I Don’t Have Words

Hey litebeings, I don’t have words, no not yet. I am still preparing my next post while processing my emotions and navigating this  “new now “.

Although  I have no words, I DO have something for you. While re-reading my post Could You Be  Loved?  , I was curious about the video I featured.  I remember how powerful the message was, but that was all I remembered. So on this void of course Scorpio Moon I re-viewed it again.

Damn, my mind is blown!

So if you are up for a little mind-blowing, check this out:


until we meet again, litebeing

111111 and more

January 2017 update: Here are a few more symbolic receipts collected since this post. Looks like some new sequences are making an appearance, take note. Apologies for the quality, maybe a smart phone might have some advantages, we’ll see…





My summer was one of extremes and I am just beginning to take stock of what went down. Let’s begin today with a numerology – packed post for  events that occurred between 8-27-16 and 9-24-16, taking up most of the Virgo time period.




This is my receipt from my brunch at Cake on 9-4-16. It was quite a lovely meal that ended on a powerful note.




This blurry but angelic image was taken at McDonald’s on 9-5-16. I have been eating rather healthy since July, but I do have a thing for egg biscuits! I am human, at least some of the time.





This first picture was taken inside my car, Sascha, on 9-18-16 at the Willow Grove Giant lot.  The second one was shot on 9-24-16 driving home from the Flourtown Giant. I initially thought  the odometer was broke and only now theorized that when a car moves past 99999 to 100000 the tenth of a mile gauge becomes the mile gauge so it can appear the miles are not being measured, but they actually are. I am not certain about this, but I am happy the odometer is still functioning properly.

This milestone occurred at exactly 2:22 pm. I could not make this up! Interesting Giant connection too ~ just sayin’. I am now convinced it is time to finally get a new car. I see the 111000 mark as significant.

Many 11 sightings happen like clockwork, pun intended, but here’s one that is a bit unusual. My niece Lily came to visit me on 8-27-16 with my mom. I don’t see her often so it was a treat. She plays soccer and came over right after her game so she was wearing her jersey. It is number 11! While reflecting on it today I realized that  Lily, which can also be written lily = 111y!

I was told her soccer number assignment was random, but since she is a master teacher, I don’t agree.

Eclipse Frenzy


Wow, this is one major eclipse alright. It doesn’t literally take place until Tuesday, but there is plenty of mutable energy to go around. I have recently theorized that natal yods and powerful eclipses (in terms of both the eclipse’s unique aspects and how the event affects one’s natal chart) are similar in presentation. There is this sense of inevitability where no matter what choice you make, you will still arrive at the same destination. Do you agree about yods and potent eclipses? I would love to hear your opinions.

This brief post illustrates how eclipse energy can shine a spotlight on world affairs and individual pursuits. They are both one and the same and incredibly different, depending on one’s perspective.

Macro: We already have had 2 prominent American political figures pass away, and this may be just the tip of the iceberg. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and former First Lady Nancy Reagan have died recently, iconic figures of the conservative Republican era. It looks to me that this eclipse may be signaling the end of this era in US politics. How long will this take, not sure, but the symbolism here is palpable.

Nancy Reagan was a complex woman who could be seen as both polarizing  and greatly beloved. She was seen as being out of touch with society for her ” Just Say No ” anti-drug campaign and greatly respected for her incredible devotion to her husband President Ronald Reagan.


I am not inclined to do predictions of death in my work, but wanted to highlight how her chart does align with tomorrow’s solar eclipse at 19 degrees ( technically 18° 55′ ) Pisces. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct her natal Jupiter Saturn conjunction on the 12th house cusp opposing Uranus in the 5th house. The eclipse opposes this conjunction  very close to her Neptune ruled 6th house of health. It is also striking to see her four planet Cancer stellium prominently lighting up her Midheaven. She clearly was a highly visible powerhouse who embodied the Cancerian conservative movement.



Micro: I have been personally absorbed with my multiple health problems and how to address the root causes. Some comfort has come by my seeking refuge in the Middle Earth fantasy computer game Elvenar and in following the bizarre presidential primaries. Both these obsessions have a crack-like quality ~ they offer a cheap euphoria that requires constant maintenance and a relinquishment of power and control. In other words, I could basically do little else and not care about the consequences.

However, I have been able to keep these addictions at bay long enough to share some magic of the numerical kind. After reading Sue Dreamwalker’s riveting post yesterday, I was inspired to shift my focus back to the signs and symbols of waking consciousness. Rather than remaining obsessed with test results and cat scans, I decided to use my drive to the grocery store in a more productive way. About halfway towards my destination, I chose to turn off the racket in my mind and really look at the cars and the street signs in front of me. Within seconds, a car with a NY plate had the numbers 2222 on it. Wow, that was fast, I said to myself. A few minutes later, I ordered some breakfast at McDonald’s. Here is the receipt:

Photo1102 (1)


Later at the deli counter, the sign on the wall tallied the current customer ticket that was ready for service, which was ticket 44. Could some angels be communicating with me? I certainly hope so. 2222 could reduce to 44. Clearly there was a repetitive 4 sequence pattern making itself known to me.

The point is, there is no time but the present, and Divine guidance is always waiting for us to heed the call. Thank you Sue for reminding me that we can always choose again and again to follow our intuition and stay in the flow.

wikipedia.org pub domain

Are you experiencing the eclipse energies?

What have you noticed?

Do you see a connection with how natal yods ( if applicable) and eclipses affect your life?

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image credits ~ wikipedia.org, public domain

Dexter Rising

Dexter circa 2011ish
Dexter circa 2011ish

The snow is really piling up outside and I am loving it. The header image was taken earlier today. I welcome the change of scenery as it evokes a new mood inside of me. When something novel happens at home, I automatically think of Dexter. He would have been glued to the windows propped up on hind legs, taking in the action.

Most long time readers know that Dexter had been an integral part of litebeing chronicles. His picture is on my about page and he is mentioned in several posts. He taught me more about love than everyone else combined. He loved hanging out in that special spot on my couch. This shot was taken many years ago, perhaps 2011 or 2012. My former cat Jasmine also fancied that very spot. Perhaps it is all mapped out in the top-secret feline handbook.

I worry that I may forget him more and more over time. I recall so little about Jasmine and she lived with me 16 years. Maybe this has more to do with the passage of time as it affects my consciousness. Part of grieving for me is the sadness as shared moments fade.

However, I experienced something odd and unusual that is definitely blog-worthy:

The pieces come together more in retrospect so I will walk you through it piece by piece. A few days ago I looked under my coffee table and discovered a whisker. I had not noticed it there before. I was filled with joy to find a piece of Dexter that remains intact ( on the physical plane.) I have held onto it, an angel’s feather if you will. Then a couple of days later I was dusting a bookshelf and took the decorations off the shelves. I put them on the floor. As I began putting them back up, I discovered a brightly colored round object. It is one of Dexter’s toys. I was amazed to see it. I thought that I had gathered them all up right after his passing.

Then I was led to google Dexter the Cat to see what came up. I learned about a comic character Dex-Starr. While there are many glaring differences, I enjoyed the narrative.

To learn more, visit this link:    http://greenlantern.wikia.com/wiki/Dex-Starr

The following morning, after discovering the toy and comic icon, I was involved in a mysterious interaction. I think it was a dream about being awake, but there could be multiple explanations. I was asleep in my bed and I felt this furry being above my head on the pillow. It was giving me furry head bumps. Then it rubbed its furry self on the top of my head. Dexter loved to run up on the pillows, despite my displeasure. He also was a fan of the occasional head bump. Then the scene went dark and I was petting this large cat on his head and his back. I did not see anything. He was warm and soft and very alive. A second or two later, I was laying in my bed recalling these events. I immediately thought of Dexter. My next instinct was to check the clock. It was a few minutes before 4:00 AM. That is prime liminal time.  There ares stories online about ghost cats visiting their owners ( parents).

Here is a link to a blog featuring a cool ghost cat video:


In my case, I did not see anything. My experience was strictly tactile. I have not as of yet seen any Spirits of deceased loved ones, or any Spirits at all. None that I am aware of. But this “visitation” combined with the previous events has me wondering what really happened.


I have missed him more intensely the past few weeks. The rhythms of grief differ from person to person.

Having this cosmic love exchange was just what I needed.

CDs and Collisions

” We are here to serve you.”

Something has shifted. I was not in the hospital anymore. Dorothy had exited Kansas.

Josep_Benlliure_Gil43 (1)

My health was pretty crappy and Memorial Day weekend was approaching.  I was back, yet again, at my doctor’s office. He suggested I get another CAT scan to see if my infection had returned. He was advised to retest me, despite it not being the regular protocol. I was in so much physical pain and so tired of being tired. I wanted answers, but was not up for another unpleasant test. Drinking the noxious liquid, having dye injected in your veins, being bombarded with radiation. Not my idea of ushering in the unofficial start of Summer.

The plan was to compare the new scan with the old to see if my condition had improved. I scheduled the test and informed my doctor. He called me back to tell me that he rescheduled it for tomorrow. I was furious. How could he go rogue and do this without my consent? Not only that, this was a void of course moon during a Mercury retrograde cycle. I did not like the timing. My doctor thought it was in my best interest to get this done sooner rather than later and assured me the report and scan would be read over the holiday weekend.

I was angry, but because I really like my doctor I complied with his wishes. I figured he really cared about me and saw the need to speed things up. So I drank the yucky liquid and registered at the hospital. This was not a seamless process. I was not seen on time, it took 3 people to find a vein for the dye injection, and so on. I could not wait to get out of there. I was hungry ( you have to go several hours without food) and exhausted. I was worried about the time. It was almost 5:00 PM and the report needed to be processed today. The radiologist needed to get it in the system so my doctor could review it while on call this weekend. The technician was doubtful it would happen, even though my doctor had requested it beforehand. I also needed a copy of my old scan so I was headed for the records department. I arrived about 4:55 PM. I observed several employees exit the door as I approached. I also noticed the chapel across the hall.


I was really worried about seeing my results. What if my condition had not improved? What if I had a tumor?  These are the questions that plagued my mind.

The energy was very serene inside and I found that surprising. The other areas of the hospital seemed chaotic and many of the staff appeared either overburdened or oblivious. A man smiled at me and asked how I was doing. I told him about the reports and the deadline. As more people left the office, he remained with me. It was after 5:00 PM on Memorial Day weekend and he did not ask me to leave. He was warm, caring, and very patient. He assured me that the radiologist did read my scan and he would supply me with both reports and CDs. I was taken aback by his kindness. When I sat down with the reports, I burst into tears and began to sob. He witnessed my pain and did not judge me. I thanked him for his kindness.

wikimedia.org public domain

He said that he was here to serve me. I did not understand. He was different. He did not belong at this hospital. But I was wrong about that. He began to tell me about the hospital being his ministry. I told him he ought to consider being a minister. He told me about how he got ordained later in life. We discussed calling and purpose and how to serve. He told me how he picked up on my anxiety and wanted to help me. We talked about the spiritual path and how challenging it can be. I told him how I did not encounter this kind of care when I was staying in the hospital and that I was struck by the contrast. He then spoke of the link between anxiety and sensitivity. I found this rather interesting. I thanked him profusely, but he did not behave this way as a favor. He saw each individual as worthy. I thanked him anyway and our exchange brought my own desire to serve into clearer focus. At one point I realized that this was a Divine appointment. The circumstances that brought me here were immaterial.

What mattered was that I was deeply connecting with another soul.


When I got home, I looked up the transits and noticed the Sun was square Neptune. Perfect time to meet an angel! I realized that all details were being orchestrated to get me to this point. My tests revealed that my condition was improving, despite my symptoms. This was encouraging news. But I found my holy encounter much more healing. I was truly seen, heard, and cared for. This happened in a setting that seemed very much in alignment with many Western institutions. But it still happened and I was grateful.

This is a holiday tale that took place last spring. Just as relevant now as then. It is about finding angels where you least expect them and when you need them most. Desperately so. It is also about accepting kindness and offering it up to others.  While I was working out the details for this draft, the mail arrived. The image above is from a card sent to me by a blogger buddy across the sea. It arrived today. It is an image of an angel. There are no accidents, but we do not always notice. We are only partially awake most of the time. Even litebeings like me are often sleepwalking, especially when under duress. But I have found, time after time, that angels do appear when I need them most. And when I am not looking.

This is the most- requested post, selected by you, my readers. I asked you to choose among several drafts of mine waiting to leave purgatory.  Thank you for helping me decide.

This is the season of giving, but what if we served one other every day? What if we served ourselves first and truly loved our inner being? Imagine the possibilities…. Speaking of giving, I am gifting a free reading to my 500th follower and am offering discounts on my services throughout December. To learn more, click on the follow button and visit here.

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Roger and Me

Ángel_de_la_Guarda (1)

As Saturn makes its way out of Scorpio and we head towards a New Virgo Moon/ Solar Eclipse this Sunday, I find myself slowing down, taking stock, and listening deeper. While I consider myself a good listener, I still prefer talking. But talking rarely reveals spiritual secrets. Deep listening is one part of deepening awareness. Meditation, Dreamtime, and nature time are where I tend to uncover more. Music, art, and being in or near water also work well for me. Another surprising vehicle is popular culture. Reality TV shows, computer games; at times they play an important role in my development. Call me an atypical lightworker ( or liteworker) and you would be correct!


While I am not a medium, I do appreciate the gift and the huge responsibilities that go along with it. I can easily imagine how they go through life. It seems like this particular type of sensitivity is becoming more mainstream. Mediums are trendy now in the US, with shows like The Long Island Medium and Monica the Medium. I really like this new show about Monica who is a college student at Penn State. I have observed her demeanor as rather compassionate and she appears to be quite gifted. As an empath myself, I enjoy seeing how she navigates between the physical and the spirit worlds. This young woman seems to be very authentic and I appreciate that distinction. Not everyone turns out to be what they call themselves. Discernment is critical for those on the path.  For local readers, the State College location is ironic. Happy Valley, as they call it, is a fabulous campus, out in the rural mountainous splendor of Central PA. I can report it is beautiful and a great place to be young. But it is as conservative as the day as long..

But I digress.. You are probably wondering at this point who Roger is and what is he doing Bernhard_Plockhorst_-_Schutzengelwith me. I am getting there, I promise! The last week or so my sleep has been disrupted. I have been bothered by lots of outside noise and lousy weather. Thunderstorms have left me on edge recently. I have had more nightmares and unpleasant dreams. This is atypical for me. I am no stranger to dubious recurring dreams or a spell of insomnia, but I rarely have nightmares. I have been waking up in the middle of the night screaming. I am now seeing odd objects and figures upon awakening. Not just in the dream, but upon awakening! Fortunately they fade almost instantly, but are disturbing nevertheless.

One object I saw the other night was pleasant though. It was a large red and green wreath. It reminded me of what people display at Christmas. I wonder if I am witnessing a bleeding of realities or dimensions. I know it is unique for me. Let me repeat, I do not recall ever experiencing this before. But I will not over-analyze. We are living in different times on this planet. Plus my life has been traumatic lately, and some of the trauma is worked out while in non-waking states. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them upon awakening?


The night before last, I was given spiritual guidance. Messages were being channeled into my mind. Could I be listening to an angel?  The phrasing was poetic and the content seemed important. I do not remember one word of it though. I wish I could recall, but figure the information is safe inside of my being.  What I do remember is asking for the name of my guide. I have been fixated on identifying at least 1 guide. I have been told the guardian angel is the best place to start. I finally received a name: Roger 

Who is Roger? The only Roger I know is Mr. Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. So I consulted Google and found some sites that define names.  I liked this site especially. Roger is defined as a fighter or spearman with an 11 Soul number. Hmmm, I am partial to 11s.  I am not certain that in fact I have a guide named Roger, but this is the closest I have gotten in this process.  I do trust that what occurs between 2 and 4 AM to be more spiritually telling than at other times of day. More movement flows when the veils are thinner.

I also had a Dexter dream the same night. I have had 3 dreams so far,  one with me petting a  miniature Dexter and  two others featuring life-size Dexters on my bed. I felt at peace with him there, as natural as can be. During one dream he tilted his head back, signaling me to rub his head more.

I also had a dream of a tiger biting me, but Tiger is one of my Power Animals so that is different. Dexter did not bite, but my first cat Jasmine certainly did. Jasmine was quite feisty.  I have not had any visitations, more memory residue than anything else. I am fine with this for now.


But the name Dexter has been showing up in strange places. I play a game on Facebook called Farmville 2. Please don’t judge me, hehe! Anyway, you can buy animals for your virtual farm. Just recently the store has been featuring miniature Dexter Cows! Of course I bought one! I don’t know what a Dexter cow is and I did not research it online. I was just tickled by the prospect that one exists.

Dexter also showed up on a cooking show. I was watching My Grandmother’s Ravioli yesterday and the host was cutting some meat. It was part of a Chinese recipe and as he is cutting he blurts out ” How do you say Dexter in Chinese?”  He was referring to the TV character Dexter, but the timing of this made it special for me. I have heard that your pet is trying to contact you if you begin to see his or her name several times. I have been thinking more of my first cat Jasmine since Dex died. I called her Jazz for short. A new TV show popped up recently about a transgender teenager that I began to watch. The show is called I am Jazz. This was funny since I do not know of any pop culture characters who go by Jazz.

EDI81383 The Guardian Angel with a Garland, 1892 (gouache on plaster) by Filiger, Charles (1863-1928) gouache on plaster 36x71 Private Collection French, out of copyright

What messages have you uncovered by deep listening?



image credits: wikipedia.org, public domain

Calling All Angels


Now it’s time to get back to some storytelling. While my last few posts did not stray from my theme, this blog is primarily about sharing stories on how my everyday experiences contain some light. I am excited to share another true story with you. It’s about angels and me. So once upon a time……

But first,  here’s a little background –

Early Influences – My childhood was not filled with angels , except for the movies and one angel story. Glinda from The Wizard of Oz was an angelic archetype for me, as was The fairy godmother from Cinderella . I longed for both of them to enter my life. Perhaps those figures fueled my interest in shows like Touched By An Angel and films like City of Angels.  Once my father told me a story about Gabriel and how we come into this life.

This version was taken from http://sangabrielshorn.com/history.htmhttp://sangabrielshorn.com/history.htm

There is a tradition that Gabriel is the Angel of Birth. It is said that he carefully spends the nine months of the pregnancy watching over each unborn child and instructing that child on the necessary knowledge of Heaven that is an inherent part of all people. Just before birth, though, Gabriel touches each baby on the upper lip to make the child unable to remember all of the information about Heaven until the child returns to the spiritual state at death. The sign of Gabriel’s Touch is the cleft just below the nose.

I remember wondering how this process actually works and became very curious about life before and after we incarnate. It was a pleasant memory of religion for me amidst a typically fearful religious atmosphere laden with guilt, rigidity, obedience, and tradition for tradition’s sake. This particular  story contained mystery and magic, which is probably why it has stayed with me throughout the years.

Watch – A few years ago my watch stopped working and I was told that I could no longer replace the battery. So I looked for replacement right away.  I found an inexpensive but delightful bracelet watch which was part of a holiday collection. I liked the fact that it stretched to fit my small wrist and that it was mostly copper in color, making it neutral. It had the most lovely assortment of charms.

The bracelet had lovely angelic figures alongside stars and engraved sections displaying peace, hope, love, bliss, etc. What seemed to be unusual about this watch was the reaction I got wherever I wore it:  coworkers, neighbors, passengers on the train,  strangers in elevators , medical technicians: everyone would grab me and ask ” Where did you get this watch? ” I figured  it must be the angels. I will never forget the time I went to Pendle Hill for a Quaker gathering. One evening we stood in a circle holding hands. I heard a noise, looked down, and then noticed my watch had scattered into pieces all over the floor!  I felt the sadness of this loss and wanted to find a way to turn it around. Instead of getting it repaired  I decided to honor its unraveling by giving away some of the angels. I gave away some of the charms to special women while at Pendle Hill. Later I gave away a few more to other significant angels in my circle  This process was very powerful and transformative. It showed me that the energy associated with the watch can live on in a different form.  I still have a few pieces of the watch.

 See below:

get-attachment (4) get-attachment (2)

 get-attachment (5)

Automotive Angels –

About a month ago, I took my car in for an oil change. The car is reliable but old and well-lived. The shop mechanic said the car was excessively leaking oil and transmission fluid.  I did not have the money to pay for major repairs. The car had been making odd noises while in reverse, which I chose to overlook. I’m feeling pretty lousy and frustrated since I have put plenty of money into the car and recalled past experiences with failed engines and transmissions. As I am about to leave, a man calls over to me . I had not seen him  before, either in the waiting area or in the garage until this moment. He looks like someone straight out of Central casting: A balding hefty guy with big glasses smoking on a cigar. He looks over at me and says ” Sometimes an excessive oil leak is not what it sounds like. You can just check for oil.” Than the mechanic comes out and says ” We can tap off the oil for free anytime you come by.” Then the cigar dude says ” See what he said.” and he grinned at me. A few days later I go to a transmission center for a free transmission check. I  tell the manager what happened and I describe the odd noise the car makes in reverse. As I hand him the remote, I mention that the keys have begun to fall off the chain because the remote has broken. A few minutes later the manager calls me over to look over the vehicle. Apparently the brakes were making that noise signaling the need for repair. He also said that there are some leaks but that the transmission is not in need of any repair at this time. The noise was gone after he repaired the brakes and he also fixed my key remote!

I believe the broken remote is symbolic and the restoration  of the key remote represents a healing:

According to http://tylluanpenry.blog.co.uk/2010/01/19/the-symbolism-of-the-key-7787842/

Both physically and magically, a key can both unlock and lock things. This ability to be on both sides of the same argument is sometimes called ‘antagonistic’ and you come across it quite a bit in magic. You can see it in the saying ‘under lock and key’, which when you think about it is rather overstating things; why not just ‘under lock,’ or ‘under key’? But the presence of lock AND key shows the antagonistic side of keys… we turn the key in the lock one way, and deprive someone of their liberty. Turn it the other way and we set them free. The lock doesn’t work without its key, and vice versa.

The Roman god Janus (the month January is named after him) was, amongst other things, a god of doors and beginnings, and was often shown holding a staff and a key. In Christianity the iconography of the key is almost always associated with the Apostle Peter, since he was supposed to be the keeper of the gates of heaven. Sometimes the key is shown in double form.

If you hand over a key then you are granting someone power. Granting someone the freedom of a city is an example – giving them a key to the gates means they can come and go as they wish.

In the same way, when young people celebrate their 21st birthday they are often given a symbolic key ‘the key of the door’ although what door exactly is rarely ever specified. What I think it means is that when they reach 21 they used to be considered an adult – and the key symbolised their newfound power to access the world of adults and all that it entails. At least, that’s my theory!

This might also explain why keys can symbolise being initiated – the key gives you access to knowledge that was previously hidden. So when we say something like, ‘The key to inner happiness…’ (or winning the lottery, or the key to success) we’re unconsciously drawing on the key symbolising arcane knowledge. And knowledge is power.

In my case, the concept of initiation really resonates for me. As I reflected on the chain of events, getting the oil change alerted me to the need to get the transmission checked. Having the transmission checked resulted in fixing my brakes, which potentially saved my life and the lives of others. Meeting both the man with the cigar and the transmission shop manager helped restore hope in my heart, access knowledge, and reclaim my power.

I wondered if the man with the cigar was real. Could he have been an angel? He certainly showed me kindness during a challenging time and appeared virtually out of the ethers. His intervention helped me find the strength to get the transmission checked. What about the transmission manager who fixed the brakes , fixed the remote, and solved the mystery of the odd car noise? He fixed the remote without prompting and free of charge. He also gave me a discount on my bill, which was substantially smaller than major transmission work would cost.

josephine wall

There is no neat resolution to this story. The car will require frequent fluid checks to assess a need for major repairs. I am still unable to afford a new car. Yet I learned so much about my assumptions about cause and effect. I also was gifted with another round of synchronicity, which tells me I may hold the key to something larger than 3D reality.

Finally, this saga is in need of a soundtrack. I am providing the music for the closing credits. I am open to suggestions for more musical accompaniment as well as reactions to this tale.

Who are the angels? Glinda, Gabriel, The bracelet watch, The folks who received the charms,  Cigar dude?

 paintings by Josephine Wall 

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