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We have between now and March 8 2018 to be active without restrictions, delays, snafus, etc. When Uranus stationed direct on Tuesday 1-2-18 , we entered a rare planetary occurrence. All planets are moving in direct motion. Now that the Christmas hoopla has ended, we can use these next few weeks to get movin’. Two months of direct motion is rather unusual so I would take advantage of this period, eclipses and all, to seize the moment. Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn is a hot topic in astrological circles, so I’ll give you the condensed version here. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so this is a natural comfortable fit ( as comfortable as Saturn can be in his own skin). This is a time of steady, slow consolidation of intentions into material form. While this influence does put the brakes on reckless abandon and frivolity, one can still achieve plenty during this non-retro season.

Here are some suggestions:

Take a bike ride on an unfamiliar route

Write a letter using calligraphy

Book a trip to an obscure historical site

Throw out stuff ( junk) you never use

Take a yoga class

Host a party to build your professional network

Adopt an animal or two

Start a dream journal

If you have not already done so, begin a blog ( or add a new one)


Get in on the action while the getting is good ; life can be both a sprint and a marathon…..

Do stuff NOW!!

What stuff will YOU do???

to learn more about how astrology operates in your life, check out my services page.

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14 thoughts on “Do Stuff Now

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  4. Missed this post Linda, but I usually catch up eventually, and yes doing stuff is important.. And as you have seen although I have not been running a marathon or doing a pole jump, lol.. The paints have been out and enjoying my creative side…Love and Warm hugs my friend..
    Hope you had a peaceful weekend and sending love for the week ahead xx ❤

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    1. Hi Sue, this is a repost so you missed nothing really. I enjoy your painting very much, it has a hint of mystery and magick within it that reflects your higher self, inner you, etc., Until we talk again, much love ❤

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  5. Thanks for letting us know about this constellation.
    I think I go for throwing out stuff. I have just unsubscribed from several email newsletters which I find no longer interesting.

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  6. Happy New Year Linda, Namaste 🙂

    I do hope the festive holidays and the new year brought you great cheer. As always your fascination with eggnog chestnut puree and the warmth of a cheerful hearth bring me good cheer when I sit in that wing-back chair by your fireside 🙂 Best Wishes in all ways always.

    Isn’t it wonderful when astrology presses with urgency to focus our intentional will? I am happy to answer your question, but why not tell us all before we tell you what it is that you will be doing for the next 8 weeks exactly? 🙂

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


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    1. Happy New Years Dewin!
      Hope your holidays were festive and peaceful. I do not know exactly what I’ll be doing except working and breathing. My astro themed posts are to help my readers make use of transits and other cosmic events.

      love and peace with a dose of namaste,

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      1. Hey Linda, Namaste 🙂

        My festivities were entirely haunted: I think I’ve been caught up in the very muddy muddled middle of several riddles…and the chills are still multiplying. I hope they will dissipate soon.

        Breathing is an excellent choice:, one that do not need to be considered. As for work, it’s a bind that binds us all to one coal-face or another. I dislike the way work interrupts my life: it is in itself an occupational hazard to life.

        In asking if you had a particular focus, or a set of intentions or just stuff you wanted to get done and dusted/completed/progressed?

        Whilst my day also consists of much breathing and working I am keen to get The Wizard Of Wands 0 Book 2 progressed far further, and Book 1 ready for publishing. In addition ii want to sure-up the Blog- site and get it ready for job applications…I can’t be living in mediocrity all my life (I hope!) can you? There’s always poems to be written and images to create: the Muse who insists I succumb to her will is a relentless task master and always giving. Have yob visited my Blog lately or had a quick peek to see what I’ve been up to? I always value your feedback and perspective….a Scorpio has unique eyes 😉

        Lastly, there is the distinct possibility I will get itchy feet at some point in the early part of the new year and desperately want to move to new accommodation. I’ve always said move number 50 might well be my last big domestic transit. Where I will go and/or when is a matter of conjecture. It may never even happen, but I get unsettled if the idea motivating change is not ever-present in me. The day it is not there will be the day I hang up the ‘wanderlust boots’ and take root.

        That’s about all that I intend to do and focus upon: as always there will be distractions, disruptions, deviations and delays, but I hope I will get to tick the majority of those items off the to-do list.

        So Linda…other than breathing and work, what more are you planning to get done or do? 🙂 I think you should build a rocket to the Moon.

        Enjoy your Sunday. Take care.

        Namaste 🙂


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