in a big way, in present time. I find that there is so much fluidity lately to my interests and concerns. Thanks to all the amazing bloggers for making this such a challenging decision.

It really is hard to choose, but choose I will…

honest expressions on transition and growth

bold musings about ascension and angst

healing wisdom mixed with seasoned compassion

 timely insights for those working at remaining both open and grounded.

daily relief in the form of photo-poetry


litebeing chronicles © 2016

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week was not one I would want to repeat, BUT, all my tests results taken last week were favorable. Also, I did a guest post for GrievingD and I am getting  requests to contribute more material for future guest blogs. I would be delighted to do more of these, so please contact me if you are interested in having me write something for your blog, website, or magazine.

This week I had a job interview and it went really well. The interviewer told me that I am definitely in the running. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I await the decision. I feel this program would be a good fit for me at this time.

The next few days look exciting with prospects of visiting old and new friends. Next week is quite open at this point. I kinda like it that way. Why don’t we all take a breath together and let the world sail by? Doesn’t that feel good!

Happy Mercury Retrograde!


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Re-introduce Yourself to Gaia ~ Earth Day 2016


I agree with my friend Sue Dreamwalker, Earth Day ought to be every Day. I wanted to create an original post, but am not really up to the task. So I came upon a solution while exploring some old material.

I am definitely more in love with Gaia than ever before. As I have become more awake, my appreciation has grown by leaps and bounds. Viewing Grounded was a revelation to me, so I am posting it again for my new readers. This film opened me up to new possibilities regarding the mystery of this magnificent planet.


During this intense full moon ( highlighting Taurus and Scorpio) and retro cycle ( Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury soon to follow) why not re-introduce yourself to our planet? Follow your inner guidance and discover how you can become more connected to nature. You’ll know what to do and where to go.

Listen for her call …. public domain

Let’s make Earth Day everyday!


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Purple Forever


I was preparing to buy groceries when the news came in. Prince is gone at age 57. Think tender and brash, shy and overtly sexual. Think 1999, Purple Rain, Diamonds and Pearls, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Raspberry Beret, Little Red Corvette, Money Don’t Matter Tonight etc.  Just Tuesday afternoon while I was driving to a medical appointment, Purple Rain came on the radio. I have not heard it in quite some time. I became very emotional and was surprised by my reaction. Could I have been sent a message foreshadowing this event? Quite likely.

I learned today that he also had an emergency visit to the hospital on 4-14-16 and was also released on 4-15-16.

But I am here and he is not. pub domain

I do not have the energy to write a complete post. He had a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, and Scorpio Rising. His chart aligns very strongly with my Pluto Mercury signature. We both loved Purple and adored paisley.  Similar to Edward Snowden’s signature as well. To learn more about the Gemini Scorpio mix, please check out this article I wrote about Joan Rivers and Johnny Carson.

Have not gotten around to my Bowie retrospective yet. These things take time for me. I do not digest easily and it is the bane of my existence. I must learn how to absorb and transmit at a faster clip.

My header will remain up in its purple glory in memory of His Purpleness.





Listen here for Prince’s Super Bowl performance.


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Scorpio – retropolooza

Kitab_al-Bulhan_---_zodiac_scorpio (1)


We are in the midst of some major Scorpionic slowdowns and downpours. With both of Scorpio’s rulers ( Mars yesterday, Pluto today) retrograding side by side, shortly in advance of Friday’s full Scorpio moon, shit is happening. It’s a wildly potent event, an actual Scorpio -retropolooza.

While I am still in major regroup/recuperation mode, I must supply you with two amazing articles. They both cover the current astrological weather with expertise and flair.



The first link is on the retro phenomenon, by the Übertalented Michael Lutin. He is one of my all-time favs, and I hope this gem will resonate with you. God willing, I will be seeing him speak Sunday when he makes his debut appearance at my local NCGR chapter.

The second link by Australian astrologer Lynda Hill covers the sabian symbols of the full moon and more.  I really enjoy her writing and hope you will appreciate her incorporation of sabian content into her forecast.


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I hope to be back in the swing of things, ready to blog with aplomb and prolific passion. Until then, enjoy these articles and keep me in your thoughts. My days are filled with doctors, tests, medications, and quasi-relentless pain. I am grateful there are periods where the pain recedes. While I typically transform, stronger and brighter than before, life is quite brutal now. I wish you all peace, as we all do the best that we can with whatever is on our collective plates.

In light, litebeing

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Share Your World ~ Litebeing Style – Part 3

Welcome to Share Your World, Cee’s challenge that gives me a chance to combine whimsy and heart with some random questions. It is really fun, so you should visit Cee and check it out. Her incredible photography is reason enough. This is my 3rd 4th post in this series. Too bad I figured this out after I hit publish. You can keep this flub between us, right?

Here are this week’s questions:


Name one thing not many people know about you.

I really like baskets and find novel ways to use them. Here are some examples; napkin holder, seashell display, CD box, hairbrush and accessories container. A few of the baskets are purple, my favorite color.  That is a fact most people do know about me.

If a distant uncle dies and you were always his favorite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do? public domain

Find the nearest airport and book a trip somewhere, anywhere. Bali, Tuscany, Casablanca, Chicago, Paris…. It is all good and so overdue.

Where do you hide junk when people come over?

I would hide stuff in closets and drawers. I would also through some stuff out. I have been doing more of that lately. There is not that much junk around, but my place is smallish so it can feel cluttered.

Complete this sentence:  I want to learn more about …


 I really enjoy connecting with people and peppering them with the deep questions. I would have to attribute that to my moon in Gemini. I really am fascinated with so many things, but this is the first idea that popped into my head. So if you are game, why don’t you add a fun fact about yourself in the comments section?

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

orange flowersjuly2013

Last Week~  I am so grateful that I caught my illness in time. While I am still integrating this experience into my psyche, I am vividly aware how lucky I was that my intuition kicked in. I never want to step foot in a hospital again.

This Week ~ Would you believe I have a job interview on Thursday? The call came this morning. I have been quietly applying to a few jobs, with little expectations. I am excited and a bit flustered. Please send me some positive energy as I am a little rusty. Although my health is not totally restored, this good news has definitely lifted my spirits.

Next Week ~  Getting off medication for starters, then who knows?

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Aries New Moon ~ Same Old Song, But with a Different Twist

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I was sort of psyched to write about this powerfully liberating Aries new moon, but could not get it together. I was too busy having a diverticulitis attack. Fortunately I caught it early and it appears that I am slowly on the mend.  So grateful I could ride this out at home. How I survived without major pain meds is a mystery. But why it happened almost exactly 1 year after my initial attack is less of one.

My initiation into Colonodyssey was April 6, 2015, following a full moon eclipse that highlighted the Uranus Pluto square. April 7, 2016 was a new moon, also showcasing Pluto and Uranus. I wrote all about it here, a post I recently re-blogged to foreshadow my next Colonodyssey installment. Perhaps it was really foreshadowing this next health setback. Who knows anymore?

There is some irony that on both dates I wanted to write about these significant astrological events, but could not push through my resistance. Looking back, it is clear that I knew there was going to be more to the story.

If I did write about this recent new moon, mention of it being the unofficial start of 2016 would be paramount. With Uranus conjunct the new moon, I would have indicated bold, exciting, fresh beginnings. I don’t know about you, but for me nothing feels new. Not yet anyway. Yesterday it snowed in April and I am left wondering if time has stood still or if I can’t trace time ( Changes by David Bowie  reference). I feel like I am stuck in quicksand. By the way, Quicksand is another Bowie song. Couldn’t help myself.

What seems somewhat new is the steady influx of Spirit movement. I had 2 dreams within the span of a few days that warned me about my health, which I chose to discount ( yet again.) One dream included the 911 sequence and the other one referenced pipes needing repair ( I am equating pipes with intestines). I am learning the hard way that minimizing these signals, regardless of dream residue interference, is foolish business.


Another development is the onslaught of strange phone calls I have received  the week following my medium session. According to my caller ID,  I was flooded with unknown callers  from all over the country – all strangers to me, a few days before the reading and the entire week after.  Some days the phone would ring constantly, leaving some hangups on my voicemail. I do not know any of the phone numbers nor am I connected with most of their locations. Last night the calls have seemed to cease. Thank goodness! Seems like Spirit was testing to see if I was paying attention. Sylvia Browne says that the deceased often will make the phone ring in order to communicate. She could be right.

I have had to put any plans on hold once more, and focus clearly on the here and now. This is not fun, but necessary when your world is rocked in a not-very-good way. This is so Uranus Pluto, yet rather old school by this point. When I visited a new GI specialist last Friday, his parting words were ” call us if you have another attack so we can postpone your colonoscopy.” He repeated himself, making his message more pronounced.  I wondered if he was able to predict this outcome, or was it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Truth be told, I have been down this road before; the road where you can drive yourself crazy with half-baked theory and conjecture. I could attempt to explain why I relapsed, but what purpose would be served?

Featured Image -- 10351

This is the thing: I do not want to be a victim anymore. I finished watching the latest Matt Kahn video ~ Claim your power, which was about taking the high road in life, aka the Golden Rule. It is a worthwhile lecture, so consider taking a look. He goes on to describe four ego behaviors that can derail you: entitlement, righteousness, neediness, and victimhood. When he got to victimhood, the buzzer went off in my head. He defines it as a belief that everything is conspiring against you. Sound familiar anyone? I had not thought about victimhood this way before, but it fits. I have been valiantly attempting to flip the script to the opposite premise, that the universe is conspiring in my favor. Making an about-face has been haunting me for a good while. It is a real struggle, but worth pursuing anyway. I know it is a better way to live.

But it ain’t easy.

So how has this new moon been treating you?

Is it invigorating and exciting?

Or same old, same old?

Or is it more like the same old song, but with a twist?

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Pluto Mars Madness

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Hello there, all new followers. Welcome to the family! Don’t be shy. Please let me know how you like the blog and what types of content you are interested in reading.

How many times have you heard about dramatic messages from Spirit?

There have been several instances both off and online where “the Red Sea parts” for some famous author, celebrity, or New Age teacher. My cynical side would wonder, ” This must have been exaggerated for sensationalism and to increase book sales.”

While there is little if anything that surprises me anymore, it is still healthy to apply discernment whenever you encounter something that seems too good to be true.

In any case, while I still have some pieces in draft form, I have an interesting tale that relates to the mystical, watery, ephemeral side of life. I am thinking of the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses, along with both of Scorpio’s rulers, Mars and Pluto. While Mars is the incredibly fiery ruler of Aries, it was the original planet associated with intense, passionate, volatile Scorpio. Pluto just re-entered my 12th house for an extended stay. It was only straddling the cusp in 2015, barely whispering in my ear. Now I sense more of the transition from the 11th to the 12th.

The 12th house rules institutions, the subconscious, and the unconscious. We are talking confinement, shadows, the hidden and the buried. Good times indeed! My desire to work with a medium had continued to increase to the point where I was ready to do something about it. Although my 8th house is empty, I am strongly Scorpion in nature with a lifelong interest in the occult. While I do not consciously possess mediumistic abilities, my fascination with the afterlife is strong and persistent.

This weekend I met with a gifted medium.Transiting Pluto was opposing natal Mars and transiting Mars was squaring natal Pluto on the day of the session. One could call this a double whammy. Meeting on this particular day was not planned way in advance, mind you. The opportunity came on quite suddenly.

While I am not at the point of revealing details, I will say that it was incredibly emotional and a bit cathartic. I also believe that Source has been preparing me for this opportunity behind the scenes.

The last question I asked the medium was if my own abilities to connect with the departed would increase as a result of the reading. The answer was an emphatic yes.

Now for the reveal:

The following evening after my reading, I was drawn to re-read Sylvia Browne’s world predictions. I have at least four of her books and am a huge fan of hers. I used to tape her regular appearances on the Montel Williams show. I did not remember which book had this material, but I figured my bedroom closet was the most likely location. The top shelf is very high, so I stood on my tippy toes to grab the book with her name on the sleeve. The book came tumbling down along with my Goddess tarot cards, my healing cards, and a few other books. The tarot cards spilled all over the floor and I had plenty of stuff to clean up. While this was happening,  I flashed to a story in an old Shirley MacLaine book where an important book leaped off the shelves to get her attention. The Sylvia Browne book that created the avalanche was not the one I was originally searching for. But on the carpet near the scattered cards I found a cat’s whisker. Then I turned over the Sylvia Browne book that I had identified at the top of my closet shelf. Imagine my shock when I read the title.


This is the second time I found a whisker after Dexter’s passing. The thought occurred to me that these whiskers could be from my previous cat, but I doubt it. In all the years since my first cat died, I never recall discovering a whisker.

I think this experience really qualifies as a dramatic “Other Side” encounter. I wonder who or what put the idea in my head to search for the book on predictions. The subtle impressions we receive are often overlooked. I am more comfortable with the visual so I tend to minimize non-visual stimuli. That could be an error on my part. I am sharing this here to celebrate the wonder of Spirit communication and to say that we are more likely to create what seems impossible if we keep ourselves open.

check out Dexter’s fierce whiskers!


Please share in the comments section if you have ever found a whisker or other souvenir after your pet transitioned. What about wild, dramatic, experiences that resulted in contact from Spirit?

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April Update

Hello litebeings!

I am strongly led to get something out to you today. My computer is acting oddly, so if I am silent for a while, most likely I am in need of a new laptop.

Emotionally I am fried right now. Life is moving slow and fast concurrently. This defies understanding, so I will not even try. You probably can feel it yourself.

What I will do is briefly share how I am doing:

I lost a few pounds by eating less carbs.

I scheduled a colonoscopy. So what if it took 5 years to do so?

I am researching alternative healers and plan to use tax refund to pay for it. Let’s hope the person I choose is within my price range. Thanks to those who offered me assistance with this process.

I am walking almost daily whether I want to or not. It is about building momentum and a routine. This season with its glory has enticed me to go outside and be with the magic of nature. This Spring is dazzling and buzzing with activity.

I have resumed my meditation practice, courtesy of the Deepak Chopra series.

Here are some images I captured walking around my neighborhood in no particular order:











It seems that when I do focus on 3D signs, they usually appear, especially those of the numerical variety.

I hope you all enjoyed this spring stroll and April update. I will write more once I am better grounded and my computer cooperates.