It’s a snowy sleepy Sunday and that is fine by me. A few birds came to visit on the terrace and this morning the bird feeders were the place to be fed and seen. I finally saw a few cardinals too. Happy Mercury in Aquarius retrograde season with February and Imbolc fast approaching. Many readers know I relish this time of year, but lately time is a blur. I often forget what day it is. Yet the snow set the scene of midwinter with the telltale signs of gradually shorter evenings and gradually longer daylight. Imbolc celebrates the movement towards spring and the Goddess Brigid. I hope you all are faring reasonably well. My Mercury surprise came a few days early when my newish laptop went bizarro. The keyboard has gone rogue with various keys typing incorrect characters or none at all. I am using my 2009 laptop now, which is very temperamental. I know I need to get a new PC, but will wait until this transit is over. I am grateful this one works at all. This particular transit relates to science, electronics, groups, and the future. I predict it will be interesting, especially with so many planets placed in Aquarius now.

A new year, a new milestone. WordPress told me I have 1337 followers now; apparently that is a thing! I actually have more than this figure counting Facebook folks, etc. I am grateful for every person who visits here. Thanks to everyone! Sometimes I still wonder what keeps people coming by. If you want to answer this query, let me know!

Does anyone remember my old post Timeless Tunes? I have a new song to add to my collection of time bending songs. My shower is often the place I feel closer to my higher self and spirit in general. Recently a song came to me in the shower that is featured on a macaroni and cheese commercial. The song is Only Time by the artist Enya.

It can be an ear-worm but the lyrics have an important message about the unpredictability of life and to be patient. It is also has a very soothing, almost angelic vibration. It reminds me to slow my mind, quell my worries, and let the stories play out. With so much still uncertain in my life, this is a challenge. Yet I am thankful for the good in my life and what I am manifesting in the now.

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These prisms images above were discovered a few weeks ago. I caught the light dancing on the living room closet and was awestruck. I quickly wondered how often I miss these spots of beauty in plain sight. Life seems random but it is tailored to one’s imprinting, attitude, vibratory frequency, and akashic record. However we make choices that advance the journey across time and space. I have noticed a barrage of synchronicities occurring between my thoughts or words and the “outside world” ( tv, internet, email, music, etc) I am no closer to understanding the purpose, but someone wise told me it has to do with the environment mirroring my internal world. It is also possible that spending so much time at home with devices at the ready has amped up these synchs.  In any case I thought it was an opportune occasion to introduce you to another Tom Montalk video. This is his take on synchronicity and it is so detailed and thorough. Of course it contained a major synch for me during my initial viewing. Surprise, surprise right? This reminds me of the line of a poem I wrote in my late teens: Time is moving like a song.  I cannot recall the rest of this poem but like this line because it encapsulates most of what I have written about today: Seasons, holidaze, synchronicities, a song about time, and statistics based on accrual of time. Enjoy the video, enjoy your day, enjoy each breath, behold the light.

America’s Exhale

I could hardly sleep last night and I woke up exhausted and pained. But life continues and “the long national nightmare is over. ” While there is so much work ahead, I feel safer. We came out the other side. Hope is in the house. Please enjoy this moving poem in the video below  by Amanda Gorman. She must be a lightworker. Her words burn bright into my heart.


There is always light, if only we are brave enough to see it.  If only we are brave enough to be it.

Amanda Gorman


Monday Musings

Before I begin, let me first say thanks to all the new followers! I am so happy whenever someone decides to follow my blog. I hope you enjoy my writing and find some solace or wisdom here. Please say hi in the comments section. I would love to know what brought you here and what topics interest you.

I am excited to write in an unbound, free flowing style today. I am posting  photos I took about a year ago, give or take. This is to harken back to a Pre-pandemic winter, even if for a brief moment. I am so glad that I do not have to relive January 2020 and that the Sun will enter Aquarius tomorrow. While I am aware that a simple change in the Sun’s placement will not end all the suffering, I am eager for more future oriented energies. However, I recently mused that the Trump administration benefited from all the Earth (  Capricorn and  Taurus) placements. Without so much Earth, I could have predicted more chaos, scamming, and impulsive reckless actions. No, I am not a fan!

I love my country. My ancestors travelled far to get here and not on the Mayflower. They left to escape economic hardship, oppression and discrimination. While they all arrived between the late 19th century and early twentieth century, many were left behind. I do not know many details but have heard some of them perished in the Holocaust.  I read the books Night and Man’s Search for Meaning in school and they were difficult to get through. The horror never left me entirely. I recall picturing myself in these situations. I doubt I would have had the strength to find the light. Fortunately I did not have to endure that level of darkness. Yet I am acutely aware that my country has dabbled in Authoritarianism and Fascist actions. I have been on high alert, if I am being honest, for over four years. I know people who operate like Trump and I know his chart. Why are people surprised at what he does? He is being his authentic broken self. I pray we get over the finish line to inauguration without any more bloodshed, but I am quite doubtful.

My country is flawed and so are its people. Being human implies imperfection, so it is what it is.  Martin Luther King was a man with some issues but stood for non – violent activism. I wonder what he would say about America if he was alive today. Americans tend to get all excited over sports teams and picking sides. We tend to drink too much and get carried away. I do not like that aspect of  my country. I think some of this division is due to decades of loss, disappointment, and erosion of the American dream. There are few true heroes for people to emulate, especially children who need decent role models. Families struggle with so many problems today, way before the 21st century began. Suicide is up, opioid addiction has been skyrocketing and life expectancy is lowering. Most of are doing worse than the generation before us, not better. I like the idea of more goodies in exchange for the taxes I pay. For those who do not want a stimulus check or unemployment benefits. why don’t you donate the money to a charity or gift it to someone in need? It is harder and harder to succeed in this rigged economy and that is a fact.

I took a walk today and I am glad I did. This makes 2 days in a row, wow! I need to walk and I have not been wanting to go outside. I tend to do well walking in the winter, taking in the brisk air and becoming energized by the cold. I did feel better and hope to walk longer distances this week. The GI system responds well to movement as does one’s nervous system. I did not take any pictures today. My focus was to clear my head. I did okay with my mission. I hope to keep walking daily so I can become stronger and more “alive” in my body.

I learned a bit about history today in an unexpected place. While reading an article for my art class, I found out some interesting information on La Belle  Époque. This is a period between 1880 and the outbreak on WWI in 1914. It was nostalgically characterized in one of my favorite films Midnight in Paris. While I new about the culture and lavishness of the era, I did not know of the politics. There was an anarchist faction who envisioned utopia and wanted to end of economic disparity of capitalism. I definitely see a parallel between that time period and today, minus the blending of anarchy with utopia. I see the 21st century playing out with both philosophies, but the anarchists tend to be more conservative extremists and hate groups. There is no place for violence or hate in my utopia which is why I transform those thoughts when they enter my field, regardless of their source. How has your Monday been?

Shine Bright

I honestly worried aplenty yesterday about Uranus stationing direct and applying to a square with Mercury Jupiter and Saturn. I stayed inside and laid lower than usual. Especially with Pluto conjunct the sun at the same time. Surprisingly, my world was not rocked. That’s the thing about Uranus. Sometimes the surprise is there is no surprise and nothing happens. With Uranus in Taurus there could have been earthquakes, financial disasters, food recalls, climate atrocities, etc. I am grateful that I experienced just another day in Pandemic USA. All  planets are direct now, but this is NOT the time to pursue new ventures. The astro weather is stormy and Mercury will station retrograde before January ends.

Lately I have been avoiding meditation and outdoor walks. This is due in part to feeling too antsy to be still and too foggy to get moving. I have been sleeping much longer though with more vivid dreams. I woke up angry this morning from a dream involving a betrayal by my sister. It took me a minute to realize that I did not have to carry this energy into my day.

On a brighter note, I have taken to communion with two archangels, Michael and Raphael.  Michael offers protection and Raphael offers healing. I ask them to appear to me during the day and their track record is pretty good. Michael has been showing up on a blog I follow. Yesterday they both showed up together in a homework assignment for my Seurat class. I enjoy experimenting with novel ways to  anchor in Spirit. Yet sometimes I forget about the light inside of me. While doing Reiki is a good reminder, sometimes it is not enough to sustain me. Lorie’s short video reminds us of the simple power inherent in our light. She cuts to the chase and her message cleared away some cobwebs that were accumulating within me.

We our energetic beings whether we believe it or not. That is the beauty of this gift. We are fortunate to be so  much more than flesh. However most of us were not taught about the beauty and the power of our divinity. But we can begin again, every day, hour, minute, second, nanosecond. Source is fine with reinvention. I have been working on kindness. I am spending more spiritual capital on telling people that I care, showing encouragement, and extending genuine compliments and praise. I want to give others what I would want to receive. It feels good and it costs nothing. I hope my remarks are received as sincere but that is none of my business. I am responsible for my actions and intentions. We all have to be accountable for our behaviors. That is what the younger folks call “adulting”. I call it being in integrity.

As I navigate the chaos in my country, I wish more people cared about accountability and integrity. So many are acting out, due to fear, greed, lack of power, or ignorance ( or a combination of any of these elements.) I do empathize. I am in no position to judge. It is sad to see so much darkness in plain sight. But that is the mission of the lightworker. Sometimes I forget what I signed up for. Lorie helps me remember so I can be kinder and more patient with myself and the collective. So let’s shine bright. Even Uranus would approve!

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Happy Eighth Blogiversary litebeing chronicles

image via pexels,com public domain

Well, here we are another year older and perhaps wiser. litebeing chronicles is 8 years old! Happy 1-11 everyone!  My blogiversary also reminds me to wish a blessed Solar Return to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg . Without Matt,  I would not be on this awesome platform writing my heart out and communing with all of you.

I do not have that much new to say, given that I am more than a little distracted by national and world events. I know that blogging continues to bring me joy and plenty of surprises. I delight in making new connections here and celebrating the established bonds that have sustained me over the years. I hope my writing continues to evolve and entertain, and possibly inspire some to carry on and live this glorious life. My creativity has certainly sustained me during these 10 months of COVID et al.

It has been my pleasure writing  and chatting with people from all over this planet. I am blessed so many readers and bloggers know English so that language has not been a barrier to communication. Google Translate also fills in the gaps when needed. I would very much enjoying hearing from you today and in the future. Please comment, use the ratings scale or email me if you like. While you are here, play a little: peruse the archives, use the random post generator, check out some of the other blogs that I follow, read some or all of my pages, etc. You never know what you might discover.

I am also happy to provide all my services by donation only for the time being. In addition to astrology, I also offer dream interpretations ,where I partner with the client to derive meaning from a dream or cycle of dreams. Please visit here to learn more!

Please also consider sharing a testimonial if you have received a service from me. I have postponed publishing the Testimonial Page until I have some new material. I would so appreciate a few lines from you if you had a positive experience working with me. Contact me here if you would like to write something up.

I certainly hope I have been able to illuminate some corners of this world with the words, images, and  music I choose in each post. Sometimes it is not easy to shine light, but I do what I can. Thanks for walking alongside me. Eight is the sign for infinity.  I am infinitely blessed to be able to create a space for beauty, truth, adventure, and spiritual evolution. I promise you the best is yet to be.


blessings, Linda aka litebeing

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Spin the wheel of time – Update


Until I create a new artistic ( writing, visual arts, etc) piece on my vision for a more loving planet, please enjoy this post from 2014. Seems like just yesterday in some ways!  Keeping my heart open to a brighter tomorrow for the collective.


I have added an update at the end of this post. Scroll down to the end or re-read my tale and you will find where the wheel of time landed:

WordPress really motivated me this week,  first with this weekly challenge and then a few days later with the daily prompt. Well I guess it is about time! Now how do you like that for irony? Anyone who knows my writing is aware that like most astrologers , I am obsessed with time and cycles.  So it has been a real treat to focus on one of my favorite obsessions.

With this challenge we are invited to enter a time machine and go wherever we like. Now we are talking ! So this is what I am going to do. I will let you eavesdrop on a conversation and show you some pictures of my destination and time period. Then you can guess where my time machine landed. Use your imagination and watch it soar as I give you a glimpse into my soul’s desire……


wikimedia free domain

 please listen while you read

I am ready to meet with Elder Astria now. I know we will speak of my mate. I saw him in my dream, my partner for this cycle. He is strong and kind and perfect to complement my soul’s journey. Tall and dark and wise as he rides with Tiger.

But I wonder about my role in the collective. How will I add to my community? What role has Spirit chosen for me? I am so excited to discover my path. Astria has just summoned me telepathically. I will join her by the creek.

“Divine one, I am ready to meet the man who Tiger chose for me. I found him in last night’s dream.”

” Yes my dear litebeing, you are correct. Tiger chose well and you will be reunited in tonight’s ceremony. So now let us talk about your passion for service. What will you be bringing to our community?”


wikimedia free domain US

 ” Dear Astria, I have been blessed with many gifts. I sing, I draw, I laugh, I see light everywhere…  and I am happy to grow and learn how to best help our people.”

” Yes litebeing, there is much work to be done here. You will use your gifts in many ways. Your apprenticeship will begin after the next New Moon. You will learn how to draw and paint with light. You will also join the laughter choir where music is made with glee.”

” Oh Astria, I am so pleased to begin my work for this cycle and enter into the apprenticeship. How do I prepare for this new passage?”


by Dirk van der Made http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Free_Documentation_License

 by Kirk Van der Made


” Well litebeing, there are many paths that lead to the same road, you know this already. The dream circle will assist you well here and  consultations with Joseph the herbalist is another route. Pray on it and then let tonight’s ceremony reveal some of the answers you seek.”

” And do not forget about guidance from Tiger and the deux White Horses!”

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The ceremony is about to begin. I can sense my partner before he makes his way towards the fire.His light is brilliant and I see it dance in my mind’s eye  The drumming begins lightly and picks up momentum as the full moon makes its ascent. The air is crackling with electricity as the dancing begins. All of my kin band together and hold  hands as we make our way into the circle. I take a strong inhalation as the drum beats align with my heart. I am on my way , leaving youth behind to help pave the way for my generation to lead my tribe. Joy is upon me.


By Alex from Ithaca, NY (Flickr Uploaded by Ekabhishek) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

 by Alex from Ithaca, NY (Flickr Uploaded by Ekabhishek)


all images courtesy of wikimedia.org


UPDATE: This place and time cannot be located on a map or a calendar. It cannot be googled or documented online. It does exist outside of time and space. I went within and held my vision of Utopia. The images I selected here were a representation of artists, writers, and visionaries over time. You could say it is a return to The Garden before the fall, before the separation, before the negation of the Divine Feminine. It is a probability and it exists in my heart.

Visioning the Future through the Bardic Arts: Creating Vision, Creating Hope

Dana my fellow Pennsylvanian sister is often an inspiration to me.

I plan to join her in the quest to create magickal art for a lighter, lovelier future. Please follow Dana’s lead and build on your vision for a love filled planet and society.

The Druid's Garden

Reishi mushroom from the Plant Spirit Oracle offers a vision of healing, growth, and regeneration

I used to be a big fan of reading dystopian fiction when I was younger. It seemed like a distant world, a reality far from our own. But perhaps now, those books resonate too close to reality. As someone who practices magic, I have to wonder, would the concepts present 1984 be as present if the book hadn’t been so well-read? Did George Orwell manifest these concepts as a magical act, or were these already present and he simply channeled what was already coming into focus? The same can be true of many such influential works: The Handmaid’s Tale, Brave New World, Bladerunner, and more. We also have things like robots, invented by Issac Asimov as science fiction in the 1940s and 60 years or more later, became a reality.  One might…

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Art is My Medicine ~ Mars in Taurus Attempted Coup Edition


Remember when I wrote that I did not think a new year meant an ending to the horror and loss, well here we are. I predicted mostly offline that a coup was coming in the US, but this is not the purpose of this post. My readers know that art soothes my soul, providing respite and healing. With Mars entering Taurus yesterday, we see a shift from dramatic combustible energy to grounding sensual energy. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and justice. I truly hope this shift of Mars to Taurus after six months of Mars in Aries warrior hysterics will lower the volume on all the violence and cruelty.

I have chosen some of Seurat’s painting in honor of my Seurat Art History course beginning tonight. I hope you enjoy my selections. I am so excited for my class and will post about it when the time is right.


We are all called to shine our light in different ways. As a young adult, I was involved in peaceful protests for the Anti – Nuclear Power movement, which I found quite meaningful and productive. I am not called for that type of activity now. I choose inner work,  healing/service work, and prayer/meditation. Choose what you are called to do to co-create a New Earth. We need all of you now. We always did, but it has become increasingly more evident that the shadow is deepening. Light extinguishes darkness. Rainbows appear after a storm. Keep looking for rainbows. There might be one in the post! Tell me if you find it.

peace with art, Linda

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Lee Harris and Matt Kahn : Two for the Price of One

Happy 2021!

Each moment contains so many possibilities within it. I hope we will choose to make the most of each moment we are given.

This is a brief post to say hi and share an amazing video featuring two genuinely gifted spiritual teachers, Matt Kahn and Lee Harris. This share is such a treat where the two discuss the creative process, what defines true success, changes they have seen on their own journeys and the delight of a loving prepared meal. This video is like a combo platter for the soul, like a pizza with a hoagie, tacos and burritos, The Beatles playing with the Stones ( you get the idea).

Let me know how you enjoyed it!

blessings, litebeing