Book Review ~ The Stellium Handbook

I just learned of the passing of Donna Cunningham. I am saddened to report that she died on 7-5-17, her 75th birthday. Please enjoy my book review of her stellium handbook. Donna was an excellent healer, social worker, writer, and astrologer. She was also a fellow WP bloggette.

litebeing chronicles

“Why is there so much of me in one place?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you a specialist rather than a generalist? Are there perhaps one or two areas of life that you are obsessed about? A bit unbalanced, are we! You, my friend may have a stellium!  A stellium is defined as a group of 3 or more planetary bodies ( sun, moon, and planets) in a single zodiac sign or a single house.

In case you are wondering, on top of being left-handed, INFJ,  HSP, and blessed with a Yod configuration in my chart, I also have a stellium. It is a huge influence on my life and carries great potential for both genius and misery.  Mine is of the triple conjunction variety, which means that all 3 points are very close together forming conjunctions with a maximum of 7 degrees apart. So naturally I…

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