Do Stuff Now ~ 2020 version public domain

We have between now and February 17, 2020 when Mercury moves retrograde to be active without restrictions, delays, snafus, etc. When Uranus stationed direct on Friday  1-10-20 , we entered a rare planetary occurrence. All planets are moving in direct motion. Now that the immediate Lunar Eclipse and Saturn Pluto conjunction events has ended, we can use these next few weeks to get movin’. One month of direct motion is rather short so I would take advantage of this period to seize the moment.

Here are some suggestions:

Take a bike ride on an unfamiliar route

Write a letter using calligraphy

Book a trip to an obscure historical site

Throw out stuff ( junk) you never use

Take a yoga class

Host a party to build your professional network

Adopt an animal or two

Start a dream journal

If you have not already done so, begin a blog ( or add a new one)


Get in on the action while the getting is good ; life can be both a sprint and a marathon…..

Do stuff NOW!!

What stuff will YOU do???

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7 thoughts on “Do Stuff Now ~ 2020 version

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  2. Great tips of things to do dear Linda.. I started exercising more.. and took up Zumba this week again.. lol.. My creative time led to a lazier me and my muscles need toning back up again.. I have also been thinking creatively again with my writing and your own Synchronicity which you left me is pretty amazing, and I followed up the link and look to explore it deeper still..

    Its a pretty miserable day here today.. Stormy Wind and heavy rain.. So using today for my catch up in WP a little…
    Hope all is well with you Linda.. So What ‘Stuff’ are you intending to do this month?? 🙂
    Enjoy what ever it is…
    Much love my friend ❤

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