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Happy New Gemini Moon!

I have some mystical happenings to share along with a few realizations. But first a note about Mercury Retrogrades. While I am not one of those folks with natal Mercury Retrograde that find these events to be actually easy-peasy, I am wondering if perhaps they are given way too much emphasis.  So much of my experience is based on conditioning and expectations. I tend to notice breakdowns, delays, and miscommunications with many of these transits, yet I think some of it has to do with expectations and a life spent noticing planetary activity. I have been at this since grade school so my way of living has been greatly influenced  by astrology. I have written before how I am biased and cannot imagine not knowing what I know. However, I read about Tania’s thoughts on this topic in a recent blog and they spoke to me. Check out her blog  and enjoy her beautiful articles about the nature and energetics.



This past week or so has been such an emotional roller coaster ride.  So many of my buttons have been pushed and I see so clearly how rigid I can be. Last Sunday I stepped on something while barefoot that hurt greatly,  triggering leg pain and a lingering headache. I spiraled into the demand I get a Tetanus shot. I have had a childhood fear of Tetanus handed  down to me by parents. I never knew anyone with this  very rare illness,  but I tell myself I will catch it if I don’t get a booster. My doctor finds this to be absurd but he gets me the vaccination. I have a strong belief system that my clumsiness, stupidity, etc will land me in serious trouble. This is a very strong stubborn program that leads me to question my judgment and it is awful. Anyhow, my anxiety about this caused me to drive a bit quickly on Monday, leading to strange banging noise coming from my car. This led me to notice a change in the position of the tailpipe. A call to a mechanic with a repair estimate up to a maximum of $ 4000 dollars led me to expect to pay $ 4000 on a  lease car that apparently is not covered under warranty if you ” drive over something. ” Fear of deadly diseases and/or financial ruin are my specialties, along with a fear that ” life doesn’t like me.” I do work on reprogramming these narratives but they return when the stress is on.

But, there is much contrast intermingled with the self-inflicted drama. On Wednesday morning I am sitting on the bed and notice a tiny shiny object on the carpet. I tell myself to pick it up immediately to see what it is before I get into my morning routine. I was amazed to see it was a diamond stud earring I lost over 6 years ago! I have lost many earrings  either by them falling off my earlobe or when attempting to put them on and dropping them instead.  This stud had some significance and I knew I dropped it in my bedroom. I also had looked for it extensively,  later letting it go. I was amazed to find it this week because it is very unclear how it ” moved” right by my bed. I am currently animal-less so no creature found it for me. I have not moved my bed or any furniture in this room recently either. How it could have relocated is a mystery, but also a mystical sign. Sometimes Source will offer me an unexpected wonderful offering. ( Picture above is a larger image of a diamond stud). This requires me to recalibrate my thinking and my way of moving in the world.



The second event was a sparrow sighting with a twist. I went to the car dealership on Friday and that was bizarre in a Mercury retro way. They said nothing is wrong with my exhaust system but the car starts slowly and I need to come back so they can check last year’s recall work.




While waiting for my car, I ventured outside to get some fresh air. I saw several sparrows and am a big fan. One was quite close to me. I made eye contact with him/her and the sparrow landed on the fence and sat itself down for a few minutes. It meticulously positioned itself in place. Seconds felt like minutes.  We stared at each other and I felt at peace. I was so excited to have some time with this gentle sweet being and grateful that this being decided to seek some time with my being.



Later that day I received an email from about this new ethnicity tool they have applied to the DNA samples of their customers. Even without tests from parents, they can now determine which ethnic group(s) come from each parent. Some of this info I knew already. For example, my Italian heritage is on my mom’s side and is evident in her maiden name. She also took a test and her DNA confirms what she was told about her roots ( for the most part). What this new tool discovered is that my ” West Asian ” DNA comes exclusively from my dad! I am confused because I am Jewish on both sides and I thought all Jews some from the Middle East. Yet, my Jewishness is classified as European on both sides of my family tree. The “Levant” category is not labeled with a religious connotation. I do not know if this equates to this notion of my dad being of Sephardic lineage, but it may explain why he and his sisters were of darker complexion than my Italian mother and her father’s people. It is another nice unexpected surprise.

So much of my perceived misfortune is generated from investment in worry and fear and chaos. Stepping on some small object led to driving carelessly and led me to obsessing over imagined financial worries which led me to unimagined recall worries.  And yet… Stepping on a small object led me to find a small valuable missing object a few days later. Praying to archangels and guides may have led to the sparrow sighting and genealogy news.


Currently I am in the throes of some cold/COVID like illness which caused me to cancel a long – awaited social plan with a good friend. However I am finally listening more and more to my body and giving it what it needs rather than what my ego wants. While I am working harder than ever to thrive amidst a backdrop of violence, untruths, and uncertainty, the “real stuff” continues to seek my attention now and again.  Diamonds speak to Saturn. birds to Aquarius and Mercury, and genealogy to Cancer, moon/ 4th house. My soul yearns to be brilliant, free, and connected, and ultimately, loved.

Happy New Moon and Memorial Day here in the US.


Let’s remember we all are brilliant, free, connected and loved.


images courtesy of public domain

6 comments on “Recalibration

  1. The Universe is obviously trying to now give you signs. Amazing how that earing turned up after all those years… And your car no longer requiring major work..
    That little Sparrow allowing you to breath for a moment and stop and see the beauty in the little things..
    Sending love and well wishes Linda … ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed all of this today! I am clumsy myself and an always afraid I’m going to take a really wrong turn soon. Add being almost 70 and starting to forget stuff and I am a mess most days! I try to take it in stride.. after all, I can’t do much about most of it. Just be careful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      I just put it all out there and I have always been clumsy, while I am more mindful and usually less scattered now. I agree that getting older is hard, but it is another aspect we all signed up for. I use gratitude to help me cope with some inevitable changes.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What an interesting unfolding of events Linda…and the bookending things you stepped on are fascinating as well….both bringing up past stuff (one of an old fear resurfacing and one of an old loss now found) in both cases feel like parts retrieved coming to a head and perhaps even underscoring the value we place on things. Contrasts just like we have been seeing in the outside world too and I mentioned experiencing as well in the blog you mentioned (thank you so much for the link and sharing that it spoke to you in some way). We may not have all the answers, but I love that you, too, love to explore the curious way life unfolds. I hope you feel better soon. Lots of healing love to you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks for your compassion and wisdom Tania. I read most of your entire post but was very struck by your words on Merc Retrograde. I had not heard this explained quite this way and wanted to share with my readers. Your posts are multilayered and so full of magic. I appreciate that you seem to not get caught up in your emotions and stay grounded.

      much love <3, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so welcome Linda. I’m so glad that the Merc Retro info was supportive. I didn’t come to understand it this way until just several years ago and then started applying it, as I had always only heard the other explanations. It always kind of rubbed me a bit, as with other things, that there was more focus on kind of limiting storylines. I feel like there’s a productive way as possibility within things and that’s where I focus. Thank you dearly for the very sweet comments. Warm hugs and lots of love to you. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

        Liked by 1 person

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