Celebrate Your Magnificence And More

Thank you Barbara for being the first to take on my challenge. Read all about Barbara’s story here.

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Welcome to all new readers and followers! I am happy to be back tonight to share some joy and create some opportunities for inspiration and rewards. It has been quite awhile since I have offered an astrology promotion and now seems like a wonderful time to do so. With a new moon in Libra, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere ( and Vernal/ Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere) the direct movements of both Mercury and Pluto, and the upcoming Jewish New year, ( not to mention Jupiter in Libra, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio) this is truly a time for new beginnings. So how can we make the most of this window into infinity?

September has historically been a favorite time for me. I can still visualize my shiny new brown leather school  shoes, the crunchy leaves beneath my feet, and a crisp breeze in the air. How about you?


Before September morphs into October, let me invite you to be playful and spontaneous. When Barbara supposed me with her amazing review of her astrology consultation , I was blown away by the unfolding of her story and my facilitation of a spiritual opening. I felt truly blessed to be gifted with the ability to help people transform their lives.  Then I got an idea that also blew me away…..

What if we all began to view ourselves through the lens of magnificence?

So here is my challenge:

During the months of October and November, compose a post about your ” you- ness”, celebrating your unique essence and energy. Embrace your inner goddess or god ( 0r both)! Very appropriate for the Venus – ruled lunation that’s all about love and grace, don’t you think?

Link your entry to this post and mention Litebeing’s Magnificent Challenge, and you are all set.

I will select one blogger and gift them a free astrology consultation of their choice!




And there’s more….


I am offering a special discount for all my readers, bloggers and non-bloggers alike., When you book an astrology reading with me during the month of October, you will receive a  25%percent discount off that reading.  Check out my services page for the details.

I am pleased to be combining my annual blogging challenge with an astrology promotion to inspire existence in a loving dimension of glory, abundance, spontaneity and love. Hopefully this proposal will be simple, accessible, and enjoyable to all. Please join me, and maybe win a free reading as well.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment or email me here

Put on your shiny new shoes and get ready to party with your fine self 🙂

Let’s Dance!

love always, litebeing

Astrology as a tool to help you move into your own POWERFUL TOTALITY… — Me, My Magnificent Self

I am sharing Barbara’s magnificent review of the astrological forecast that I provided her back in November. It is so gratifying to hear that my reading helped trigger a powerful opening in her ongoing awakening. Thanks again Barbara for sharing your story here.

Barbara’s review sparked an idea in me that will be revealed shortly.

Stay tuned!

Last year my dear friend Linda over at LiteBeing gave me a written astrology reading… a fascinating tale of Barbara based on my birthdate and how the alignment of the planets 2015/2016/2017 can influence me. I know it is a lot of work, firstly consolidating all the numbers/information and then intuitively putting it all together. My initial…

via Astrology as a tool to help you move into your own POWERFUL TOTALITY… — Me, My Magnificent Self

Harvest Moon

I realize that last night’s eclipse was also a Harvest Moon. I love the song Harvest Moon so much and want to share it again ~ with readers old and new. I had such a glorious day today and hope you also felt joy bubble up inside.

Namaste, litebeing

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Ready for the last SuperMoon? On Monday September 8th we have the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron. I am feeling lazy (very moon in Pisces) so this won’t be a lengthy, informative astrology post. I will refer you to some great ones at the end, I promise. My interest of late has been to go underground and heal and sit and reflect and dream and purge and release and not use my intellect quite so much.  I have been Chironed so I am stepping up the self-care. Just got the new issue of TMA in the mail with an interview by Robert Hand, oh my! You gotta get this magazine, I am telling you. I may write for them someday, but irregardless, this is the gold standard.


It isn’t officially autumn yet, but we are getting there.  I chose Autumn by Monet because it has such a Piscean feel…

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Piece of Cake

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Dealing with my anger has been challenging. Now that I have a minor? concussion, I have noticed my agitation increase. It is one of many possible manifestations of a brain injury, but hey, I’ve felt agitated for many years. I am wired with a short fuse and an impatient nature.

Anger has plagued me off and on through out my life. As a young adult, my temper was out of control at times. My behavior has certainly calmed down as I have matured, but often impatience or anxiety morph into verbal outbursts that I quickly regret.

I have been consciously working on monitoring my agitation and managing my responses  accordingly. Lately as work as become more stressful, I notice resentment becoming more dominant in daily living. Honestly, life has really been throwing me so much more than I am capable of handling. So I am slowing down even more and redirecting my thoughts as often as needed.

Yesterday I visited Cake for the first time, for what I hoped would be a quick lunch. It is a lovely little restaurant/bakery attached to a popular gift boutique. It is known to be loud and crowded, but I figured it would be quiet this weekend. I was wrong.

I was made to wait an inordinate amount of time for a table. I thought it was because I was dining alone and this is a long-held resentment of mine. I have thought that single people are treated poorly by the public in general. It turns out that in this instance it was not the case. But yet I was snarky, sarcastic, and nasty to some of the staff and I noticed it was creating much negativity. I wanted to change this energy if I could. What if it is time for this long-held belief to be discarded?

Once I was seated, I began to relax. I noticed a couple of women dining to my left and one of them was wearing exquisite, unusual jewelry. I did something I rarely do, I initiated a conversation with them.  It felt awkward initially, but one of the women eventually engaged with me. I complimented her on the fabulous bracelet and ring she was wearing. Turns out the pink ring was a pink sapphire. It was otherworldly in its beauty. We discussed local restaurants and I was given the names of some vegetarian places to try. Considering my dietary changes, I am on the lookout for healthier places to add to my list. I am glad that I made the overture as it was beneficial for all concerned.

The food at Cake was delicious. While the waitress was not so great, I decided to be gracious. She reminded me of Jennifer Aniston and I told her so. She lit up at this remark and her energy shifted. As she became softer, so did I. Love when that happens!

I flashed back to a recent day out with my mom. She is an extrovert and delights in talking with random people wherever she goes. I can now see how extending myself and shifting my focus can have excellent results. It was not an easy transformation, but definitely worthwhile. Who said spiritual growth was a piece of cake?


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I Just Have To Tell You


I just have to tell you… ( in no particular order),

I miss you

I passed my three-month probationary period at work



Many stories about magical flurries occupy my head

and my heart

WordPress is not cooperating today ( damn Mercury retrograde, tehe)


Last week I suffered a concussion

Today I drew the 2 of pentacles, yet again


She was upside down, and while I am still new to this deck,

I acknowledged the message to take things just one at a time, and slooooooooooooooow down.

Please think of me and send healing energy as I continue to juggle and bounce back as best as I can.