Everything old is new again

Update: I just added a few more recently written synchronous posts to the list. Please return here periodically for more updates!

Oh how I love this quote! As promised, I am ” resurrecting” some older posts for newer readers to enjoy and long time viewers to rediscover!

This first group of posts features synchronicity, exploration of alternate realities, and a sprinkling of magic.

josephine wall bubble




cookies and collisions ~ a holiday tale

collisions with gaia

caffeine and collisions: thoughts are things




lucky litebeing


windows into my soul

This grouping embodies the main purpose of this blog,  to inspire through the examination of the extraordinary in daily living, one story at a time.

Please let me know if you are able to perform alchemy by transforming older material into brand new inspiration and light!

painting by Josephine Wall

28 thoughts on “Everything old is new again

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  8. I loved reading your older posts… synchronicity… For me it was the beginning of my awareness (awakening) of being part of one interconnected web of beingness… Like yourself I would meet or hear of people who took me back down memory lane… It gave me a feeling of ‘importance’ and ‘wonder’ that i’d never felt before… an insight into a bigger world beyond the physical telling me that outside of my own individual and unique life, ‘we are all one’ and IAM ALL…

    Now I’m actually writing a simple explanation together with a dreamwalk (meditation) about alchemy… to share in our circle of potential this week… maybe it’s an idea to share on my blog too… Another synchronicity that we are both playing with it in our minds today…

    You are me and IAM you… just having different experiences… have a lovely weekend with many magical moments…. Barbara


  9. I enjoyed reading your past posts and it’s an awesome way to look at things…the alchemy of transmuting the base of the “past” into the “gold” of the present….I just commented on someone blog….oh dear..I’ve forgotten who’s it was….I did start with Gloria’s blog first with her “mind’s eye”, then went to another blog (Symbolreader’s blog) where I used the “mind’s eye” in my comment, then went to Sue Dreamwalker’s blog where I used the Matrix connection from Symbolreader’s blog in my comment and now….I’m using something I said in that comment here which is….I have this feeling that I need another “slap” to wake me up to some of the stuff that is happening around me….like this morning’s blog reading and commenting adventure!

    Oh….and also that when we do revisit our past…we can transmute certain things which will help our present OR when we start transmuting our present, it will change our past as well..because there is no actual past, present or future….it’s all parallel!! awesomely mind boggling huh??


    1. Hi Shree,
      Don’t feel too badly about not noticing everything, we are all human here ( I think!) and we continue to learn and improve. Plenty still eludes me, which I indirectly addressed in my post about symbols hiding in plain sight. The whole time space continuum is mindblowing, imagine you are discussing your morning with me in Malaysia while it is dark here in the US, and we are doing this by way of the internet….


  10. Shawn Nygaard

    I like reading the older posts. I cringe at some of my older ones (from years ago), and desire to sometime take a couple of them and update them (the alchemy you’re talking about), but then I just end up preferring to write something new. 🙂


    1. Hi Shawn,
      I already have in my short time here reworked a few posts and added new images or updated text. I had so few readers in the beginning so I want more folks to get to read the “old stuff” or perhaps see them in a new context. I appreciate your visit here and I am enjoying reading your blog and getting to know more about your perspective – and you of course 🙂


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