How Am I Doing? Part 1

Hello dear litebeings,
I realize I have been rarely blogging these past few months. I feel very depressed and may need to find a new home and a new job to pay for it. I feel like every time I try to make a move in any direction, it gets derailed or sabotaged. I don’t even feel like blogging now, which is not really like me. The song in this re-blog came to mind today as a strong representation of my situation. Then I remembered that I already used it here. Back then I was confused and overwhelmed by some spiritual, philosophical ideas about existence.  Currently I feel sad and powerless over 3D human life. My depression is not clinical, mostly situational and I pray that it will lift soon. It all ties back to losing that glove in the post Glove Story . I have not been myself ( whatever that is ) since.

Please keep me in your prayers. When I am ready, I will be back with new material. I am committed to my writing, which often is my saving grace. I love all of you in my WP family, but I do not have the energy to write. Rather than comment, I prefer you email me if you want to reach out. blessings, Linda

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I realize that most of my recent posts have been about art or reblogs ( of my work or fellow bloggers). With the exception of the March Madness post, I have been rather quiet.

I have really been struggling. So much so, that while the blog ideas arrive fast and furious, my ability to digest and integrate the material has been compromised. So I have decided to write smallish posts for now.  My goal is to share my story in manageable, bite size nuggets until I am able to produce more lengthy material.

I do want to thank those who have prayed for me, sent me love, good vibes, light, etc. Please keep it coming. Some of it must have reached me because my physical health has shown some improvement. The symptoms are less harsh and less frequent. Thank you.

Music has always offered me solace. I cannot recall a…

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