Natural Medicine Healing and Wellness Summit


By Jina Lee [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

As is often the case, I am alerted by some unknown source to an excellent, free online series that as the Quakers say “speaks to my condition.” This happened  about a week or so ago. I signed up for the Natural Medicine Healing and Wellness summit, led by Dr. Murray. I only viewed a couple of videos and was not sure I would learn anything new or relevant. Then I watched Sayer Ji’s video on Breakthroughs in Natural Medicine. It blew my mind and shook me to my core regarding the differences between ” Modern” and ” Natural ” healing practices. The video was linked to a free E course on  Food Wisdom. This was also excellent and reinforced some theories I have had about the wisdom of plants and Gaia in general.

Yesterday I was determined to blog about this, but the Summit was over. I am usually on top of these things, but again, was not certain there was anything to recommend. Well, today they announced a free replay of the 3 most popular videos, including the talk given by Sayer Ji. It was crystal clear to me that now is the time to blog about this series. You do have to pay to access the material, since the summit is officially over. But it is truly worth it if you have severe and/or chronic health issues that are not responding to traditional interventions. Or if you want to expand your knowledge about the latest research on what we like to call alternative medicine.

Here is a small sampling of what I learned:

No one has been able to create a drug with curcumin that is superior to turmeric in its natural state.

Food is coded ( protein chaperones) so the nutrients know where to go in the body.

Flowers are natural mood elevators.

Chocolate ( dark variety) functions like manufactured statin drugs without the side effects.


I wish I had mentioned this earlier, but am hoping it reaches the people who will benefit. I cannot recommend the Sayer Ji material highly enough! He is the founder of, which is  a treasure trove of information. If you are passionate about the magic of spices such as ginger and turmeric, you will love learning more about the latest findings of food as catalysts towards wellness and vitality.

Here is the link to the summit, where you can decide how to proceed. As some of my readers know, I am seeking new ways to address my health. While I am new to this quest, it is exciting how this information, yet again, fell into my lap. The same thing happened with the Shades of Awakening summit. With my Gemini Moon in the disseminating phase, I am  spiritually”contractually obligated” to pass on helpful information. It is in my DNA, pun intended. If you view Ji’s video, you will get the joke! Please take a look if you or someone you love needs to modify your lifestyle or wants to embark on a new relationship with your physical body.

cornucopia image by Jina Lee [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Anne Dirkse ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We are Stardust, We are Golden, We are Billion Year old Carbon

longwood112015So much time has gone by since I considered taking new insights gleaned in 2014 and running with them in 2015. I definitely got sidetracked, but that’s alright. Whatever is important will wait for the correct time to reemerge.

I was “led” to this article by email this morning under the guise of articles selected personally for me by the New York Times. I found this premise odd since I have not subscribed to the Times in years. I was nudged to open the email out of curiosity. I am really glad that I did because I found this gem that really ties into my rebooted grasp of astrological causality. Please take a look and you will be amazed at all the new research that points towards the Divine marriage between the cosmic and the material:

longwood42015I added some shots here from my recent trip to Longwood Gardens. These are just a small sampling of what awaits you in the near future.  A detailed post is in the works about this very enchanting Eden-like oasis. It is a pleasure to play amateur photographer for all of you. Finding the patience to be still and focus makes the process even sweeter.

There are plenty more photos where these came from. As the song Woodstock states, we have got to get ourselves back to the Garden. And so I did.

Here is Joni Mitchell’s version of Woodstock with her performing on piano. Her brilliance speaks for itself: