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Hello my friends,

I am writing tonight on an intense day, the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere ( Happy Summer Solstice to readers in the Southern Hemisphere). I must admit I have been extremely distracted and hope my attempt at meditation later tonight will help me get centered so I can be more embodied in the present.

The purpose of this post is to share a few reflections and requests as I take in the preciousness of this moment. Even with newly minted Jupiter in Aries and a Sag moon, I am feeling so much Saturn and Uranian energies. The last few days my intuitive sensitives have increases with a flurry of 111 and 1111 sightings. My favorite to date was when my lock screen on the laptop displayed Roman columns and 1111, reminiscent of this blog post. I have also seen more creatures, namely deer and a prominently placed centipede:

I am grateful to have more creature encounters of this variety. I am also noticing that it is time again to embrace radical acceptance. I learned more than I bargained for with my recent car accident. Recently I have noticed more aggression on the roads ( Mars retro in Gemini? ) Last Friday a car darted out at me from seemingly out of nowhere, headed towards the driver’s side of my rental car. We both slammed on our breaks and a collision was avoided. But boy was I angry and once parked, a headache kicked in that resulted in either whiplash or a mild concussion. It took me by surprise, but so did the entire event. In the days since, the roads have felt like a free – for – all and my fears have been getting louder. To top it off, I receive a text from the parent of one of my clients letting me know my client was involved in a treacherous car accident that could have killed her. She is still alive but has many broken bones. It seems as if the other driver was incredibly reckless. I felt immediate sadness tinged with more fear.

Later I realized how lucky we both are. I am lucky that while I have some injuries from both my “encounters” that they are minor. My client is lucky that her life was spared. Along with this realization is my understanding that I caused the accident I was in last month.  It was unintentional and I did not see the car, but I was at fault. This event on Friday gave me a taste of what it might have been like for the man I hit in the accident. The ” playing field ” has been leveled. Accountability has its own rewards.

While I consider how much it hurts to be alone this time of year and the dread I feel as I begin to terminate my clients, I realize radical acceptance is in order. Life is filled with the in- between times. I do not mind the darkness, but I do not relish uncertainty, especially the financial kind. I have had so much financial upheaval over the past 10 years . However today marks the 10 year anniversary of the end of the Mayan calendar. This was to be a time of major transformation. From this vantage point, I think it exceeded all the hype and expectations. We shall see where this takes us.

I would like to request at this time that those who have enjoyed my writing to contribute in any way they see fit to help defray the costs. You can donate to my blog using the PayPal button on the right column ( click on the 3 horizontal lines on the upper right side of the page) or purchase a reading here. This would be an excellent time to support my work and raise my spirits, if you are moved to do so. Thank you in advance.

I wish everyone a sweet solstice as we coexist with the dark and light. It is no surprise that so many holy-days coincide with this time of year. Themes of light, birth, miracles, and faith are evident as we engage in shadow dancing. Integration and communion are our natural state. Let’s work together to manifest that reality.



The first three images, including header, courtesy of

One comment on “Shadow Games ~ Winter Solstice 2022

  1. Gosh Linda, I’m so happy that both you and your client, as well as others involved all made it alive from those car accidents. Oddly, I have noticed an uptick in car accidents from people I know as well. Three others I learned about had very severe car accidents recently, but everyone made it out alive although fairly badly banged up in many ways including emotionally. I can’t help but wonder if in some way these near misses, with shake ups, are helping to temper things on a collective scale? As if they might be releasing steam from a potential volcanic eruption…and that perhaps this is softening things that could otherwise have been much more harsh for everyone. Just something that’s crossed my mind. And in this way, it makes me have even more gratitude for the collective connection we all share and how we each help support the tapestry. I sure hope that you don’t have lingering challenges from the mild concussion. Your increased animal encounters feel supportive. Sending you extra love and supportive energy through this potent portal. It does indeed feel we’re cracking open an integrative birthing from all of this. Going to be in silence tonight and sit with all of it and send out love from my heart.

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