Guest post by litebeing of “litebeing chronicles”

Thank you Shannon for having me guest post for your wonderful blog on surviving grief. I hope my experiences will inspire and offer comfort to others who are in the throes of grief.

Surviving Grief

Litebeing delights in assisting others in self-discovery as a blogger, astrologer, teacher, artist, mentor, writer, therapist, dreamer, intuitive guide, light worker and mystic. She has been blogging at litebeing chronicles for three years.

The theme of litebeing chronicles is a glimpse into my everyday life, showing how the light shines through on a moment- to- moment basis. The light may vary from a tiny flicker to a strong ray to a magnificent rainbow to a blinding shaft of white light. The blog also chronicles my reactions to the cosmic weather. The cosmic weather varies and leaves us with joy, elation, inner peace, sadness, doubts, questions, hope, and resignation. I have experienced tremendous miracles, devastating grief and loss, and everything in between. I hope to inspire others as I record my reactions as I continue to heal, regroup, and advance on my path. The reactions may be in the form of…

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5 thoughts on “Guest post by litebeing of “litebeing chronicles”

  1. Interesting dream. Thanks for sharing. If it were my dream I would interpret it in the sense that the element of surrender led to the reversal of the dangerous situation.
    I don’t know what you make of it? Was this element of surrender present in your other dreams where loss of control was the topic of the dream?
    It sounds like really good news that you were saved. Awe inspiring indeed!

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