Better Things

Before composing this post I took a shower, needing to wash off all the negativity residue.

I began to ponder what I actually believe about the planet today :

” I tend to be paranoid as a Scorpio but used to be skeptical of conspiracy theories and the theorists themselves. Yet, look at the world especially since 9/11. Hey, what about before I was born like the Holocaust and all the World Wars and so on. We really have not evolved much, or is it all simulated?”

Then my thoughts drifted here :

” Matt Kahn spoke so brilliantly about why some people don’t hear their guides. I remember a workshop I took where I set aside shower time as a safe space for Spirit to be with me so be quiet and listen. ”

Then this line from a song kept repeating in my head. I could hear part of the melody but only made out one line – Here’s wishing you the bluest sky. ” I asked myself to remember this line so I could Google it later, hoping it was a message.

Here’s the song that came to me:

I ‘m crying as a write these words, amazed by the blessings of my guidance and so strongly in need of joyful music. I don’t know how these songs pop in my head, but I know the quantum field is involved. Matt Kahn in his latest video Facing Uncertainty made some points that seemed both personal and universal. His take on what thoughts are and how bad thinking does not create one’s reality was revelatory. He described undesireable manifestation as aligning with a negative narrative, rather than thinking negative thoughts alone. He also spoke about why some people don’t hear their guidance team and what it may mean. Watch the video to get the complete picture. What I will reveal here is that he strongly encourages people on the awakening path to not expect guides to rescue them from unpleasant circumstances and events, but rather be with them while they live their experiences that are meant for them to live through.

I am just another soul trying to live my purpose and shine some light. I don’t know nearly as much as I thought I did and probably more than I realize at certain moments. However, I want to align myself with the narrative that all is really well, even in the face of seemingly Armageddon-like global catastrophes.

I’ll leave you with these final few words ~ Accept your life and what it brings. I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things.

21 thoughts on “Better Things

  1. We may be facing uncertain times dearest Linda… But I have never been more certain of my mission than ever before my friend… Stay strong… and have faith… Loved revisiting this post of yours again.. 🙂
    Sending well wishes Linda… and much love your way 🙏💚

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    1. I just recently got back my faith plaque from the office so maybe that will help! I am glad you feel empowered Sue. I am utilizing more tools now and am feeling more positive about my evolution. Baby steps… ❤


  2. Marian Meaney Heelan

    Thank you. On a grey day in Ireland, this was so welcome. Feeling the ups and downs of this strange time, I echo your hopes for a much brighter time to come. Spirit guides, angels, nature, serendipity… we are not alone.

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  3. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Tonight the song Better Things came on at the episode of a very intense tv show I was watching. It reminded me of this post and I began to tear up. Looking at where we we have travelled between the date of this post, March 13th and now, I can see that I had no idea how long or emotional this life interruption would be. But I still hope we can all realize a reality built on Better Things.

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  4. Lovely post and so happy you’re walking your journey, blossoming at every turn.

    Regarding spirit guides, I’ve never wished to know them or even been interested in knowing them, even when others have told me lots about how they are being guided and even channeling them.
    I have however wondered why this is, especially when I know others think, I think I’m special and can do without guides!😁

    I have experienced elemental beings helping me understand truths, 2 we’re angels but they were all aspects of myself, parts of my multidimensional self coming back together now.

    I have always looked at spirit guides about giving my power away and recently I understood this has been my way of embodying my own magnificence, my loving power.

    It’s taken me a long time to fully feel empowered, but I just knew to follow my heart and trust everything to unfold quite naturally.

    Now I feel quite confident to share the message of embracing all of you!

    You are already realised, a master and creator and now it’s your time to allow yourself to experience it.

    Giving your power away to spirit guides only hinder you from experiencing your sovereignty in physical form❤️

    Much love and enjoy all your experience🥰


  5. Being in our own alignment is all we need. There are really no wrong or right paths. All play their parts. Each growing at their own pace.
    Our guides are often our higher selves, whom we are still connected to, but whom we have separated in order to experience our chosen experience.
    Sending love and blessings your way Linda,
    Much love 💓🙏 and take care 💓

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      1. You’ve been writing a lot! I wish I had more time to read 🙂.

        I enjoyed the kinks song. I want to listen to it again. I see your future post, and we wait for the better days.

        I didn’t see this particular video of Matt Kahn but I agree with this, “ His take on what thoughts are and how bad thinking does not create one’s reality was revelatory. “ I don’t know his reasons because I didn’t watch the video, but I don’t think bad thinking by itself creates reality. It’s too simple to say that thoughts create reality. Though, in part, they do, but not entirely. Many thoughts aren’t ours. They are just psychic junk. Or “Psyche junk.” Better to not give them power, if possible, and good idea to have compassion for people struggling from/with their negative thoughts. Also, I believe in habitual thinking (as neuronal networks become deeply repetitive to save time) and it takes a lot of time and practice (though not everyone can do it) to retrain the brain. We need something like 5 positive inputs for every negative one because the brain tends toward the negativity, based on studies.

        I hope you are doing well during these crazy times!

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      2. Hi Ka,
        This song has become an earworm so maybe that contributes towards habitual thinking. I like Dr. Joe Dispenza’s idea about thoughts and manifestation. It is about practice and implementation and pulling oneself out of negative loops. Did you see What the Bleep? That film was so informative. I agree about the negative wiring. I understand this was to preserve the human species during more “primitive ” times.

        much love, LInda ❤

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