Better Things

Before composing this post I took a shower, needing to wash off all the negativity residue.

I began to ponder what I actually believe about the planet today :

” I tend to be paranoid as a Scorpio but used to be skeptical of conspiracy theories and the theorists themselves. Yet, look at the world especially since 9/11. Hey, what about before I was born like the Holocaust and all the World Wars and so on. We really have not evolved much, or is it all simulated?”

Then my thoughts drifted here :

” Matt Kahn spoke so brilliantly about why some people don’t hear their guides. I remember a workshop I took where I set aside shower time as a safe space for Spirit to be with me so be quiet and listen. ”

Then this line from a song kept repeating in my head. I could hear part of the melody but only made out one line – Here’s wishing you the bluest sky. ” I asked myself to remember this line so I could Google it later, hoping it was a message.

Here’s the song that came to me:

I ‘m crying as a write these words, amazed by the blessings of my guidance and so strongly in need of joyful music. I don’t know how these songs pop in my head, but I know the quantum field is involved. Matt Kahn in his latest video Facing Uncertainty made some points that seemed both personal and universal. His take on what thoughts are and how bad thinking does not create one’s reality was revelatory. He described undesireable manifestation as aligning with a negative narrative, rather than thinking negative thoughts alone. He also spoke about why some people don’t hear their guidance team and what it may mean. Watch the video to get the complete picture. What I will reveal here is that he strongly encourages people on the awakening path to not expect guides to rescue them from unpleasant circumstances and events, but rather be with them while they live their experiences that are meant for them to live through.

I am just another soul trying to live my purpose and shine some light. I don’t know nearly as much as I thought I did and probably more than I realize at certain moments. However, I want to align myself with the narrative that all is really well, even in the face of seemingly Armageddon-like global catastrophes.

I’ll leave you with these final few words ~ Accept your life and what it brings. I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things.

5D Snippet

Life has seemed more tranquil and joyful since Pluto stationed direct. Thank Goddess!  I must confess that I had difficulty discerning the qualities of the various astrological energies over the summer. The sheer amount of activity, not to mention the incredible intensity of each additional event, left me doing my best just to ride the waves,  without fully understanding how and why each wave diverged from another. I was almost completely overwhelmed and clearly in good company.

The past few weeks I have been living with recurrent illness that had zapped my energy and resolve. During the middle of one sleepless night, my fragility of spirit petitioned Source to prove to me that I was not alone. I prayed one of those childish desperate prayers, something I thought I had outgrown long ago. The fatigue from illness along with a disappointing job search had left me close to despondency. I awoke the next morning to an email from an agency offering me a job interview. I had applied to this program at least twice, the last time a few weeks ago, to no avail. At one time I strongly felt this was where I was destined to work.  I had given up on this dream of working for a prevention – based research program that treats first episode psychosis in adolescents and young adults. Now the dream has been re-ignited. I think this qualifies as a sign that my guidance was listening!

So what does this have to do with 5D? I am not sure, but I have an experience from last evening that may qualify. I had learned that Marty Balin from Jefferson Airplane/Starship had passed away. I did not feel as grief-stricken as I typically do. But I was called to play some of his songs on YouTube. Earth is one of my favorite Jefferson Starship albums so I listened to a few songs from Earth and a few others that featured Marty. While Grace Slick is the most prominent person in the band, I was partial to Marty. His voice is angelic and true. I was listening to one song over and over again, drinking in the sounds. They were ethereal and I responded with sobbing that I can only describe as quaking from within. After the sobbing receded, it was replaced with bliss. I felt a euphoria that was very unexpected. My soul may have been visiting 5D for a few moments.

Check out the video I am referring to and see where it takes you. Perhaps your inner journey may appear at first as black and white and suddenly transform into vibrant color.

Here are few other Jefferson Starship videos I listened to that elicit universal love and purity of heart:


Tell me your 5D stories in the comments section.

A Whole New World?

By Anne Dirkse ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many have prophesied that one-third of our planet would be aligned with fifth dimensional consciousness by September 28, 2015. This is called the 1st wave of ascension.  I do not know if I feel any different. My experience of time and space has been altered for quite some time. According to Matt Kahn and others, this is not an intellectual exercise. It is all about the heart.

One way that I perceive insights is by noticing or attracting novel tidbits from pop culture. The internet is typically the medium that transmits these nuggets towards my awareness. Music and movies are two of my go-tos and this gem via Facebook got my attention. The film Aladdin is going to be released in digital format soon. To celebrate this new edition, the original singers from the film reunited on Good Morning America to sing A Whole New World. I am including the video here in the hope of encouraging people to listen. I am in love with this song and it radiates love and otherworldly bliss. I was blown away when I first heard the song and I still feel the same today.

Now that Mercury has gone direct, we can move our attention to other events. I am glad it is mostly behind us, but this cycle was a minor disruption for me. I felt more of the typical slowdowns a few weeks prior to the Mercury station. Maybe that’s just how I roll.  What about you?  How are you doing? Are we moving into 5D? What does that look like? How does it feel? Does it even matter?

It is not too late to join the Time Machine Challenge. The posts are fantastic and I am so awestruck by the brilliance and the emotional honesty displayed. If you are participating, don’t forget to claim your badge! They make nifty souvenirs.

Lately I am not sure where I am headed. Part of me believes that is actually a good thing. But wherever I travel, I am grateful to have my tribe around me.

PS WordPress tells me I have used 1111 tags so far. The signs continue…

milky way image credit: By Anne Dirkse ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Musings ~ The World is Conspiring in Your Favor

Hello fellow litebeings,
I used my random blog oracle just now and arrived here. This particular post really encapsulates many of the concepts and attitudes that I am currently examining. I invite you all to read again and join in the discussion.


PS: Just visited twitter and today is Ascension Day. Happy Ascension Day!

litebeing chronicles

UPDATE: As often happens in my world, synchronicity abounds. I just discovered today ( 11-2-14) that my local meetup group is having its monthly Saturday Discussion on Ascension. The leader said they have never covered this topic before and is bringing in a special speaker. If you are local and want to know the details, please email me. I hope to attend and gather more information and engage in some meaningful discussions. I am so grateful that my life is so graced with synchronicity, especially when the big questions come to me without any easy answers!

As a recovering paranoid pessimist, I work very hard to “re-frame” my thoughts and my expectations. This is much easier to for me to do with others in my role as a therapist than for myself. I was raised with the motto ” Never Trust Anybody!” and I began to internalize it early…

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Answer the Call

I am in love with this video. It is a rap ascension video. Yes, you read this right! It is like no-thing I have ever heard.  It latched onto my heart and my soul grinned in agreement. Then he mentioned being a Scorpio!

Enough said. Time to listen.



header image ~, public domain

Musings ~ Waiting on the World to Change



I have been busy, mostly internally. I changed the blog look to mirror my emotional/astral body. I look to expansion and vast space in a sea of purple velvet and diamond skies. Here is where I find myself today:


I pulled a card from the Sacred Path deck for me ( and you) for 2015:



An 8 card for an 8 year, yes! I am ready for more clarity and light, but with kindness and care. Fires and shattered glass and electricity coursing through me is not my preference, just sayin’. We will be entering the Year of the Sheep in February. Not sure how that will play out, since this Year of the Horse was reigned in by Saturn and retrograde Mars, among other things. We only have one retro planet now ( Jupiter), so move forward quickly if you have plans to activate. Times like these are rare. Mercury begins its Retrodance in Aquarius on 1-21-15.

But I digress..

So how about a catchphrase?:

Keepin it green in 2015 or Make 2015 New and Pristine or See and be Seen in 2015!

Feel free to add your own to the mix!

Some recent encounters from last year are yet to be actualized. My Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Eve were ripe with curiosity and excitement. Playing musical instruments and jamming to the 12 days of Christmas was so liberating and joyful. Reminded me of all the jam session gatherings I attended with my Anti-Nuclear Energy group back in  my college daze. Eclectic, creative and joyful. Movements can be political, physical, etc, name your dimension and fly..

Hanging with Sarah ( former blogger) and Tom ( current blogger?) and talking Ascension/ consciousness was so crazygood. My takeaways were not intellectual or logical, although my ego and rational mind were still hanging on, looking to grasp onto tangibility, bless their hearts!

So while I am not certain where I am on the 5d and beyond continuum, I am waiting on my world to change. From within to without, or vice versa. Any early romance I had with the vastness of time and space is still very much intact, day by day. The more I live with focus, the more I notice a morphing of past and present. Time also seems to be more bendable lately. I wake up frequently unsure what day it is or even what week.

Anyone else know what I mean?

Some cool experiences ~ Seeing red light on tops of trees; Dreams of brightly colored produce and festive salad served in lovely glass ( or crystal ) bowl; Letting go of disappointments with less resistance and more flow; Occasional bursts of silliness.

Really old memories continue to come back to awareness and I thought I saw an angel by my bed a few nights ago while half asleep. It was in “reality” some clothing on a chair, but they formed a profile of a divine figure at night.

Some new TV shows have returned and I love when a series introduces new characters who are familiar actors or the characters get involved in new settings. I see myself in those timescapes, navigating the old with the new. There is no distinction anyway, it is all about cycles and spirals.  Also I am noticing new shows on alternate realities/time travel like Hindsight.

While much of what I have read online seems to pointing towards a fast and furious warped speed transformation, mine is subtle and slow.

Please share with us your thoughts on 2015 catchphrases, ascension, expanded awareness, alternate realities, etc.

Call it whatever you like, I am waiting on the world to change: 

Waiting on the world to change. 


image credit: Josephine Wall

SoundBath ~ bubbles of awakening

 So let me tell you about my weekend.

Finally I can put 2 thoughts together semi-coherently. I slept so much better last night and that can make a difference. What, with glass breaking and lamps flickering and , my body aching and making odd movements.


Cannot blame this all on caffeine, sorry. Today is National Coffee Day in the USA and did you know I love caffeine, especially in coffee? While I can go weeks or more at a time without it when my stomach needs a break, my mind seems sharper with caffeine in my system.

But I digress, so back to the odd happenings. First off, my body does not always react in a way that I can understand. It will occasionally make jerky movements, manifest weird aches and pains, etc.  I went to my trusty doctor when these symptoms began.  After I was checked out, he assured me that I did not have anything like Parkinson’s.  I often lean towards the worst case scenarios , but am working on correcting it. My buddy Robert years back suggested it may be the kundalini awakening.  I have done some reading and discussed it with a few folks and still don’t understand it. If you are so inclined to share some insights about it, please leave me a message in comments. You can also email me if you prefer to do so privately. I would really appreciate what others have to say about this phenomenon.

I went to a Sound Bath on Saturday evening as Mercury made its ingress into Scorpio. The lovely sound healer Katryn was visiting after moving away to Santa Fe. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from her about this chance to gather with a group to bathe in the energies of her magical singing bowls. I had met her when I took a short class on sound healing a few years ago. I shortly thereafter started attending the monthly Sound Baths. Sometimes she asked me to give an astrological forecast for the group, which was very generous. These  brief talks helped build my confidence in speaking publicly on astrology. Her friend Tracie the life alchemist and nature channel was often part of the circle. I plan to blog on my session with her in the future. The sound healing groups were always unique and positive for me. But this one was incredibly dramatic.

I don’t know if it is because I have changed or she has changed or we both have changed or if the beautiful new gathering space made an impact. I just know that the ripples are with me still.

So here are the highlights ~

I saw green and lavender light, per usual. But then it morphed into a striking dark purple. Similar to this image :

"ScorpionFog". Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

I also saw camels and birds in flight and fairies.

The thoughts were even more intriguing.

I got the impression that the forest and jungle live inside me. WOW!!

Then I began to think about the earth. I focused on the letters and noticed that EARTH spells HEART. I made a connection between the green lights I see in meditation and the heart chakra. Then I made another leap where I connected the functioning of the heart and earth are one and we can heal the EARTH like we fix a poorly functioning heart. Some ideas like reducing stress, joyful movement, less fat ( materialism), love, stillness, and quitting smoking ( end of military actions and violence) came to mind. This seemed to be important for me to record later when I returned home. I also remembered that earlier in the week I was thinking about the Hands across America event I participated in back in 1986. It was in the wake of LiveAid when some consciousness was directed towards global charity and unity. Check out the video here.

I recalled an image I chose for my 111 Global Party post. It is the Earth in a heart ( see below)


I really felt energized and had no need to talk about it, which is unusual for me. I gave Katryn a hug and thanked her and went to my car. As I turned on my car radio, I searched for a song to match my mood. Within seconds I found Right Here Right NOW. Some of you know I use the car radio as an oracle.  This song was stellar! It was written about how the planet was changing due to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Cold War, but it still applies. The music confirmed that I was plugged into the Source. I felt so high and timeless and free!

I also found a brilliant video blogger that day and we communicated when I returned home. I invite you all to meet Sarah. She is incredibly charismatic and pure. Please visit her and learn about her journey. She communicates in a way that is very natural and compelling. She could be a future thought leader. You heard it here first.

I slept so poorly and yesterday was unbalanced. I broke a glass candle holder all over my kitchen floor and cut my toe badly. I also noticed that one lamp continued flickering all evening long. In the past, this would translate into a physical birth or death or the need to replace a lamp! The confluence of electricity in the air certainly caught my attention.

What is really odd is that I am still feeling the effects of the Sound Bath. In the past any discernible changes would fade after a few hours.

Is it the Grand Fire Trine? Am I ascending? I don’t know, but at the very least I figured that these Sound Bath “bubbles” would make a decent post. Perhaps I will continue my meditation practice.

PS: Please enter my contest to win a free reading or get a significant discount on my services. See post here!  I would also be very grateful if fellow bloggers would re-blog or link to the post to spread the word. Thanks in advance.

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purple ray image by “ScorpionFog”. /File:ScorpionFog.PNG#mediaviewer/File:ScorpionFog.PNG

heartearth square and header by public domain