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 Welcome to November 11th, or 1111, woohoo!

Mercury went direct a few hours ago and to say that I am relieved is a humongous understatement. I have already noticed a subtle turnaround. For months I have been locked out of my Amazon account. I called and I emailed several times with no success. I was told the website and my browsers were at fault. I figured I would try again during the retrograde to resolve this fiasco but time did not permit. So tonight I took a shot, totally expecting to be stuck in this special circle of hell where you are being continually asked to enter characters to prove you are human, over and over and over…

But, that did not happen! Within minutes I had a new password and was on my way to buying books that I cannot afford, but cannot afford to miss. Life is GOOD.

by Antti Vähä-Sipilä

 You may wonder why I have uploaded an image of cinnamon here. It is a representation of the number 11.  From the header on down, I am showcasing images that feature repetitions of 1.  I started my blog on 1-11-13 and missed the chance to create a post for 11-1-13. At this point 10 months have gone by and what a ride it has been. As many of you know, I began seeing numerical sequences ( 111 and 1111 specifically), for at least a year and a half  now. For the first few months I do not think it had registered with me. I was only partially paying attention. That’s why I am not certain how long it has been actually happening. Now so many people are reporting this phenomenon and discussing it verbally and online. Often this phenomenon is included in the great ascension or paradigm shift  heralded in with the 12-12-12 Mayan prophecies. I am still on the fence as to whether I am buying what is being sold here.  I cannot honestly separate my own individual evolution and the accompanying astrological cycles from a distinct collective shift in consciousness. It is not necessary that I know the differences for a shift to be in operation. It is just that I have been evolving, and transforming  in a non-linear, spiral like fashion my entire lifetime. I cannot tell if this moment is just another step on the yellow brick road. However, I really dig seeing the sequences and am hopeful that I may graduate to 222s, 333s, and so on with the same frequency and reliability of the 111s.

 How are you enjoying the Cosmic Retrograde Challenge ? The first three posts have been excellent. There are some interesting patterns emerging among these three posts thus far. What have you noticed? One pattern I noticed was that Julianne, Heidi, and Shree were all attracted to jewelry and had different reactions. Another trend is that all three bloggers discovered significant, yet subtle epiphanies regarding self-awareness. It feels to me like there are layers upon layers of potential self-realization and this challenge has perhaps brought to light some potentials that were residing  just beyond the surface patiently awaiting to be discovered or re-covered. 

Any questions or reactions to the challenge posts? What has been stirred up in you? Tell me all about it. Thanks for your support and may the 111111111s be with you!

Challenge schedule:

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header image by User:Piotrus (my photos) [GFDL ( via Wikimedia Commons

columns courtesy of

cinnamon image by Antti Vähä-Sipilä

steeples courtesy of

19 comments on “1111 and more

  1. shreejacob says:

    As usual I enjoyed your post…because again and again you teach me that magic happens all around me, I just have to open my eyes a little more 🙂

    I enjoyed this : t is not necessary that I know the differences for a shift to be in operation. It is just that I have been evolving, and transforming in a non-linear, spiral like fashion my entire lifetime. I cannot tell if this moment is just another step on the yellow brick road. However, I really dig seeing the sequences and am hopeful that I may graduate to 222s, 333s, and so on with the same frequency and reliability of the 111s….

    Never thought of looking at it that way!
    Monday the 11/11 was ..a productive day for me! I managed to write a loooooooong blog post which I then divided into three parts…hehe.
    Oh and I did a special meditation for me , my mom and dad…maybe it *was* because it was 11/11 that made it a little more…”real”..hmm..


    1. Thank you for affirming over and over than my stories are on point – there is light and magic everywhere, sometimes in flashing neon and sometimes hidden underneath a pile of garbage and yet other times it is in need of recycling or transmutation …..

      I am happy you had a productive day and always enjoy your comments 🙂


      1. shreejacob says:

        You’re welcome 😀 I *had* to say it because it’s definitely shinning in neon for me when I read your posts 😀

        Yes it was..though this morning brought out a little wasn’t the 11th anymore though..hehe


  2. Hahaha! So many similarities! I have a few accounts like your Amazon account that NO MATTER what I do, I cannot get into the account or change the password. I have stopped calling customer service because they must think I am some hermit that just came out from under the rock, knowing NO internet ANYTHING. So funny, yet very annoying sometimes! You may dodged a bullet, so to speak, staying out of that Amazon account.

    I also have an 1111 issue and see them all the time, but sometimes (more rare for sure) I will get a 333, 3333, 444, 4444. If only I could correlate the times and see if there is a message there. I just wish that spirit could tell me like they do other things. Who i this analog spirit who has to send messages through numbers on my microwave or clock?


    1. I had to laugh when I read your post right after I posted mine. Great minds think alike!

      I do not really get a clear understanding of it either, but tell myself I am being rewarded ? for my increasing awareness. So much is still unclear to me yet I know that my gifts are increasing and I am helping more people along the way.

      BTW, please visit the bloggers who are doing my challenge. I know you will relate powerfully to their stories!

      love ya,


    2. PS good luck with your transfer 🙂


      1. Awww thanks! I told Julianne that I am jealous of the challenge and wish I had gotten my flaky ass together long enough to participate. I have been so busy trying to get my clutter cleaned at home because I cannot seem to THINK at all with it all hanging around. I am feeling better by the day, although the kids keep messing up again.

        I just knew I would be seeing an 1111 post from you today, I thought, as I was hurriedly writing mine this morning. Maybe at 11:11 tonight I will go outside, arms in the air, face toward the sky and ask them to take me away for an hour or two!


      2. you are hilarious! If you can astral travel, come visit me up North!


      3. If I could astral travel, I feel certain I would have used it to escape work, but then again I never tried it at exactly 11:11 either!


      4. Haha! Perfect! Just looked at thw clock


      5. The clock in my car and it was 3:33!


      6. I am awaiting 444 momentarily!


  3. That is crazy. I have my Amazon page open with 2 books ready to order. I always check the used prices. Well I noticed a couple of things, one being jewelry, as mine is as well, the other, I will withhold until mine.

    What else is weird I went to comment a minute ago and my computer shut down.
    Odd! 😀


    1. And you sent me that picture right after I published this post, Ahhh the pull of synchronicity. Being locked out of Amazon did save me money, yet I was not a happy camper. Cannot wait to see your post Sindy 🙂


  4. Lehua says:

    I have to say, I’m SUPER excited about posting mine on the 16th. I finished it today & have reread it multiple times already.
    Fantastic challenge, Linda!


    1. Hi Lehua,
      I bet it is amazing and cannot wait to see it! I am so glad you decided to be part of this alchemical experiment. The posts so far have been so intriguing with unexpected twists and turns.

      Thank you for your kind words – and your willingness to take a risk with us!


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