Scorpio – retropolooza

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We are in the midst of some major Scorpionic slowdowns and downpours. With both of Scorpio’s rulers ( Mars yesterday, Pluto today) retrograding side by side, shortly in advance of Friday’s full Scorpio moon, shit is happening. It’s a wildly potent event, an actual Scorpio -retropolooza.

While I am still in major regroup/recuperation mode, I must supply you with two amazing articles. They both cover the current astrological weather with expertise and flair.



The first link is on the retro phenomenon, by the Übertalented Michael Lutin. He is one of my all-time favs, and I hope this gem will resonate with you. God willing, I will be seeing him speak Sunday when he makes his debut appearance at my local NCGR chapter.

The second link by Australian astrologer Lynda Hill covers the sabian symbols of the full moon and more.  I really enjoy her writing and hope you will appreciate her incorporation of sabian content into her forecast.


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I hope to be back in the swing of things, ready to blog with aplomb and prolific passion. Until then, enjoy these articles and keep me in your thoughts. My days are filled with doctors, tests, medications, and quasi-relentless pain. I am grateful there are periods where the pain recedes. While I typically transform, stronger and brighter than before, life is quite brutal now. I wish you all peace, as we all do the best that we can with whatever is on our collective plates.

In light, litebeing

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