Poetry ~ Gratitude

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We celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States tomorrow. Gratitude practice is a large part of my life every day, in personal reflection and in my work as a therapist. So I am re-posting my gratitude poem from 2013 for you all to enjoy.

While I have decided to spend tomorrow alone, without my family, I will not neglect my gratitude practice. While this year was difficult for me health-wise and financially, much has changed over time. I am so grateful to have a new job ( today is my 6 month anniversary) where I clearly see my gifts unfold in the changes my clients are making in their lives.


I am grateful for Kokoa, my brand new dark brown Honda, whose driver-side electric window works. Isn’t she pretty?  I love finally being able to go to a drive-through or toll booth without having to open the car door. I am grateful for finding some amazing new co-workers and recently landing an excellent clinical supervisor to help me pursue my LCSW. It was around 1 year ago when I discovered that I could no longer remain credentialed and that getting the next level of licensure was the only option available. I am very grateful to Wendy, who is helping my re-work my nutrition and guiding we towards improved wellness. This is a work in progress, but I am optimistic that I can learn more about food and herbs in order to heal my body, mind, and spirit. I am also grateful that my week and a half vacation begins NOW!

While my life is far from perfect and it may appear that the planet is imploding with negativity and regressive attitudes and actions, there is always hope. Every breath is a new beginning.

Where there is darkness. the promise of light is certain. Where there is light, there is love, and lite.

namaste, litebeing


G – Generosity of spirit manifesting in each moment, with each inhalation

R- Resilience in the face of darkness, supporting me through many a storm

A- Ability to share myself through writing, teaching, healing, BEING

T- Twinkle of light in a child’s eyes, the sunset, my heart

I – Inspiration that never ceases to amaze me and warm my soul

T- Treasures that unfold effortlessly and in a multitude of forms

U- Unconditional love , from Dexter, family of choice, my friends near and far

D-Dreams manifesting mysteriously and magnificently, especially here at WordPress

E- Eternal miracles, just waiting to be discovered, right under my nose

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holy-day. Maybe that’s because it arrives so close to my Midheaven, or perhaps it’s my mother’s incredible stuffing. Then again it could be the ability to include anyone you want at the table, without the pressure of gifts or material constraints.  Less hype, more substance.

I personally am not a fan of holidays in general. The Quakers were right in saying that every day is holy. It can be if we choose to live and love in each moment. What makes Thanksgiving sacred to me is the idea of a tribal feasting and gratitude practice. Frankly there have been some years where I had difficulty reciting my blessings round the dinner table. Life has not always been kind or simple. Tomorrow it will difficult for my family to shut me up when it is my turn to share my blessings. With tears in my eyes and a glow in my heart, I am so aware what a remarkable year this has been! No, it has not been without challenges, mishaps, losses, and delays. But this is the first time in decades where I have realized so many of my original dreams and desires. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself. I never knew life could be so incredible…

But then again, it’s probably the stuffing, yummy!

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving, even if you do not formally celebrate! Let the love and bounty into your heart and tell everyone that you love them…

poem by litebeing chronicles © 2013

image by wikimedia.org