Art is My Medicine ~ Mars in Taurus Attempted Coup Edition

Remember when I wrote that I did not think a new year meant an ending to the horror and loss, well here we are. I predicted mostly offline that a coup was coming in the US, but this is not the purpose of this post. My readers know that art soothes my soul, providing respite and healing. With Mars entering Taurus yesterday, we see a shift from dramatic combustible energy to grounding sensual energy. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and justice. I truly hope this shift of Mars to Taurus after six months of Mars in Aries warrior hysterics will lower the volume on all the violence and cruelty.

I have chosen some of Seurat’s painting in honor of my Seurat Art History course beginning tonight. I hope you enjoy my selections. I am so excited for my class and will post about it when the time is right.

We are all called to shine our light in different ways. As a young adult, I was involved in peaceful protests for the Anti – Nuclear Power movement, which I found quite meaningful and productive. I am not called for that type of activity now. I choose inner work,  healing/service work, and prayer/meditation. Choose what you are called to do to co-create a New Earth. We need all of you now. We always did, but it has become increasingly more evident that the shadow is deepening. Light extinguishes darkness. Rainbows appear after a storm. Keep looking for rainbows. There might be one in the post! Tell me if you find it.

peace with art, Linda

images courtesy of public domain

11 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine ~ Mars in Taurus Attempted Coup Edition

  1. Ahhh….Mars in Aries – no wonder it has felt like ‘s**t-show central for so long’ in my world – may also explain my impatience and grumpiness over many things – – or…I could just be in the mood to be a hermit so I don’t go all postal on those who say things, but act shocked and surprised when you take them seriously…..LOL – – This year has not been a fun one for this Leo – – – with lots of fire signs in the house – – I have, often, learned how to keep quiet and wait and see – what a ‘fun’ year this has been on self-improvement – – LOL

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      1. Well…I’m alot of fire – but my little Libra/Virgo things here and there isn’t fond of bandwagons or things that don’t seem just on all sides – which saves me from my fire sometimes, and sometimes, my fire just dives my ‘but this isn’t fair or just’ into overdrive – – LOL. But many political and economical things for a long durn time haven’t been just – I think this year, many folks are starting to see it, because now they aren’t just hearing about it, it’s hit them too – and well, during my period of griefs, I finally figured out, “They only say such things because they have never truly grieved, just yet….they’ll figure it out…when that day arrives – ”

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    1. Hi Tania the first lesson just ended now and I am excited for more. I may have been a French Painter in a past life. I am so moved by being immersed in color and light. I also agree that while I would love everyone to be involved, maybe I should lower those expectations. We are all part of the One but we are not all on the same frequency.

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