On Living and Dying Day 17 by litebeing

Please check out my guest post on Sreejit’s year-long series On Living and Dying. This exploration was cathartic and quite timely. There is still time to contribute, so email Sreejit if you are interested.

The Seeker's Dungeon

All Is Not What It Seems

by litebeing of litebeing chronicles

Death is not my thing. I clearly remember being about 7 years old lying in bed instead of sleeping. I decided that we shall live to be 100 years old. I subtracted 7 from 100 to conclude I only had 93 years to live. Some would say I was precocious or an old soul, but c’mon! Why was I lamenting on my remaining 93 years at such a tender age? I had not experienced any major losses yet. I was not surrounded by serious illness or injury. Why was I so morose? All is not what it seems.

When my sister’s friend’s father was terminal, I was in my teens. I took this incredibly hard. My mother sensed that I don’t handle death well. I just could not fathom life without this kind man who was needed as a…

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2 thoughts on “On Living and Dying Day 17 by litebeing

  1. I like your beginning here, “death is not my thing.” What I especially like about it is the way it establishes and opens the reader into the confrontation with death, before death, we realize ‘death.’ ::hugs:: ❤ We all been touched by death. I appreciate your unique expressions here. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you Sweetie. This piece was not easy to write, but important somehow. Death is still not my thing. Life isn’t always my thing either. But I am working on them both, as they are all part of the whole she-bang. You are very welcome ❤

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