Got the 1111?

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Hey litebeings!

It is a gorgeous fall day here in Philly and I have 2 job interviews lined up for next week. I am so grateful to have received positive responses to my resume and am hopeful I will attract the employment setting that is for the highest good. I am also grateful my phone camera is now uploading so I can use my own images for this site. But that is not why I am posting today.

I am posting because I have , drum roll please, 1111 followers! Keep in mind that the number fluctuates according to social media and other factors, but the bottom line is that the number 1111 is radiating on the home page, doing its mystical thing.

I have a special gift in store for a lucky follower, so stay tuned! I realize that my stats will change so I want to capture this moment in time.

Thanks to everyone who reads my offerings, partakes of my services, and leaves comments on my blog. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful litebeings in my orbit.

love, litebeing


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Shine a Light on 1111

Happy 1111 everyone! Here is a re-blog on this auspicious date that is very on-point for the times we find ourselves living in. Please take a look at my challenge post and join in on the fun. You might even win a free astrology reading!

It is in play all throughout November.

Namaste, litebeing

litebeing chronicles

Monet public domain

Update: Yesterday ( 11/23) I took a trip to meet up with a friend that I have not seen in about 20 years. We were looking at art and I had to go to the bathroom. We were headed towards the restrooms when I noticed a room filled with beguiling paintings that we may have missed. So we made a quick detour and lo and behold, what did I find staring right in front of me? This masterpiece by Monet which is the image for my 1111 blog post!

Seeing Poplars, Four Trees in person for the first time was exciting and we both were taken with it. The meeting of the physical world with the cyberworld was intensely gratifying. Seems the Elevens are always waiting for me to discover them and remind me that all is well.


Guess what, it is 1111 time once more. For myself, every…

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111111 and more

January 2017 update: Here are a few more symbolic receipts collected since this post. Looks like some new sequences are making an appearance, take note. Apologies for the quality, maybe a smart phone might have some advantages, we’ll see…





My summer was one of extremes and I am just beginning to take stock of what went down. Let’s begin today with a numerology – packed post for  events that occurred between 8-27-16 and 9-24-16, taking up most of the Virgo time period.




This is my receipt from my brunch at Cake on 9-4-16. It was quite a lovely meal that ended on a powerful note.




This blurry but angelic image was taken at McDonald’s on 9-5-16. I have been eating rather healthy since July, but I do have a thing for egg biscuits! I am human, at least some of the time.





This first picture was taken inside my car, Sascha, on 9-18-16 at the Willow Grove Giant lot.  The second one was shot on 9-24-16 driving home from the Flourtown Giant. I initially thought  the odometer was broke and only now theorized that when a car moves past 99999 to 100000 the tenth of a mile gauge becomes the mile gauge so it can appear the miles are not being measured, but they actually are. I am not certain about this, but I am happy the odometer is still functioning properly.

This milestone occurred at exactly 2:22 pm. I could not make this up! Interesting Giant connection too ~ just sayin’. I am now convinced it is time to finally get a new car. I see the 111000 mark as significant.

Many 11 sightings happen like clockwork, pun intended, but here’s one that is a bit unusual. My niece Lily came to visit me on 8-27-16 with my mom. I don’t see her often so it was a treat. She plays soccer and came over right after her game so she was wearing her jersey. It is number 11! While reflecting on it today I realized that  Lily, which can also be written lily = 111y!

I was told her soccer number assignment was random, but since she is a master teacher, I don’t agree.

April Update

Hello litebeings!

I am strongly led to get something out to you today. My computer is acting oddly, so if I am silent for a while, most likely I am in need of a new laptop.

Emotionally I am fried right now. Life is moving slow and fast concurrently. This defies understanding, so I will not even try. You probably can feel it yourself.

What I will do is briefly share how I am doing:

I lost a few pounds by eating less carbs.

I scheduled a colonoscopy. So what if it took 5 years to do so?

I am researching alternative healers and plan to use tax refund to pay for it. Let’s hope the person I choose is within my price range. Thanks to those who offered me assistance with this process.

I am walking almost daily whether I want to or not. It is about building momentum and a routine. This season with its glory has enticed me to go outside and be with the magic of nature. This Spring is dazzling and buzzing with activity.

I have resumed my meditation practice, courtesy of the Deepak Chopra series.

Here are some images I captured walking around my neighborhood in no particular order:











It seems that when I do focus on 3D signs, they usually appear, especially those of the numerical variety.

I hope you all enjoyed this spring stroll and April update. I will write more once I am better grounded and my computer cooperates.


Eclipse Frenzy


Wow, this is one major eclipse alright. It doesn’t literally take place until Tuesday, but there is plenty of mutable energy to go around. I have recently theorized that natal yods and powerful eclipses (in terms of both the eclipse’s unique aspects and how the event affects one’s natal chart) are similar in presentation. There is this sense of inevitability where no matter what choice you make, you will still arrive at the same destination. Do you agree about yods and potent eclipses? I would love to hear your opinions.

This brief post illustrates how eclipse energy can shine a spotlight on world affairs and individual pursuits. They are both one and the same and incredibly different, depending on one’s perspective.

Macro: We already have had 2 prominent American political figures pass away, and this may be just the tip of the iceberg. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and former First Lady Nancy Reagan have died recently, iconic figures of the conservative Republican era. It looks to me that this eclipse may be signaling the end of this era in US politics. How long will this take, not sure, but the symbolism here is palpable.

Nancy Reagan was a complex woman who could be seen as both polarizing  and greatly beloved. She was seen as being out of touch with society for her ” Just Say No ” anti-drug campaign and greatly respected for her incredible devotion to her husband President Ronald Reagan.


I am not inclined to do predictions of death in my work, but wanted to highlight how her chart does align with tomorrow’s solar eclipse at 19 degrees ( technically 18° 55′ ) Pisces. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct her natal Jupiter Saturn conjunction on the 12th house cusp opposing Uranus in the 5th house. The eclipse opposes this conjunction  very close to her Neptune ruled 6th house of health. It is also striking to see her four planet Cancer stellium prominently lighting up her Midheaven. She clearly was a highly visible powerhouse who embodied the Cancerian conservative movement.



Micro: I have been personally absorbed with my multiple health problems and how to address the root causes. Some comfort has come by my seeking refuge in the Middle Earth fantasy computer game Elvenar and in following the bizarre presidential primaries. Both these obsessions have a crack-like quality ~ they offer a cheap euphoria that requires constant maintenance and a relinquishment of power and control. In other words, I could basically do little else and not care about the consequences.

However, I have been able to keep these addictions at bay long enough to share some magic of the numerical kind. After reading Sue Dreamwalker’s riveting post yesterday, I was inspired to shift my focus back to the signs and symbols of waking consciousness. Rather than remaining obsessed with test results and cat scans, I decided to use my drive to the grocery store in a more productive way. About halfway towards my destination, I chose to turn off the racket in my mind and really look at the cars and the street signs in front of me. Within seconds, a car with a NY plate had the numbers 2222 on it. Wow, that was fast, I said to myself. A few minutes later, I ordered some breakfast at McDonald’s. Here is the receipt:

Photo1102 (1)


Later at the deli counter, the sign on the wall tallied the current customer ticket that was ready for service, which was ticket 44. Could some angels be communicating with me? I certainly hope so. 2222 could reduce to 44. Clearly there was a repetitive 4 sequence pattern making itself known to me.

The point is, there is no time but the present, and Divine guidance is always waiting for us to heed the call. Thank you Sue for reminding me that we can always choose again and again to follow our intuition and stay in the flow. pub domain

Are you experiencing the eclipse energies?

What have you noticed?

Do you see a connection with how natal yods ( if applicable) and eclipses affect your life?

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image credits ~, public domain

Mutable Love ~ Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune Venus in Pisces

Howdy WP readers and fellow litebeings!

I recently blogged about Saturn square Venus.  Tomorrow ( or today in some time zones) Neptune joins the party as Venus meets Neptune at 6 degrees Pisces. This is auspicious as 6 is the number that’s correlated with Venus. It is the love number! All this occurs at my midheaven so it makes sense that I communicate about this planetary configuration publicly. I had to take a quick break from typing as I spotted a critter within my sight. I went to the window and saw 1, then 2, then, 4…  I had to go on the terrace on this bitterly cold day to make contact and count. I observed 6 deer in my backyard area. This is a record for me and totally underscores the power of 6 and love!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Here is the transit potential summarized  in a tasty morsel:

Ethereal transcendent love ( Neptune Venus in Pisces) challenged by a crisis of faith ( Saturn in Sagittarius).


The lovers drink a Neptunian elixir.


Everything gets fuzzy and slightly out of focus.


The couple is blissfully ecstatic.

But then ideals are challenged and fear looms large.

Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs and mutability means flexibility, flow, and movement. This mutable square is less challenging than most because there is room to maneuver, make errors, and course correct. We are facing  the clashing of dreams versus reality. What is reality? Saturn aids our abilities to manifest and in Sagittarius we are challenged to open ourselves up to new ideas and new beliefs about expansion and abundance. In this case we are talking about spiritual love and divine blessings.

This can mean soul mate pairings, transitory romance, and/or involvement with chameleons who morph and shape-shift before your eyes.

We are everything and nothing and all we will ever be has already happened.

Think about this and feel free to comment.

I continue to awaken and as I do, I notice how little I know and also how everything is within my grasp. Yes, this is another paradox.

I have been playing with the notion of love in my mind for a few months. I am beginning to consider that my life’s mission could be more easily advanced if I lived within partnership. Don’t worry, Dexter is still here. I am thinking about what it might be like to embark once more in a romance.

I will be more than okay either way. Just wondering if there might possibly be someone who would also benefit from partnering with me. The me of today, not of the past. After meeting James , I could not fathom a higher love for me. But that was not romance between a man and a woman. It was not practical or based on everyday human day-to-day living. I really thought that I have been rather content without all the baggage and drama that often accompany the forming of a relationship. It seemed to be a done deal.  Now I am not certain.

I do not want to close the door to someone wh0 perhaps has been waiting for me to evolve and grow and decide I can try this once more. It is also not in my best interest to close myself off from a partner who may propel me to accomplish more here for the planet.

Just sayin’

I have included two links of songs that I enjoyed when I was in love that elegantly highlight the easily malleable Neptunian in all of us. One is male centered and the other is female centered. These songs suggest that we often attempt to be everything in order to please the other. Having dated so many Piscean types, I have seen this in action more times than I care to remember. I’d suggest instead that we allow our own  internal diversity and creative process to come to the fore as we tap into more of who we already are. Let’s play with freedom and whimsy.


Finally, here is a video that is about transcendent love , soft and ethereal as a fluffy cloud…


image credits:, public domain

Shine a Light on 1111

Monet public domain

Update: Yesterday ( 11/23) I took a trip to meet up with a friend that I have not seen in about 20 years. We were looking at art and I had to go to the bathroom. We were headed towards the restrooms when I noticed a room filled with beguiling paintings that we may have missed. So we made a quick detour and lo and behold, what did I find staring right in front of me? This masterpiece by Monet which is the image for my 1111 blog post!

Seeing Poplars, Four Trees in person for the first time was exciting and we both were taken with it. The meeting of the physical world with the cyberworld was intensely gratifying. Seems the Elevens are always waiting for me to discover them and remind me that all is well.


Guess what, it is 1111 time once more. For myself, every day is 1111 time.  I cannot remember even one day going by that I do not see this sequence. I researched to see if I could discover some new information on this phenomenon and stumbled upon a very powerful truth.

Eleven is the number of Light.

I could just end the post now and call it a day. What could possibly follow such a profound statement?

Well, remember when I mentioned that I changed my original blog name from lightbeing to litebeing ? Well Renate over at Pisces looked into the numerology and uncovered that litebeing equals 11.

How about that for a little synchronicity? I wonder if my habitual attention to all things 11 had somehow influenced my decision to alter the name? We know so much more than we can ever consciously access at any one time. In fact, I still believe that we spend our life here continuously uncovering what our soul holds for us eternally. Imagine a cosmic storage bin with your name on it.

So if eleven equals light, than double eleven is the duality of light, or light in relationship perhaps? It is interesting that November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the US. Where is the light in combat? What is the point of violence and destruction? Maybe the duality resides in the sacrifice that those in the military make to defend the lives of others. Or perhaps it shows up in the throes of darkness, emerging as bravery and loyalty to country and freedom at any price. I abhor war, but am no stranger to conflict in my own life. Whatever lies within is projected without. Until conflict is eradicated from humankind, war will prevail on the world stage.

“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” This is one of my favorite Quaker sayings. It stops me in my tracks and gives me great pause.

Peace IS the way. I hope that I shined a huge spotlight on this truth today for all to take to heart. It is interesting that I did not intend to write about Veteran’s day or peace. I am grateful that my writing is often orchestrated by intuition. I hope that readers will consider their positions on the nature of darkness and light. Many wise individuals have said that the dark is necessary for contrast so that we can truly understand the light. Others assert that light cannot exist without dark. I recently read that the universal ideal of Peace on Earth is just the beginning of a New Earth. Apparently, when permanent peace prevails,  the party really gets rolling. I have attempted visualizing what life would look like at this juncture. What do you see at the rainbow’s end? Tell me all about it in the comments section.

I wish you PEACE and LIGHT.



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Monet courtesy of public domain

Lucky litebeing ~ published on 7-7-14

Welcome to my world!

This quote is the first line from the food show that started it all, A Cook’s Tour with Anthony Bourdain. There are some people you like right away and Anthony is one of those in my world. I considered his influence on me immediately last Saturday when I had an incredibly blessed and lucky day that involved food, film, and fancy.

By WNYC New York Public Radio. Cropped and edited by Daniel Case (Anthony Bourdain and Leonard Lopate) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tony is not only a gifted television personality on multiple networks, but  a supremely talented writer, chef, foodie, philosopher and adventurer. Here is an excerpt from his book A Cook’s Tour,  from which the television show was based:

I wanted magic.  When is food magic?  What are the common denominators? Certainly. when food is the result of a brilliant  and obsessive personal vision, it can take on mystical, magical aspects. At their best, chefs like to consider themselves alchemists, and some of them, particularly the French, have a long and glorious tradition of turning lead into gold.

… Respecting the ingredient may no longer be an economic necessity in much of the emerging world, it is now  a pleasure, to be experienced and enjoyed at one’s chosen time and place.  When everything is just right. a well made tete de veau can be not only a thing to be savored for its challenging yet simple combinations of flavors and textures; it can, with the haunting power of sense memory, remind us of times and places long past.

Do you see why I worship this guy??

There was a time that I wanted to be linked with powerful men so that I could also feel powerful ( Pluto conjunct North Node in the 7th). Those days are gone, so I would prefer to be like Anthony Bourdain and write and eat my away around our planet, rather than be with him. Not that I would I rule out a romance if we were both single and the opportunity presented itself.

In any event, I have followed him from series to series and now have begun to read his work and he is a bit more spiritually oriented than the persona presented  on-screen. I will have to read more of A Cook’s Tour to see what other secrets are revealed.

After another busy week, I decided to escape to the movies. I went online to see what is playing at a beautiful grand cinema in the suburbs and decide to see Chef.  I then checked out some nearby places to stop for lunch. I knew there’s a decent barbecue joint in the area so I googled  it and discovered a new offering. It is called Lucky Well. 

I noticed this line on the front page of the web site:

More on this later…

wikimedia fair use

I thoroughly enjoyed Chef  and would rate it as one of the top 5 food movies of all time. High praise I know, but I just adored this movie. The splendid cinematography elevated even the most simple culinary preparations to extraordinary artistic heights.

Within just a few minutes into this flick, I was hooked. So often I will force myself to be patient and give at least a half hour before I start quipping ” Do I care about these characters? ” Not in this case. I was whisked away from the excess of Los Angeles to the vibrant clean salsa of South Beach to the chaotic, flamboyant magic of New Orleans by way of music, flavor, and whimsy.

The plot is simple: Give a person a chance to do what they love and watch them come back to life! Is there really a better message out there?

By jeffreyw (Mmm...pulled pork sammich Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

So across the street I discovered The Lucky Well. It is owned by Chad Rosenthal who recently competed on The Next Food Network Star. I grabbed a table and perused the menu. Shortly thereafter, my server Christina shows up. We initially encountered a few communication issues ( Mercury retro strikes again), but eventually came to an understanding. The pulled pork sandwich and brussel sprouts with garlic, bacon, and parmesan cheese were truly a revelation. Life was good, and lucky! Christina and I began talking soap operas, film production, and barbecue. Then we shared some of our favorite films. I kinda felt like we already were acquainted as our conversation progressed. I gave her my business card and thanked her for such a great meal.

I was not mislead by the 111 symbology guiding me to Lucky Well.  At the end of a fabulous lunch and enlightening conversation with Christina, the bill arrived:

get-attachment (26)

Notice the 111, followed by 333 pm and then  # 50003?

Did the owners consider 111 to be lucky?

Just wonderin’ !

My mom often referred to me as Lucky Linda. I never cared for it since it seemed to lack authenticity and appeared to be sarcastic in tone.

But in that moment at 3:33 pm, I did feel quite lucky.

image credits:

Anthony Bourdain photo by By WNYC New York Public Radio. Cropped and edited by Daniel Case (Anthony Bourdain and Leonard Lopate) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Chef poster via fair use

sandwich image by jeffreyw (Mmm…pulled pork sammich Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

header via public domain

Musings – November Time Warp

I cannot let the beginning of November go by without a proper post. All the recent posts on Samhain and this current astrological wild ride we are on have been incredibly inspiring and I devoured each one with delight.  Currently I have been rather moody and spacey and somehow surprised at all the emotions and circumstances that I cannot control. Yet I am actually surprised that anything surprises me anymore! That is the cosmic curve ball, that I am still unaware of so much, despite my heightened psychic acuity. Who knew?

Still, I adore November which was originally the 9th month on the Julian calendar. Makes sense right? After all, November literally means 9th month. The Julian year began on March 25th which is very close to the Spring Equinox. When the transition was made from the Julian to the Gregorian system, November became the 11th month. I prefer the original sequence because November is a time of endings and beginnings and 9 is a better fit. Eight would also coincide well with the Scorpion vibration, but 9 is one of my favorite numbers so ….

reference ~

I am actually adjusting a bit more to this current cycle and had an amazing experience yesterday. I knew I would have material eventually to put into a future Collisions post. This one will definitely be a mind blower, trust me!

I am not a fan of Halloween or cemeteries or horror films at all! I do not like to be frightened or spooked for fun, not my thing. Life can be horrifying naturally , why add to it? I did dress up as a child, mainly to get candy and conform a little bit , and do remember a few enjoyable soirees as a young adult. That said, I just prefer seeing people without masks.  Which is maybe why I became a therapist, hehe..  Yet I adore The Rocky Horror Picture Show and have many glorious memories of viewing the midnight shows. I went often with my college crew. We would either have dinner beforehand at The Magic Pan or grab cheesesteaks at Jim’s after the show.  We always went to the legendary TLA theater on South Street. We did not dress up, but we threw the rice and screamed out all the catch phrases and songs. Chicken divan crepes or gooey cheesesteaks with whiz, a great group of  buddies, and the spectacular Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon ( before she was famous), and Meatloaf.

It does not get much better than this.

The TLA no longer shows movies and this is a shame. When I moved to Philly and got my own place, I would hang up the free TLA posters in psychedelic turquoise and fuchsia on the walls and became educated about independent cinema. My horizons were becoming expanded  and there was no going back. The genie was out of the bottle. I recall spending one birthday viewing Siddhartha at midnight with friends. South Street was so electric at night with its funky stores, fabulous clubs, unusual restaurants and a festive, exciting vibe.

So which  Rocky Horror memory has endured over the years? The Time Warp Song. From the time my sister blasted it from her room, up until now ( saved on my DVR),  this  iconic tune has remained a constant because it is just simply addictive! Plus it showcases playing with time, one of my favorite pastimes. I think this film and my associations with it were a precursor to my fascination with the space-time continuum.

If you have not read my timeless tunes post, NOW is a great time to review:   Let me know your favorites! I am sure I have missed some goodies.

Just remember – ” Don’t dream it, BE IT!! “

This post is dedicated to Marie ( whose birthday is today), Randy, Janet, Esther, and the rest of the gang from Temple, woohoo! I can still taste the cheesesteaks and hear our laughter , even today..

Update: For my American viewers, do not forget to set the clocks back an hour tonight before going to bed for the end of Daylight Savings Time and the resumption of Standard Time. Yet another example of a (highly structured)  time warp! One extra hour to enjoy the Double Scorpio energies..

spiral image courtesy of

TLA image

curious about cheesesteaks?

wikipedia free domain- no copyright restrictions period!!!

I really * like blogging and WordPress, like wow,1337 likes !

litebeing chronicles
October 22, 2013

1337 likes, yeah that’s sufficient! Sufficient is one of the many terms associated with like. Apparently litebeing chronicles was liked 1337 times as of 10-22-13. I started this blog on 1-11-13, so it all adds up I guess. One of the many things I like about WordPress is its eccentricities. Who else gives trophies for 1337 likes? I could check the forums to find out why, but I know better 🙂  I also appreciate that I receive emails from WordPress that start out with Howdy.  What’s not to like! Whoever is in charge of trophies and emails, thank you for your ingenuity, wit, and inventiveness 🙂

The word like has so much of a complex charge nowadays. Likes are a means of commerce and value in a way that was incomprehensible twenty years ago. I spend countless hours on Facebook liking so many things because I want to acknowledge that these pictures or status updates are cool or simply to acknowledge their existence.  Do you also find yourself hard-wired to like things publicly? Are you afraid to not acknowledge someone for worry they will consider you impolite?

All kidding aside, I am grateful for each and every time someone makes the extra effort to click on like for my blog. In fact, I hope to introduce more content that will elicit liking on a critical mass scale, one post at a time. I am always looking for ways to grow creatively and engage more of you. Your time is valuable and I am quite aware you could be doing something else. Yet, you are here! Like, how cool is that!  Like, very cool indeed.

Ready for a little history and etymology –

According to the Online Etymology dictionary:

like (adj.) Look up like at“having the same characteristics or qualities” (as another), Middle English shortening of Old English gelic “like, similar,” from Proto-Germanic *galika- “having the same form,” literally “with a corresponding body” (cf. Old Saxon gilik, Dutch gelijk, German gleich, Gothic galeiks “equally, like”), a compound of *ga- “with, together” + Germanic base *lik-“body, form; like, same” (cf. Old English lic “body,” German Leiche “corpse,” Danish lig, Swedish lik, Dutch lijk “body, corpse”). Analogous, etymologically, to Latin conform. The modern form (rather than *lich) may be from a northern descendant of the Old English word’s Norse cognate, glikr.

Formerly with comparative liker and superlative likest (still in use 17c.). The preposition (c.1200) and the adverb (c.1300) both are from the adjective. As a conjunction, first attested early 16c. The word has been used as a postponed filler (“going really fast, like”) from 1778; as a presumed emphatic (“going, like, really fast”) from 1950, originally in counterculture slang and bop talk. Phrase more like it “closer to what is desired” is from (n.)

Look up like at Dictionary.comc.1200, “a similar thing” (to another), from like (adj.).like (v.)

Look up like at Dictionary.comOld English lician “to please, be sufficient,” from Proto-Germanic *likjan (cf. Old Norse lika, Old Frisian likia, Old High German lihhen, Gothic leikan “to please”), from *lik- “body, form; like, same.”

 The basic meaning seems to be “to be like” (see like (adj.)), thus, “to be suitable.” Like (and dislike) originally flowed the other way: It likes me, where we would say I like it. The modern flow began to appear late 14c. (cf. please).

wikimedia free domain

Numerology – The number 1337 reduces to 14 which reduces finally to 5. 5 symbolizes change and freedom  and is associated with the planet Mercury. What I would give to get a look at WordPress’ chart!

UPDATE: Thanks to Julianne, I ran a chart for WordPress and wouldn’t you know, it has the sun at 5 degrees Gemini! Now I understand where the whimsical 1337 comes from! Gemini is associated with the planet Mercury and Mercury is associated with the number 5. On top of that, Gemini is at 5 degrees no less. On a personal note, my IC is exactly conjunct WordPress’ sun. This means that this blogging platform symbolizes my soul, my beginnings, my foundation,my family, my home. Even when I cannot use my GoodReads widget or music player. Even when my stats do not add up. I forgive and move on because something sacred is at work here. The astrology simply confirmed what I knew instinctively.  I can share the truest expression of my being here and bask in the warmth of kinship and genuine community. WordPress is truly family to me and I really like that! 

For more on the number 5:

By the way, I like you too. Very, very much!