Dreams Made Manifest ~ The Clintons

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After writing my latest post about the power of women, I was curious to see if I recorded my dream about the Clintons that relates to the presidency. I searched my journals and voila, I found it.

Dream Title ~ The Clintons  recorded on 7-12-13

I am in a building, maybe an office. I see Bill Clinton and I approach him. I say ” I wish we would see more of you on TV doing policy. You are more like a stay-at-home dad now, not that there’s anything wrong with that role.”  He is walking fast and I am not catching up to him. He sounds brilliant and thoughtful. He may be discussing economic issues.

Later while alone I see Hillary. She asks me for advice so we go somewhere quiet. She is considering going to California in July but is not sure. I am thinking to myself that this is about the Presidential race. I ask her if there’s a deadline involved? I do not recall her answer or if she did respond to my question.  I suggest she spend a few days there to see if she likes the area and to also get grounded ( spiritual practices perhaps?) .

I do want to mention that a few days prior to the dream I watched Hillary on live stream at my alma mater Bryn Mawr College. However, there are many levels to dreams and I do not always dream about those I view online or elsewhere. I also am thinking that grounding may have to do with her political ground game ( I watch a lot of MSNBC).

Upon awakening I remember thinking she will run again for president. It clearly seems that California was pivotal to the outcome this time around. Primaries are usually decided much earlier. In my dream July was noted, but this event took place in June. Keep in mind that I was not aware of primary contest dates back in 2013.  This dream took place about three years ago but I never completely forgotten it. I have dreamt about the Clintons and other government figures from time to time. But this seemed more ” real”.  I am so glad I bothered to record it. Lately I have not been motivated to write down my dreams. Hopefully my motivation will return shortly.

I welcome any and all comments about the meaning. What stands out for you?


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