J2P: Clear ancestral fear, clear current fear?

I keep returning to Leigh’s blog and feel led to share it here. Energetic healing is complex and simple simultaneously. The processes can take care of the complexities while we learn to better love ourSelves. ❤

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

As my regular readers know, I’m big on clearing issues and have been quite fascinated about ancestral fears and beliefs and how they pass down.  So a chunk of the time I’ve been spending on Steve Nobel’s many meditations has been spent on various ones focused on clearing ancestral lines of fear and negativity.

Such guided meditations are always intriguing to me as I rarely can point to a tangible provable outcome in the world and say it resulted from meditating.  But doing these many clearings has certainly had my energy shifting and buzzing and left me feeling often unbalanced and…  odd.

Yesterday I decided to dust off an old meditation I was taught 30+ years ago by the transpersonal psychologist who introduced me to all this “spiritual stuff”.  In this one you follow a specific path to reach a council of guides and then ask questions.

One of the…

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2 thoughts on “J2P: Clear ancestral fear, clear current fear?

  1. Thanks for linking her Leigh’s blog. I found her section on yoga (movement for flowing body) aligns very much with what my guidance has been telling me about aligning the body to align the mind and the Spirit. It starts from the ground up. In Leigh’s word, “When the joints are open and aligned and the muscles are flexible, your body flows. When your body flows, your life flows.” 🙂

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    1. Leigh is awesome and a longtime blogette pal. I am not very good at yoga so I will take your and her word for it. I really think Leigh’s peace strategy is stellar and she is very knowledgeable about all kinds of healing. And she has a great open heart ❤

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