Musings – November Time Warp

I cannot let the beginning of November go by without a proper post. All the recent posts on Samhain and this current astrological wild ride we are on have been incredibly inspiring and I devoured each one with delight.  Currently I have been rather moody and spacey and somehow surprised at all the emotions and circumstances that I cannot control. Yet I am actually surprised that anything surprises me anymore! That is the cosmic curve ball, that I am still unaware of so much, despite my heightened psychic acuity. Who knew?

Still, I adore November which was originally the 9th month on the Julian calendar. Makes sense right? After all, November literally means 9th month. The Julian year began on March 25th which is very close to the Spring Equinox. When the transition was made from the Julian to the Gregorian system, November became the 11th month. I prefer the original sequence because November is a time of endings and beginnings and 9 is a better fit. Eight would also coincide well with the Scorpion vibration, but 9 is one of my favorite numbers so ….

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I am actually adjusting a bit more to this current cycle and had an amazing experience yesterday. I knew I would have material eventually to put into a future Collisions post. This one will definitely be a mind blower, trust me!

I am not a fan of Halloween or cemeteries or horror films at all! I do not like to be frightened or spooked for fun, not my thing. Life can be horrifying naturally , why add to it? I did dress up as a child, mainly to get candy and conform a little bit , and do remember a few enjoyable soirees as a young adult. That said, I just prefer seeing people without masks.  Which is maybe why I became a therapist, hehe..  Yet I adore The Rocky Horror Picture Show and have many glorious memories of viewing the midnight shows. I went often with my college crew. We would either have dinner beforehand at The Magic Pan or grab cheesesteaks at Jim’s after the show.  We always went to the legendary TLA theater on South Street. We did not dress up, but we threw the rice and screamed out all the catch phrases and songs. Chicken divan crepes or gooey cheesesteaks with whiz, a great group of  buddies, and the spectacular Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon ( before she was famous), and Meatloaf.

It does not get much better than this.

The TLA no longer shows movies and this is a shame. When I moved to Philly and got my own place, I would hang up the free TLA posters in psychedelic turquoise and fuchsia on the walls and became educated about independent cinema. My horizons were becoming expanded  and there was no going back. The genie was out of the bottle. I recall spending one birthday viewing Siddhartha at midnight with friends. South Street was so electric at night with its funky stores, fabulous clubs, unusual restaurants and a festive, exciting vibe.

So which  Rocky Horror memory has endured over the years? The Time Warp Song. From the time my sister blasted it from her room, up until now ( saved on my DVR),  this  iconic tune has remained a constant because it is just simply addictive! Plus it showcases playing with time, one of my favorite pastimes. I think this film and my associations with it were a precursor to my fascination with the space-time continuum.

If you have not read my timeless tunes post, NOW is a great time to review:   Let me know your favorites! I am sure I have missed some goodies.

Just remember – ” Don’t dream it, BE IT!! “

This post is dedicated to Marie ( whose birthday is today), Randy, Janet, Esther, and the rest of the gang from Temple, woohoo! I can still taste the cheesesteaks and hear our laughter , even today..

Update: For my American viewers, do not forget to set the clocks back an hour tonight before going to bed for the end of Daylight Savings Time and the resumption of Standard Time. Yet another example of a (highly structured)  time warp! One extra hour to enjoy the Double Scorpio energies..

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