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This blog is about living life differently. To quote the Grateful Dead in Scarlet Begonias “Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” So as I go about my day,  I ask the Source, God, the Divine, the quantum field, the Universe etc..   to help me see the light. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it works but I’m off my game. This engagement with Source is often referred to as higher consciousness or enlightenment. Others call it mysticism or awakening of the kundalini. Abraham Maslow, one of my heroes , coined the term self-actualization. They all work, you decide.

I will draw from various disciplines, teachers, and experiences such as Buddhism, Quakerism, Jung, Astrology, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, and Matt Kahn to illustrate my travails. I hope that you will notice the unifying thread contained within each and every post ~ to inspire through the examination of the extraordinary in daily living, one story at a time. 

 I will ask the difficult questions  on this wild ride and invite you to provide the answers along with me.  This blog is a living, breathing, document so it will evolve as I evolve. Feel free to revisit  posts and pages over time as I will revise content and format as intuition dictates.  Do expect the uncertain, paradoxical, sometimes illogical to emerge on these pages. This is where the light often resides.

Spirit by Josephine Wall
Spirit by Josephine Wall

This project is dedicated to Robert Graham.  Robert was a great friend, confidant, and mentor. Robert was also a gifted psychic and astrologer. His uncanny wit and unwavering candor often elicited much laughter and respect from all those knew him. Once I learned of his passing, I reflected on all the sage advice he had dispensed to me over the years. He insisted that this material world was filled to the brim with magic and that each moment was interwoven with mystery.  He was relentless in his insistence that I write for the public. He would say it was imperative that I get my story out there. For many years, however,  I procrastinated.  I am hoping he can read this material now, wherever his spirit dwells. Perhaps he’s helping the words flow through me onto this page right at this very moment.

Robert Graham
Robert Graham

UPDATE – I was reading this page and thinking about Robert. I googled him and noticed his old blog – back when I read it I didn’t notice these details, but yes it is a WordPress blog! It is also still up and running! Perhaps he was summoning me from another dimension.  If you are curious, please take a look to get a taste of Robert’s style. I think he would like that very much.

Here’s a link to his post on coincidence

selected blog header images: Anne Dirkse ( (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons ,,

44 thoughts on “Blog Story

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  5. There is magic breathing in every moment and part of our lives….magic, mystery and beauty! This is a lovely blog and Robert sounds to have been a wonderful man 🙂 Wolfie… hoOOOooowwwwWWWLLLing from the magic and mysterious world of Europa!

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  7. Linda,
    I enjoyed being guided to this page… And your friend’s page by your link. I wish I could tell you how I got here… Maybe it was a whisper I followed. Anyways, I will meditate on this very phrase from Robert’s blog: “some things like to happen together.”
    Love, Ka

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    1. Hi Ka,
      Seems like a mystery. I get so happy when people visit my friend Robert’s page. It somehow makes me feel closer to him. Perhaps he has been orchestrating some visits behind the scenes as someone else visited him recently 🙂
      Robert was one of a kind and I miss him dearly. He was often very wise and also irreverent 🙂

      Hope you are feeling better!


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      1. Hi Linda,
        Thank you. I am feeling better at times and lousy at other times. I think the overall trend is positive

        I do not doubt that he is orchestrating a message to you to let you know that he’s keep you company.

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  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    what a wonder way you have entwined you thoughts within a tribute that fits your friend….
    Yes I think he is smiling …I am glad I stumbled upon your pages….( from Pisces’ Blog,renatembell)
    I will enjoy wandering through….
    Take Care….You Matter…

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    1. Hi Maryrose,
      Thank you for finding me and sharing your kind words here. I needed to hear them tonight. I also appreciate knowing how you found my blog. I often wonder how we appear in each other’s orbits. Renate has 3 great blogs and is a creative spirit.

      very nice meeting you and I hope Robert is with me now 🙂



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  11. Your blog is absolutely lovely Linda 🙂 I also loved Robert’s post on Meaningful Coincidences, thanks for sharing it allot. May his soul rests in peace as we speak.
    By the way, thanks for inviting me here, it sure looks like WordPress heaven here! 🙂

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  12. Oo…first time visiting this page! And I followed your friend’s blog…so it’s easier for me to go back to it! Enjoyed reading your blog story..and it will be great to see your evolvement as reflected by your posts!! Keep on posting!!

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  14. I just visited your friends post called -It was just a coincidence- and I believe we are forever divinely guided to meet and greet those who we are meant to along our pathway. And I am sure your friend is looking in on you from time to time and nodding his head in satisfaction as he is no doubt proud that you listened, and you are now ‘Writing for the Public’ …

    Thank you for sharing…And I look forward to reading more upon your posts and pages

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    1. thank you for visiting his blog, I miss him dearly and wish I could have said goodbye to him in physical form. I would hope that he is glad that I am taking more risks creatively and otherwise.

      blessings, litebeing


  15. we love you blog! and we sign of using Namaste because of you and dex!!!
    may you have many many many happy years of blogging and sharing to come.
    hugs (and your quick astro chart of us explained EVERYTHING…) and we will be writing you soon,
    O and OM

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  16. Thank you for liking my sound-poem. Having navigated here I’m wondering if I may invite you to read my rather long post titled Music, in touch with God. If not, sorry for being too presumptious. Something is resonating in my visit here. I’ll try to post a link next……..regards. Neil

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  17. Hello Linda,
    I just thoroughly enjoyed your Calendars and Collisions post. Within it, I found some synchronicities for me. Life is such fun! I do not live far from the Jung Society, what a nice find! And, interestingly I just took the Myers-Briggs test a few months ago (not recognizing it was Jung – lol)
    Thank you for being a part of my universe.
    ♥♥♥ Karen

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    1. You are so welcome!! Amazing how this works… And how awesome it is for you to mention my post on your blog. It is so exciting when people learn something new or become inspired by one’s simple self-expression. Like you said, life is good!! Namaste, Linda


  18. Linda ~ I really look forward to reading your information on Jung and A Course in Miracles as well as your other topics. Can you recommend a good book to learn more on Jung? I just read the Wikipedia posting on synchronicity and am more intrigued by him.
    Good luck on your blogging journey as well as your journey of awakening. It is always a pleasure to meet other light workers.
    ♥♥♥ Karen

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    1. Hi Karen,

      Thank you for following me! Regarding Jung, here are a few suggestions: check out some lectures by a Jungian society. I have found them to be quite wonderful. I don’t know where you are in Pa, but I believe the Pittsburgh Society is still active. I would also check out anything on Myers- Briggs Personality Inventory. There are several good books out there. Have yourself tested , it is truly fascinating. I find his own books to be a very slow, arduous, read so I cannot make a recommendation at this time. I plan to blog more about synchronicity in future posts. I previously posted about it in Calendars and Collisions and there is much more in the works. I am blessed to encounter synchronicity on a regular basis, which in part influenced my decision to start this project. Let me know what you discover! Linda


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