Happy Introvert Day!

Happy 2017 and Happy Introvert Day! I hope to post some new stuff soon.

Please enjoy this re-tread about INFJs.

PEACE, Linda

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I just found out that January 2nd is National Introvert Day. While I consistently score in the middle of the introvert/extrovert continuum, I own my introversion tendencies. I notice them the most while in the company of extroverts or when I get home after a overstimulating day among people.

Here is a fabulous article on INFJs that I reblogged back in 2013. It was one of the most popular posts for that year.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

How does this quality reveal itself to you?

I have read many articles about the INFJ profile and this is by far the most comprehensive. More importantly, it is incredibly accurate. Thank you to Marina of Her Locket for this great ” love letter” to INFJs and those who live in the land of possibility and metaphor. Since the copy and reblog functions are not working ( early Merc Retro madness?)…

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10 thoughts on “Happy Introvert Day!

  1. Seems I have missed lots of your posts this New Year, I have not been keeping up with my emails.. In fact I have for most part been hiding away in my little room I converted for my art.. and in the evenings i have been trying my skills at learning more complex stitches in crocheting ..
    As to your Question.. I will let you decide.. 🙂 ❤ what I am.. ❤

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  2. I also feel that I am a balance of both introvert and extrovert. During these winter months especially I feel pulled inside and away for socializing. Lately, my body feels so tired that I cannot help but take myself to bed as soon as dinner is over. Come summer, I’ll be out roaming the woods til sunset.

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    1. Hi Alia,
      I fall towards the middle of the continuum and my preferences and behavior baffles many in my company. This is likely the case because the majority of the Western world in extroverted and introversion or ambdiversion is less understood. I hope your energy returns to you soon.

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