Musings ~ Heaven Help the Fool, Valentine’s Day

2021 UPDATE: Happy Valentine’s Day from the gray frozen tundra to all who celebrate.  I was gifted a Mookaite Heart that arrived in the mail yesterday. Nice to know love has not forgotten me. Enjoy this gem from 2014.  ❤ ❤ ❤

I didn’t write about Valentine’s Day last year. I don’t even know why I am attempting to post.  I checked my archives for last February and around mid February I wrote about synchronicity and Mortadella. So what does that tell you?

I am typing here while listening to thunder-snow in the background. The weather is wacky and so is my mood.  I have lived such a long time and  have seen so many things. But what can I write about romantic love that doesn’t sound snarky and jaded? ( or already written?)

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Maybe I am partially inspired by the tarot love reading I received from Deelia  at Soul Fields. She does not actively read for the public anymore, but gifted me with a gratitude reading in return for the intuitive reading I gave her. Why I asked her about love is really a fluke. It was a great reading so I am very glad  that I did.  Thank you Deelia for such an insightful multi- layered reading. Although I am still digesting the material, I immediately recognized that she honed in on most of my issues and baggage with laser- like precision. How lucky am I to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. Could use a holy-day to celebrate such grace.While in the middle of creating this draft,  Deelia informed me  that Valentine’s Day is called Friends Day in Europe. So there we are, that was easy….

I could wax poetic about all the lovely beginnings of romantic infatuations. Most of the first dates or first encounters or first whatevers  are still easily retrievable from my memory banks. So what??? Seems to me the beginnings and endings are always more memorable than the middle of anything. I have made practically all the mistakes one could make so I have plenty of material.  My natal Venus has been transited by all the Outer planets ( Saturn through Pluto) so I have felt it all and done it all.  But I have no inclination to share any of it here. My readers know why and maybe when I am in  a different mind-set I will change my mind. But not today.

So I will let Bob Weir do it for me. I still have the vinyl version of Heaven Help the Fool by Bobby and the Midnights. I bought it for next to nothing at a store called Plastic Fantastic where you could buy used records and trade in your own. How cool was that!


Anyway, Bob Weir sure can sing and back in the day, he was as fine as can be. When I feel ecstatically happy, I sing very loud and very badly and I do not care! Each time I began a new relationship, I would play Bombs Away  and scream it at the top of my lungs. The melody is just so compelling and the lyrics on point. When the relationship ultimately soured, I could always depend on George Lowell’s track on the album – Easy to Slip. The album title Heaven Help the Fool says it all. One must embrace the fool archetype to take that leap of faith. The record contains  both the songs I need to take me from beginning to end, alpha to omega in one fell swoop. The first track is Bombs Away and the second is Easy to Slip. Efficient and simple. Amen. The time between the 2 songs varies. And occasionally you can switch the order when they come back for another shot of love. With Uranus/Pluto in my 7 th house of partnerships, this happens quite a bit…..

So humor me and take a listen to both songs. Get to know Bob Weir if you are not acquainted . ( He’s a Libra with a Scorpio Moon BTW) And comment on if I am missing anything by remaining unattached and free…

Bombs Away   Let the battles begin!

Easy to Slip   You can slip, but always remember to get back up.

Happy Full Moon!

With deep affection,


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