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We have between now and March 8 2018 to be active without restrictions, delays, snafus, etc. When Uranus stationed direct on Tuesday 1-2-18 , we entered a rare planetary occurrence. All planets are moving in direct motion. Now that the Christmas hoopla has ended, we can use these next few weeks to get movin’. Two months of direct motion is rather unusual so I would take advantage of this period, eclipses and all, to seize the moment. Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn is a hot topic in astrological circles, so I’ll give you the condensed version here. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so this is a natural comfortable fit ( as comfortable as Saturn can be in his own skin). This is a time of steady, slow consolidation of intentions into material form. While this influence does put the brakes on reckless abandon and frivolity, one can still achieve plenty during this non-retro season.

Here are some suggestions:

Take a bike ride on an unfamiliar route

Write a letter using calligraphy

Book a trip to an obscure historical site

Throw out stuff ( junk) you never use

Take a yoga class

Host a party to build your professional network

Adopt an animal or two

Start a dream journal

If you have not already done so, begin a blog ( or add a new one)


Get in on the action while the getting is good ; life can be both a sprint and a marathon…..

Do stuff NOW!!

What stuff will YOU do???

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Sense-sational Blogging Challenge

Thanks to all for making this marvelous Blogging Challenge such a success. I always enjoy meeting new folks and cementing bonds with “old-timers” through this endeavor. We are expanding into December for those who are still interested in participating. My post is still in draft form so we shall see if we can extend the party a bit longer.

love to all, litebeing

Stories Beyond the Veil


Mercury retrograde falls in my 3rd house of communications for this cycle. It has been a productive time for me to reread old material and go over this blog. I recently changed my tagline from pieces of a dream to stories beyond the veil. I can see how this new tagline encompasses my original tagline, adventures of a part-time mystic  and my former one, pieces of a dream. My blog focuses on the subtle and not-so-subtle messages I receive from the Divine. It captures my dreams, adventures, and a whole lot more.

Stories have gotten a bad rap lately and I want to clear this up. It is true that the stories we tell ourselves about our identity and limitations can be negative and quite destructive. I have had to work on making corrections in my own journey. But sharing one’s story as an example for others is incredibly healing and overflowing with light. We learn and grow as a result of knowing each other and witnessing our collective stories. So I happily use story in my tagline for as long as it fits into my vision.

I selected a few posts that are a sampling of what happens beyond the veil. Take some time to read a few that appeal to you. Maybe someday soon the veil will be discarded completely. We shall see…


Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow May 18, 2016 through the weekend. I have to prep tomorrow for Thursday’s invasive and scary tests.  I am actually quite frightened and have put this off successfully for a very long time. Now is the time to be brave and ” put on my big girl pants.” I would like to believe that all is well and the tests will reveal normal results. I am so fortunate to have so many lovely lights in my corner. Thank you!

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We have between now and January 4th 2016 to be active without restrictions, delays, snafus, etc. When Uranus stationed direct on Christmas Day, we entered a rare planetary occurrence. All planets are moving in direct motion. Now that the Christmas hoopla has ended, we can use these next few days to get movin’. On January 5th Mercury goes retrograde again, this time in the sign of Aquarius. I suggest you ignore the Mercury shadow in effect and have some fun.

Here are some suggestions:

Take a bike ride on an unfamiliar route

Write a letter using calligraphy

Book a trip to a quirky village

Throw out stuff ( junk) you never use

Take a yoga class

Host a party with a wild theme

Adopt an animal or two

Start a dream journal

If you have not already done so, begin a blog ( or add a new one)


Get in on the action while the getting is good ; life can be both a sprint and a marathon…..

Do stuff NOW!!

What stuff will YOU do???

to learn more about how astrology operates in your life, check out my services page. We have a sale going on as we speak!

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A Whole New World?

By Anne Dirkse ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many have prophesied that one-third of our planet would be aligned with fifth dimensional consciousness by September 28, 2015. This is called the 1st wave of ascension.  I do not know if I feel any different. My experience of time and space has been altered for quite some time. According to Matt Kahn and others, this is not an intellectual exercise. It is all about the heart.

One way that I perceive insights is by noticing or attracting novel tidbits from pop culture. The internet is typically the medium that transmits these nuggets towards my awareness. Music and movies are two of my go-tos and this gem via Facebook got my attention. The film Aladdin is going to be released in digital format soon. To celebrate this new edition, the original singers from the film reunited on Good Morning America to sing A Whole New World. I am including the video here in the hope of encouraging people to listen. I am in love with this song and it radiates love and otherworldly bliss. I was blown away when I first heard the song and I still feel the same today.

Now that Mercury has gone direct, we can move our attention to other events. I am glad it is mostly behind us, but this cycle was a minor disruption for me. I felt more of the typical slowdowns a few weeks prior to the Mercury station. Maybe that’s just how I roll.  What about you?  How are you doing? Are we moving into 5D? What does that look like? How does it feel? Does it even matter?

It is not too late to join the Time Machine Challenge. The posts are fantastic and I am so awestruck by the brilliance and the emotional honesty displayed. If you are participating, don’t forget to claim your badge! They make nifty souvenirs.

Lately I am not sure where I am headed. Part of me believes that is actually a good thing. But wherever I travel, I am grateful to have my tribe around me.

PS WordPress tells me I have used 1111 tags so far. The signs continue…

milky way image credit: By Anne Dirkse ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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Oh Nooo, Mr. Bill, Mercury Retrograde is Coming on June 7th!

I really hoped it would be different this time. But it is the same. Mercury officially begins its retrograde motion at 7:56 AM EDT on Saturday June 7th. The transit takes place in Cancer and moves back into Gemini. Right now emotions are raw and untamed with Mercury in early degrees of Cancer. The DVR is acting up. My commute to and from work is a congested mess, complete with detours, utility work, and general confusion. Communication problems are running rampant, especially at my new job. Tried as I might to find the best starting date,having used all the astrological tools at my disposal, no dates were good and mayhem has ensued. I will not describe the details, but I will say that I am wondering if it is worth my time and energy. I am at a place in my life where I do not want to waste my time and energy.

Michael Lutin discusses how transiting Mars will be passing over Saturn’s position during the rare Venus transit of June 2012.He predicts that many of us will experience a haunting or two. I am feeling this way about my job. I have been here before and I do not know if I want to be in this situation in the future. Been there, done that. Projections, scapegoating, manipulation, and deceit, good times, not so much!

I have much to ponder.

There is much more to the story of course, but Mercury is intensely triggering these dynamics for me. To those who say these transits are easier for people like me with natal Mercury retrograde, I wonder if any of them actually have the placement themselves. I do not find it easier at all.  I really hope we can thrive during this transit and eventually see the promise of movement and energy fulfilled in this Year of the Horse. 2014 has been a slow motion year so far, a cosmic traffic jam that has fenced in the Horse and kept him immobilized for months. Late July may be the light at the end of the tunnel.

But until then…..

Some of you may be old enough to recall the early years of Saturday Night Live. I really got a kick ( pun intended) out of the Mr. Bill skits. With Mr. Bill all starts out well, but inevitably life gets messy. But fortunately, Mr. Bill always survives to live another day and has even resurfaced decades later in Subway commercials and other campaigns.

I guess if he can make it, so can we!      Mr. Bill


image courtesy of wikimedia commons, public domain

Beautiful chaos

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is officially here and I have felt it in way in advance. My internet has been intermittently off and on the past few days so let me post while I can!


I will be using the retrograde period to do some re-vising and re-viewing. Since the transit is in my first house ( which has Pisces intercepted) this cycle, I will be making some changes to my Services page. How else can I serve? How do I bring more of my unique essence  to the proverbial table? Which of my energetic gifts are ready to become front burner?  With Mercury and Neptune happily colliding, it re-inforces my own natal Sun/ Neptune/ Mercury retrograde stellium in the 9th house. So I will be re-visiting how I can best use my Mercury retrograde/ Neptune going forward.

Speaking of stelliums, I will also be re-viewing Donna Cunningham’s extraordinary book on stelliums. This book and author are so special that I am taking my time. I want to be certain I am presenting the material in the best possible light.

get-attachment (1)

Heavy ice and snow on branches has caused massive power outages and wreaked enormous havoc in Pennsylvania. I just photographed this tree near my home that still has plenty of snow on its branches.  Typically the snow does not stay long on this particular tree. Is it not stunning?  I often struggle during times like these when I am left too long with my own thoughts in lieu of cable and internet. Yet I am grateful for a warm home , hot running water, and a somewhat healthy perspective.  So I present this photo as ” evidence” that beauty exists within chaos.

In the meantime, stay warm ( or cool if you live below or near the equator) and stay tuned for my re-visions, re-views, and more!

Cosmic Retrograde Challenge: Song On The Radio

I hope you enjoy this bonus post for the Cosmic Retrograde Challenge ~

While I was already wearing the Sugilite, I wanted to do something extra to participate along with my fellow blogettes. I had already dug up some old pictures to show to some friends who had recently come back into my life. I began working with my A. T. Mann tarot cards again after years of neglect. I had also started rereading Many Mansions after viewing Shree’s book review.  But these activities did not match the intensity of the Sugilite for me. I wanted to really feeeeeeel something. So I turned to music. I began to forage through stacks of CDs : Prince (maybe); U2 (not now) ; Joni Mitchell (this looks good!); but then I spotted Joan Armatrading and I knew. I felt the power contained within the disc and I knew this would work well. So for three weeks now I have been listening to Joan Armatrading’s Greatest Hits  on my car radio. You may wonder why I chose the car radio.

play now : Song on the radio

In my last post    I described how I became better equipped to tap into information to serve others. Historically I would (and still do) get information on its own terms. Typically  a thought or idea would pop into my head and often lead me to a synchronistic event. My intuition appeared when it wanted to, I had no control over when and where I would be guided.  I was ok with this.  I was grateful to be guided in any form as long as it was for the highest good.  There is one exception however ~ the radio.  I cannot remember how it started but it is the one way I am able to easily receive information at my request.  Sometimes it will work on Pandora or on TV music channels, but it really is all about my car radio. I have been asking for messages to guide me through the radio for a very long time. Never said a word about it until quite recently. I figured people would think I was out of my mind (crazy) if I spoke about my musical oracle. Truth is, I was out of MY mind and into the greater MIND. Usually I would set my intention to get a message within 3 songs. Occasionally I would request a song and it would be played automatically. I highly recommend trying this, very cool!  This method does not always work , but when it does…   So the car radio is the vehicle I chose for the challenge.

© Molnia | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Love and Affection  I am starting with the first of three songs on the CD that evoked great emotion. I have arranged them to coincide with the order of my journey.  Since we are looking at cycles, I noticed an overlap between the recent Mercury Retrograde and my Saturn to Sun transit. I examined my first Saturn/ Sun conjunction back in 1984.  I was checking out apartments. It was time to leave the security of living with room mates and have my own place. It was the Summer of 1984 and I was in Graduate School ( Saturn in Scorpio transiting the 9th house). I wanted the independence and freedom of being my own person. I was looking at a small studio apartment in the Castle Building. I had lived in that building a year ago with college room mates. I loved this old space with its high ceilings, huge windows and wooden floors. As I toured the kitchen I saw beans soaking in a bowl on the counter, along with lots of fresh vegetables, and  fresh bread. I was very curious about these beans. An earth mother must live here, I thought to myself! Who will I become? Will I be a good cook? Will I learn how to bake and garden? Will I soak beans? How will my adulthood take form?

I initially associated this song with a crush of mine. This was a couple of years after I moved into that very studio apartment. I had made a great group of friends but was still missing my college ex- boyfriend.  I wanted to feel alive and free and vulnerable again. I was ready for love once more. Later that song referred to other men in my life. But the first time I really got that song was around the time I began to establish a way in the world on my own. I would sing it in the mirror and twirl around full of hope and wonder.

Weakness in me  I did not know of this song until much later in time. I did not have the CD until after I heard this song in concert. This concert I attended was in 1996  , right around my birthday. I saw Joan Armatrading in a small venue and it was amazing. I was in Graduate School again ( a different degree this time) and money was tight, but I wanted a treat. When I heard this tune, I immediately became teary. I knew the story all too well. By this time in my life I had already been involved in a few love triangles. In these cases, one or both of the parties was involved with another partner. The men in my life ( 2 lived in my neighborhood at the time) were prone to ” show up”. This could be taken many ways.  They would pop back into my life after having moved away, or would just show up at my work or my home. Or I would get an email or phone call out of the blue. Or I would meet someone who looked just like a former lover. This song is about love, betrayal, control, and pain. Joan refers to weakness being part of her character. I would add that it applied to all the characters in this drama. Everyone always makes a choice, or chooses to not make one.

Me, Myself, I  The third song in this trilogy has a great reggae beat and a happy melody. Basically Joan wants to be alone and enjoy herself. I often sang this song when I had enough of  a relationship or was so angry with a former partner. I visualized myself traveling and going on adventures freely and joyfully. There is not a particular time period I associate with this song. I placed it last because it is where I am now. I went from the innocence of love to the complexity of intimacy and commitment, to the refuge of independence and mastery. And RELIEF!

Disclaimer: I know in past posts I have either inferred or directly stated that I am done with romance. I want to elaborate on this a bit. First of all, I deliberately leave out the details about my personal life.  Although I do not use my name , some people in my real life read this material and know these men. While I am not in touch with any of them, some of my friends and associates may still be in contact with them. In this cyber world of ours, I prefer to keep things vague. Secondly, I adore men! For most of my life, my best friends were men. It took me a long time to find the connection with women that came easily with men! I do not want my readers to get the wrong impression. I have been fortunate to have loved deeply and experience the beauty of soulful, intimate relationships. It is just that I do not do them well.  Just like cars: I have been driving since age 17 and still don’t understand how my car runs. Well, it is like that for me and romance. I  tend to attract and get involved with very Plutonian, Saturnian and Neptunian partners in a Uranian way. ( Saturn in Cap opposing Mars, Uranus/Pluto in 7th house, Leo descendant, ruler of descendant – Sun, conjunct Neptune) It was exhausting!  I am not saying I will never change my mind. I just do not think there is anything more for me to learn here. My work is DONE. By the way, I do not feel angry about this. I would prefer to call it mature acceptance.

Lessons learned: As I drove around listening to these passionate songs about love and identity, I remembered past associations and also made new ones. This is where the magic happens. Now when I hear Love and Affection, instead of imagining a new partner, I felt the rich, vibrant Cosmic love in the burgundy and rust trees as they shimmered and glowed under the November sun. To quote Steve Winwood, it is a ” Higher Love.” When I play Weakness in Me,  I realize that I participated in dramas that were ultimately unhealthy and somewhat ridiculous. Living in chaos was an easier choice than going about the business of finding a suitable partner and settling down. Today I see that I am my own suitable partner. To live out my chart is to partner with my Sun. My sun is where I star in my life. I have learned to own most of my projections and become more balanced and integrated. Finally, when I sing Me, Myself, I, most of the anger and resentment is gone. I feel lighter and less defended. I am not singing ” I wanna be by myself ” in response to feeling overwhelmed, controlled, or frustrated. I am singing as an expression of gratitude.

Willow     In the course of playing this CD for so long, I came upon a song that I had not noticed before, Willow. Please listen to this gorgeous , soulful composition.  It is very soft and mellow.  I am not really surprised to have discovered it because I took on this challenge in expectation of alchemy. I am in process of becoming a willow.  Willow is a song about loyalty, protection, strength and stability. It is sweet, tender, and ethereal. Perhaps it is a taste of the future.

This challenge has been very Challenging! I have been relentlessly haunted in my dreams by old lovers. Many tears were shed.  This exercise has required major soul-searching.  But in the end it was worth staying with the discomfort. I came out of this experience ever so slightly transformed and renewed. Ghosts have been cleared and released.  I  am aware that I still have plenty of work to do. Fortunately the Saturn/Sun transit is in full effect.

POSTSCRIPT– Remember the young woman staring at the bowl of beans soaking on the counter. I am not through with her quite yet. She returns in a future Collisions series post – stay tuned!

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Cosmic Retrograde Challenge ~ Sugilite Shakedown Street


You tell me this town ain’t got no heart. well, well, well, you can never tell.
The sunny side of the street is dark. well, well, well, you can never tell.
Maybe that’s cause its midnight, in the dark of the moon besides.

Maybe the dark is from your eyes, maybe the dark is from your eyes,
Maybe the dark is from your eyes, maybe the dark is from your eyes,
Maybe the dark is from your eyes, maybe the dark is from your eyes,
You know you got such dark eyes!

Nothin shakin on shakedown street. used to be the heart of town.
Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart. you just gotta poke around.

Shakedown Street by The Grateful Dead

HAPPY SCORPIO/TAURUS FULL MOON! Welcome to the story that inspired this challenge. Before we head into the back story, ( isn’t there always a great back story attached to most tales?) I invite you to click on the link below and listen to the video while reading. This post will work better with a soundtrack…

please play now!

BACK STORY ~  A few years ago I was driving to work. It was around the Christmas holiday season. The roads were slick with ice. I swerved downhill and lost control of my vehicle. I resigned myself to certain death. The car stopped moving on its own accord ( as an Accord is known to do) and there was no tangible damage. I was very lucky! While still in shock, I tiptoed over the ice to the nearest house. I was too shaken to attempt to drive up the hill. A compassionate and friendly couple let me stay with them all morning until the ice melted and I could drive home. We drank tea and talked. I was grateful to have survived. They were neighbors that instantly transformed into friends.  From time to time I would see  ” Jane” take her children up the hill in their strollers. On one occasion I first saw them at the mall and then at my favorite sushi restaurant. I consider these sightings fortuitous because this family reminds me of ” the kindness of strangers.” This translates to the truth that there are no strangers, just people we have yet to meet. Fast forward to this summer: I run into  ” Jane” with her daughters. She is wearing a gorgeous purple pendant. We talk about where she found it and the different healing properties of crystals. I tell her about my Sugilite and that perhaps I should wear it again. Weeks go by and I take a look at the stone. I see ” Jane” again and we have a wonderful chat. I remember the Sugilite. This time I decide to take it out of the jewelry box and give it a whirl.
New Hope, Pennsylvania

New Hope ~ I have been visiting New Hope for the greater part of my life. Friends, family, lovers, acquaintances, you name it , we have all been there together.  A first date, the transition from the 1980s to 1990, book browsing, psychic fairs,  and everything in-between!

This beautifully quaint village on the Delaware River is very special to me. It holds promise.  Many years ago I walked into a metaphysical store that sold crystals. I engaged in a conversation with a young , knowledgeable  store clerk about the various stones in the display case. He suggested I look into Sugilite. I had not heard of it before.  He told me that it helps with psychic abilities and is very powerful. I was quite intrigued and was taken with its intense purple hue. The generous young man agreed to throw in the chain for free.  I said ” I’ll take it!”

What is Sugilite?

Sugilite is known as one of the love stones of the earth. A natural facilitator of physical and emotional healing it also dispels negativity and anger, creating harmony and opening one to spiritual energy and growth.  Sugilite can help you answer the great questions such as “Why am I here?“, ”Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, and “What do I need to understand to evolve my soul?” It is a very spiritual stone that will help keep the soul safe from  shocks, disappointment and trauma.

Sugilite is a major spiritual stone, promoting individual as well as universal love. Sugilite is said to help with understanding the “big questions” in life. Especially helpful for those who feel alienated and alone, Sugilite helps the user to understand the purpose for their existence.  Known as “The Healer’s Stone”, Sugilite is said to enhance one’s healing and psychic abilities.

Sugilite balances and heals all the chakras and the bodily areas associated with them, which in turn, allows for the free movement of kundalini energy please use with caution.This crystal will open the third eye chakra, crown chakra, soul star chakra… then right up to and including the fourteenth etheric chakra.  As you become more spiritually advanced, the growth of psychic powers and especially channeling abilities are aided by Sugilite stones.

reference ~


How did I use it?  When I first took it home back in the 1990s, I kept it under my pillow at night. The man from the metaphysical store suggested it would create vivid dreams. I recall that it was too much for me. I did not feel comfortable and was a bit afraid of the energy. I wore it a few times around my neck and then it went into a jewelry box. I do not think I was ready or perhaps I misinterpreted the effect it had on my consciousness. I also have difficulty wearing anything around my neck for too long so I could only wear a necklace sporadically.

What happened this time? I could not find the original chain so I used an old chain adorned with tiny lavender beads. Shortly thereafter the clasp broke. Eventually I found a cord that contained a dream-catcher (who knows how long  this was collecting dust) and substituted the dream-catcher with the Sugilite. While the cord is not delicate and pretty, it easily accommodated coming off and on my neck and under my pillow every day since September 15th until now. I adjusted the length so that it was slightly above my heart. I read somewhere not to have it directly on your heart. I was relieved to discover I could tolerate anything that tight around my neck!

Many astrological events have been in play during this time period. We had 2 eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is now conjunct my Sun. All the Scorpio activity – Mercury, the November 3rd eclipse, and the Sun/Saturn cycle, all take place in my 9th house. Among other things, this is the house where belief dwells. 

 For more on Saturn in Scorpio ( scroll to midpage) The information on this page is truly prescient!

Major developments

Astrology Class ~ I taught my first Astrology class in October. I have a fear of public speaking and I did not know anyone in the audience. Yet I knew that this role is part of my destiny. The talk went well and I was given 5 star ratings on-line. A few people asked to have me return and speak again. No one knew that this was my first talk! I have begun to conquer this life – long fear of public speaking. My beliefs are starting to transform..

Intuitive readings ~ I gave away some intuitive readings as a way of paying it forward.  This post has the details :  What no one knew was that I have never done this before without ” props” ( such as cards).  I just closed my eyes and entered the stillness. I was beyond amazed that I was able to ” see” and ” hear” so much detail about the querents’ lives. I was truly astonished. I took this activity on with nothing but faith and a knowing that I was to explore another way to serve others. More of my beliefs were in the process of changing..

Past life regressions ~ I participated in 2 group past-life regressions. They took place over the course of several weeks. While my process was not what I would call dramatic, I noticed that I have an ability to ” see” people and places and scenes with my inner eye. I later connected these visions with my psychic/intuitive abilities. The gift to me from the regressions was not past life recall. The gift is the insight that I can forge a path while visiting the inner world. I am now owning that my experiences have practical applications for my evolution as both an individual and as a healer. New beliefs are being shaped and born into being…

Alchemy ~ The most subtle but amazing result of combining the old stone with the current me is that I can now wear something around my neck for 2  months. I hated anything around my neck! I will attribute some of this transformation to my dear friend Heidi. She did some clearing of my throat chakra and I do feel lighter around my neck. Thank you Heidi!

I also realized that I am now ” ready” for this energy. Perhaps I had been ready for some time, but  seeing ” Jane” wearing her crystal was the catalyst that set this in motion. While I did not experience a marked difference in dream content, I did not have my original reaction with the stone under my pillow. I have grown to a point where I am able to make use of its unique healing qualities. I am still not certain about how Kundalini operates, but am aware that more of my chakras are being utilized differently.

CONCLUSION: So what did I glean from playing cosmic dress up? I discovered that my psychic abilities have been working tirelessly throughout my lifetime, varying in intensity depending on my energy level and state of awareness. I was not seeing the forest for the trees. I have recently pondered if I could use my intuition to serve others as a therapist, astrologer, friend, rather than to gently guide my own journey. I had been worried that I have waited too long to pursue this life path.  What wearing the Sugilite amplified is my awareness of my abilities in action. I think my awareness increased because I was wearing the Sugilite and living with an open mind and heart.   I just needed more confidence in my abilities. Recently more people have been asking me how the astrological material manifests. They were asking not about data interpretation per se , but my inner process. In all my years of practice, I  have rarely had this question posed this way.  During these past 2 months I have been repetitively asked how do I read people? Is it psychic or intuitive? Is the knowledge channeled? A pattern had developed here and it caught my attention. I do not know for sure if the Sugilite increased my capacity for healing or simply illuminated what had been hazy. I plan to continue wearing it and see what develops. What I have come to realize at a much deeper level is that my gifts have always been serving others. Which hat I wear does not really matter, but my attitude does. This all is tied together with the nature of my beliefs. Taking on this challenge allowed my limited beliefs to be altered so that I was free to see my healing abilities with more clarity. I plan to experiment more with mixing up the old with the new. I see the value in using adventure and play to create some magic. There is always more to uncover. You just have to poke around!

Nothin shakin on shakedown street. used to be the heart of town.
Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart. you just gotta poke around.

You think you’ve seen this town clear through.
Well, well, well, you can never tell.
Nothing here that could interest you. well, well, well, you can never tell.
Its not because you missed out on the thing that we had to start.

Maybe you had too much too fast. maybe you had too much too fast.
Maybe you had too much too fast. maybe you had too much too fast.
Maybe you had too much too fast. maybe you had too much too fast.
Or just over played your part.

Nothin shakin on shakedown street. used to be the heart of town.
Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart. you just gotta poke around.

Shakedown Street 

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New Hope photo by

Original post on Sugilite and Cosmic Retrograde Challenge:

 November 18th challenge post : Shelley  

Cosmic Retrograde Challenge – a quick review and more posts added!

crystals-inner-earth_thumbSue Dreamwalker

for more on this artist in our midst~ Sue

Both Mercury and Neptune went direct, thank goodness. I still feel spacey ( as only a Neptunian can), but I have some news so …..

But before the big reveal, let’s talk about this challenge and what we have seen so far. There are enchanted chariots, engaging rings, rousing rap music, animated books, profoundly awesome pendants, visits from old friends, powerful pyramids, flailing hippy beads, soul retrieval, and it’s just day 5!  If you have not read all the posts, please make a visit now and get up to date. The articles have been so varied – yet all the writers recount embarking on a uniquely memorable and sometimes surprising journey.

Mandelbrot_detail6 (2) 

BIG REVEAL 1 ~ Speaking of dates, Shelley from Psychic Pharmacy Tech has been added to the roster for November 18th ( see link below) and I know this will be off the charts wild and enlightening!  Thank you Shelley for taking the plunge.

BIG REVEAL 2 ~ I have added a bonus post for November 19th. So now the challenge has been expanded to 11, yes 11 days!  That is all I can say for now so you will have to wait until the 19th…

Here is the complete updated schedule for the upcoming challenge:

November 9 – Julianne

November 10 – Heidi

November 11 – Shree

November 12 – Karen

November 13 – Sindy

November 14 – Sue

November 15 – Barbara

November 16 – Lehua

November 17 – Linda

November 18 – Shelley

November 19th – Bonus post!

How have you enjoyed the challenge so far?

What has inspired you?

Mesmerized you?

Moved you?

Do tell!

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