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Sundeelia: Coming Into Alignment With Higher Self

Eliza of blue dragon journal gifts us with a treat! Read with an open mind and open heart. ❤

3 comments on “Sundeelia: Coming Into Alignment With Higher Self

  1. “What any seeker needs is a good dose of humility, seasoned by a ton of common sense, and the ability to trust your intuition… your inner senses that are your direct connection with Spirit or Source energy. ”

    I would get rid of the term “humility” here, since it means “lowly” and we are anything but, even when in a veiled state. I’d replace that with “an honest self assessment”. And that would go in both directions – knowing that you are a Divine and Powerful Creator, but one who has been under a consciousness veil and has some things to heal, clear and release.

    Concerning the “Higher Self”, I’ve come to know that term is a bit of a misnomer for that entity is not “self”, well, at least not any more so than God and every other soul is your “self”. What we call “Higher Self” is yet another individuated entity that remains in the Divine Realm while you as a soul take dimensional travels. A “Higher Self” is assigned to a specific soul and serves as a tether to the Divine and helps to guide and reawaken the soul it is assigned to. When the soul goes through enough healing to then move into its Ascension Process (healing and ascension are two different things), the Higher Self (HS) helps the soul to reconnect into the Divine Realm IN FULL. The full pineal gland activation is part of that. The HS then hangs out with the soul for a while, then… brace yourself… the HS later departs and the soul is “on its own” from there on out.

    In that discussion in the article, I would also get rid of the word “humble”, which like “humility” means “lowly”, which none of us are. Again, replace it with “honest self assessment”, which the article stated that in other words at one point.

    It’s very accurate as the article says to connect to one’s own Christ energies and to be Balanced, Whole and INtegrated as far as Masculine and Feminine Energies go. And THAT right there IS the Merkaba. The Merkaba, which are the two tetrahedrons in Sacred Geometry which represent the Masculine and Feminine Energies. Many New Agers / metaphysics / spiritualist types make the Merkaba sound so complicated and complex. It’s not. It’s simply as I stated, it’s the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within EACH individual soul. Re-pairing, putting the pair back together.

    And very significant that this article says “obedient”. Indeed! And obedient to what / whom? To one’s own Divine Self. Your little “Mini Me” could stand to surrender over to your Divine Self and yes STRICTLY follow Divine Guidance.

    “Your physical body, which I refer to as a ‘vehicle’ or ‘avatar’ is a temporary house or temple, dwelling place for a fragment of your higher self. Basically it is the percentage of your consciousness that has the most to balance and release in terms of what people refer to as ‘karmic debts’ and/or ‘traumatic wounds’ taken from past lives. ”

    One’s body is not “bad” or what have ya and whatever “the body” has to heal or release COMES FROM THE SOUL! Everything starts at the Energy level and ultimately manifests outwardly on one’s physicality (also in one’s life). I laugh that someone out there has basically said that “the body kills the soul”. I would beg to differ. It’s quite to the contrary. A soul who is ex-periencing the VEILED CONSCIOUSNESS state is literally killing their body, which just outwardly manifests the soul’s current energy.

    Overall, this was / is a very good article and it’s SO good to see people talk about the charlatans out there, and there are many, and sadly, the New Agers must be easily dupable for many of these charlatans are the ones who have MANY followers / viewers and get reblogged constantly, seemingly with no discernment, discretion or discrimination on the rebloggers’ part. These charlatans are seemingly telling so-called “lightworkers” what their ego issues and other dysfunctions WANT to hear instead of telling them what they NEED to hear.

    It’s often Joe Average light worker who doesn’t get many viewers who is coming from a “been there, done that” place and truly knows the deal and expresses it simply and honestly, in a very grounded / down to Earth sort of way.

    And yes – no one can truly take authority over your life, but you sure can give it away and that has been humanity’s greatest ex-perience and lesson to learn.

    Free will is just a veiled consciousness state… and this circles back to – surrender to the Divine, let go of free will.


    1. litebeing says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful and provocative ( in a good way) commentary. I like the idea of replacing humility with self discernment, but humility is not a dirty word. Humility requires a lack of pride or arrogance and an appreciation of what “is”. Higher self is a confusing concept and I agree that self is an illusion, and yet like Sundeelia says, here in 3D land time exists and so does “self”. Matt Kahn, who I like, but do not worship, suggests we both live as 3D beings while we move towards 5D, accept limits of this experience while we also recognize we are sooooo much more.

      blessings, litebeing ❤


      1. What you said about “humility” is a good way to be. It’s just not what humility means. lol

        I don’t care to bend words to what I want them to mean. I pay attention to word origin / True Vibration / Divine Essence of the word and work with that Divine Essence instead of being all arrogant and prideful and willful and attempting to… yep, bend words to what I want them to mean. That’s what humanity HAS been doing. Gee, that’s worked well so far. Not.

        “Humble / humility” means “lowly”. That we are not. It’s been a disempowering program planted into the human psyche. Had enough of that yet?

        Yes, here in 3D, self and time exist. But, as I said, I’ve come to learn that Higher Self is not “self” in any way other than how we are all self / connected. We’d have to call everyone self in order for it to also apply to the Higher Self.

        Yes, we are to bring Heaven to Earth through us, connected on both ends, to be Divine and Human both. But… there reaches a point in your spiritual advancement, when you don’t need that entity we have misnomered as “Higher Self” and you are on your own.


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