Lucky litebeing ~ published on 7-7-14

Welcome to my world!

This quote is the first line from the food show that started it all, A Cook’s Tour with Anthony Bourdain. There are some people you like right away and Anthony is one of those in my world. I considered his influence on me immediately last Saturday when I had an incredibly blessed and lucky day that involved food, film, and fancy.

By WNYC New York Public Radio. Cropped and edited by Daniel Case (Anthony Bourdain and Leonard Lopate) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tony is not only a gifted television personality on multiple networks, but  a supremely talented writer, chef, foodie, philosopher and adventurer. Here is an excerpt from his book A Cook’s Tour,  from which the television show was based:

I wanted magic.  When is food magic?  What are the common denominators? Certainly. when food is the result of a brilliant  and obsessive personal vision, it can take on mystical, magical aspects. At their best, chefs like to consider themselves alchemists, and some of them, particularly the French, have a long and glorious tradition of turning lead into gold.

… Respecting the ingredient may no longer be an economic necessity in much of the emerging world, it is now  a pleasure, to be experienced and enjoyed at one’s chosen time and place.  When everything is just right. a well made tete de veau can be not only a thing to be savored for its challenging yet simple combinations of flavors and textures; it can, with the haunting power of sense memory, remind us of times and places long past.

Do you see why I worship this guy??

There was a time that I wanted to be linked with powerful men so that I could also feel powerful ( Pluto conjunct North Node in the 7th). Those days are gone, so I would prefer to be like Anthony Bourdain and write and eat my away around our planet, rather than be with him. Not that I would I rule out a romance if we were both single and the opportunity presented itself.

In any event, I have followed him from series to series and now have begun to read his work and he is a bit more spiritually oriented than the persona presented  on-screen. I will have to read more of A Cook’s Tour to see what other secrets are revealed.

After another busy week, I decided to escape to the movies. I went online to see what is playing at a beautiful grand cinema in the suburbs and decide to see Chef.  I then checked out some nearby places to stop for lunch. I knew there’s a decent barbecue joint in the area so I googled  it and discovered a new offering. It is called Lucky Well. 

I noticed this line on the front page of the web site:

More on this later…

wikimedia fair use

I thoroughly enjoyed Chef  and would rate it as one of the top 5 food movies of all time. High praise I know, but I just adored this movie. The splendid cinematography elevated even the most simple culinary preparations to extraordinary artistic heights.

Within just a few minutes into this flick, I was hooked. So often I will force myself to be patient and give at least a half hour before I start quipping ” Do I care about these characters? ” Not in this case. I was whisked away from the excess of Los Angeles to the vibrant clean salsa of South Beach to the chaotic, flamboyant magic of New Orleans by way of music, flavor, and whimsy.

The plot is simple: Give a person a chance to do what they love and watch them come back to life! Is there really a better message out there?

By jeffreyw (Mmm...pulled pork sammich Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

So across the street I discovered The Lucky Well. It is owned by Chad Rosenthal who recently competed on The Next Food Network Star. I grabbed a table and perused the menu. Shortly thereafter, my server Christina shows up. We initially encountered a few communication issues ( Mercury retro strikes again), but eventually came to an understanding. The pulled pork sandwich and brussel sprouts with garlic, bacon, and parmesan cheese were truly a revelation. Life was good, and lucky! Christina and I began talking soap operas, film production, and barbecue. Then we shared some of our favorite films. I kinda felt like we already were acquainted as our conversation progressed. I gave her my business card and thanked her for such a great meal.

I was not mislead by the 111 symbology guiding me to Lucky Well.  At the end of a fabulous lunch and enlightening conversation with Christina, the bill arrived:

get-attachment (26)

Notice the 111, followed by 333 pm and then  # 50003?

Did the owners consider 111 to be lucky?

Just wonderin’ !

My mom often referred to me as Lucky Linda. I never cared for it since it seemed to lack authenticity and appeared to be sarcastic in tone.

But in that moment at 3:33 pm, I did feel quite lucky.

image credits:

Anthony Bourdain photo by By WNYC New York Public Radio. Cropped and edited by Daniel Case (Anthony Bourdain and Leonard Lopate) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Chef poster via fair use

sandwich image by jeffreyw (Mmm…pulled pork sammich Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

header via public domain

35 thoughts on “Lucky litebeing ~ published on 7-7-14

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  4. I love how you are chatting up your waitress to the point that you know her favorite films!! Donnie!! 🙂

    I also literally squealed out loud when I read your comment to Debra about AB’s Red Book classic status. Lolzzz

    Can you feel all the huge virtual hugs coming your way???






    1. Do you know Ka? She muahed me recently as well, lol?
      My first knowledge of Donnie Darko came years ago when a therapy client who was also having a mystical experience suggested I see the film. I must admit that I did not really get it or like it, but this client was very impactful on my therapy trajectory.
      Christina and I chatted up Donnie and Angel heart and The Departed and some others. I rarely do that with strangers but she was not really a stranger 🙂

      Virtual hugs aplenty coming your way dear!


  5. Hi Linda,
    Wow… it’s easy to catch those savory vibes! Sizzling 😉 in the kitchen. I’m glad to see what you’re creating with all your luck & flow! ❤ Numbers, etc! I enjoy the happy posts, dear friend. I also like reading all the comments on your blog. I'm glad that I didn't get the chance to write you a comment very quickly; it gave me a chance to see and enjoy your flow with others! *muah*


    1. Happy you are enjoying my posts. I so enjoy reading comments on my blog and on those that I follow. The feedback is so precious to me. Very cool that you feel the same way.

      What does muah mean?

      xx Linda


      1. Hi Linda,

        I was blowing you a friendly kiss, with *muah.* I have no idea where I picked that up, a friend must have sent me a kiss that way once or twice. Thank you for asking me what I meant. What does “xx” mean?



    1. speaking of synchronicity, right after reading this i clicked on a link a friend sent me, to a restaurant in portland. it had chef/anthony bourdain on its homepage!! wow


  6. Loved reading this and loved the synchronisities of the numbers too.. Don’t you just love it when that happens and you notice them 🙂 I had not come across your Chef or the film by that name.. But I am all for good food.. and love nothing better than watching a good chef’s programme or three too…
    I hope that Lucky Feeling Linda lasts and lasts and lasts… xoxox Enjoy the rest of your week…
    Love Sue xox


  7. I love AB and wanted to be with him too. lol Love all the lucky numerology going on there. I like the word lucky with my name following it, as in my email, which a friend set up for me many years ago before I was net savvy, he picked it but I liked it. Sounds like a nice afternoon. See, “Maleficent” if you haven’t.



    1. AB is a Cancer so he is probably your type, lol! I thought of your email address when I mentioned Lucky Linda.
      interesting huh?

      I am interested in seeing Maleficent at some point.



  8. He read Kitchen Confidential. Says it was great. It’s more biographical and tells his story about how he learned to cook.

    He says it’s a good foodie book.


  9. Hi Linda,

    We just saw Chef this weekend too! I loved it! You nailed my reasons for liking the movie; good characters, great music and a wonderful story, with very believable actors.

    Don’t know much about Tony. Paul has read his book though.



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