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Seeking magic and awe in ordinary moments

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Let’s partner together to help you recognize, explore and manifest your possibilities

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My philosophy

My services are geared to empower and motivate you to step into the brightest and fullest version of yourself. All the techniques I utilize are based on a positive, holistic, self-directed approach. My experience working in Mental Health Recovery/ Psych Rehab programs have informed my philosophy significantly. My focus is on helping others tap into their inner resilience and strengthen their innate capabilities to make healthy decisions along their life path.

I like to incorporate both my astrology knowledge and my intuitive skills into my practice. My objective is to help people develop and grow more into their true selves. We do this by working together in identifying and cultivating one’s innate capacities. The natal astrology chart is rich with information on one’s talents, skills, and untapped resources. Astrology is holistic, non-judgmental, spirituality-based and person-centered. It is an outstanding approach for helping others with self-discovery, improving relationships, life transitions, career choices , building self-esteem, grief, etc.

Menu of Services


I provide an astrological chart based on time and place of birth and an initial chart interpretation. The client decides the focus and scope of the service. I can provide a one time session, regularly scheduled sessions or anything in between. I see the work as healing and transformational in nature, operating from strengths as opposed to deficits. People report the service as empowering, powerful, healing, often intense, and enlightening.

An initial natal interpretation/ forecast ~ including email copy of natal chart, thorough natal chart interpretation and 1 Year planetary forecast

 telephone/video consult $222.00 USD   

Initial natal interpretation~ all of the above excluding forecast

telephone/video consult     $144.00 USD 

1 Year planetary forecast

telephone/video  consult          $111.00 USD 

Dream Interpretations

I will use my lifelong experience as a dream worker along with my extensive professional expertise to help you identify, process, and apply the multitude of meanings that exist within your dreams. I draw from Jungian theory and Jeremy Taylor in my approach to interpretation. I can also assist you in establishing ” sleep hygiene” so that you can improve dream recall and dream recording.

Current pricing:

$44.00 USD per half hour for telephone/video  consult.

All services require advance payment via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service. Email me at for further details. Please include your contact info and the specific type of services(s) requested.

To learn more about my services in greater detail or arrange a session, you can also visit my Contact Page.


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