Musings – Hiding in plain sight

I have recently subscribed to the theory that every image is potentially a symbol. I mean every image, no exceptions! Some are very obvious, such as a national flag, a smiley face, or a red traffic light. Others are more multilayered and typically more subtle. I have not totally grasped the nuances of my theory, but decades of exposure to symbols as a therapist, astrologer, dream worker, etc, has certainly laid the groundwork.

josephine wall starscape

Dream: I had a dream last night that was not that different from my standard fare. I dreamt of a former lover paying me a visit. So ” been there, done that ” .  I do not want him back in my life , but he was significant at one time. I used to relish these ” visitations”, but not anymore because I have moved on. There was something new in this dreamscape, though, that really caught my attention!  He brought over a bottle of champagne for us to share. I recall feeling very happy in the dream when I noticed the bottle. I even remarked ” You brought us champagne!”  I did some quick research and champagne can mean anything from sexual activity (ejaculation), to celebration,  to  completion of a long-term project. I believe that I have grown and evolved these past few months and that this symbol is telling me to celebrate and enjoy my  internal and external successes. I feel great that I can now place more emphasis on new symbology rather than staying stuck in some old relationship holding pattern!

Numerical sequences: I went to the dentist today, not typical blog fodder!  Yet……  I was entering the office building and noticed an acupuncture practice. I looked at the address and it was 112. I was surprised I had not noticed it before, and then quickly became curious as to my dentist’s address. In case you are wondering, I do not usually memorize these details, I just drive to the medical office and look for a nearby parking space. So imagine my amazement when I got to his door and saw 111 !  I felt absolutely ecstatic since I have been seeing 111 and 1111 for over a year now. I told the receptionist about the number and she asked if I was going to play the lottery. I  replied that I was not planning on doing so and asked if she knew anything about repeating numbers. She shrugged her head no. I took my newfound bliss into my appointment with me and stayed in that space for as long as I could.  I later reflected on why I prefer this office to my previous dental practice. Their lovely aquarium truly does make a difference , but I think that the energy of 111 and its sum, 3 is beneficial to me.

 So as I continue to process today’s events and contemplate my theory, I have some questions for you to ponder:

Do symbols hide in plain sight?

Are symbols immersed everywhere?

Do numerical sequences like phone numbers, addresses, account numbers all have a unique vibration?

Speaking of numbers: My blog just recently surpassed the following milestones, 200 followers, 1000 likes, and 5000 hits. Thank you all for your part in helping litebeing chronicles achieve what seems to be a critical mass within the past few days!

painting by Josephine Wall

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30 thoughts on “Musings – Hiding in plain sight

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  6. Ah….my dreams seem to be former lovers that I do not wish to see anymore, too. I wonder as to the significance of this, but I am glad to see you are collecting these signs from your guides. I do not remember the synchronicities starting with a certain number pattern. I just know lately I have been having 1234, 1212, and 1111. I can remember a lot of other repeating patterns in the last several years. I have started noticing that spirit will put the time in my head and ask me to look at the clock for affirmation. These times are not always a repeating number, but sometimes they are! I wonder what these numbers mean. Poor spirit, they must be like, “Finally! We have been trying to get this idiot to correlate these numbers to something for FOREVER!” Haha. That’s the feeling I get about what BFF spirit guide is feeling right now. I suppose I will just ponder the meanings of these numbers for myself so that I can use this in my physical journey! BFF SG slaps his palm to his forehead. He thinks himself such the comedian.


  7. Awesome numbers Linda!
    I know what you mean about seeing things in everything. I just started noticing numbers and truly grasping their meaning over the past year. I started with 911. I would see it twice a day ever since 9-11. Years went by, then I read about the Secret and thought I was bringing it into my awareness myself. I still kept seeing it. Then, finally last year, when I started seeing 444 everywhere, I finally understood that seeing repeated numbers can be a message from our spirit guides or angels.
    I think it is interesting that when I notice something, like a number or a sign, it is as though I am not really focusing on anything else around me as I go about my day and for whatever reason I clearly see 444 when it is in my view. It is like a present and makes me smile every time.


    1. Hi Karen,
      I figured you would appreciate this post 😉 I have been interested in numerology for a long time, but did not start seeing repeating numbers until about one year to one and a half years ago. Then I noticed people talking about it on FB and realized it may be significant. I agree with you that it has more meaning when I am just observe a sequence without expectations and it just comes into view ( rather than on my DVR or alarm clock on laptop) I wonder if the 111 or 1111 will eventually be replaced? I do see 222, 333, or 444 occasionally but the ones predominate.

      Always love hearing from you!


  8. This was a really great post, Linda. I really enjoyed it. I love the way that you look at life. I think symbols and numerology are very important, though I feel as though I don’t know nearly enough on the subject. It’s amazing! I have to go to the store in a few minutes and I hope something pops out to me. I do think symbols are always there, hidden in plain sight. We are just not seeing what is right in front of us. Thank you for sharing this!


    Laurali Star


      1. Of course! My trip to the grocery story didn’t yield any results this time. i think it’s because it was hot on my walk over and by the time I got there I had already forgotten about it. Oh well, maybe around the house 🙂

        Laurali Star


  9. Lovely post Linda, and so glad you’ve had a happy, blissful time, and that your blog stats are reflecting that 🙂
    My favourite number is 9 too… 3 to the power of 3… 3 3s… a powerful number AND symbol!

    I intend to blo about the wonderful astro chart you did for me soon… just as soon as I catch up with the week, lol! x x


    1. So great to see you here Heidi! You have been in my thoughts! I love 9 as it is everything and no-thing all at once. Also as a 6, I resonate with all combos of 3, 6. 9, etc..

      How sweet of you to blog about your reading! I am very excited to see what you create, thanks!

      love and light, Linda


  10. I also play the game of numbers, for example I pay attention to which locker number I will be given at the gym. Numbers have been special to me ever sinceI had a brilliant numerology reading that opened my eyes to the miracle that numbers are. Congratulations on your milestones.


    1. Monika,
      That sounds like a cool way to make your workouts more interesting. I became aware of numbers in high school. Recently I was rifling through my Numerology books ( after reading one of your posts!) and I came across a handwritten list of numbers with their meanings and correspondence with the alphabet. I could tell from the now yellowed looseleaf and my handwriting how old it was!

      Thank you for your support of my blog since the start.

      love, Linda


      1. Yes I am very 6ish, without the typical domestic associations. My favorite numbers are 6,7, and 9. 9 is the sum total of my complete name. 7 I just like – probably its association with Neptune! I have not thought of Ceres and 6, very intriguing.


  11. I think there are symbols for us to observe everywhere, every day, every dream. Numbers and number sequences as well. I love the symbolism of the champagne and celebration. Here is something that goes along with that, I came back from an errand today and just as I was getting ready to get out of the car, I switched the station, “Holiday” by Madonna, celebrate! So I think we are in for a celebration. Yes indeed! Congrats on your blog numbers, you deserve many more!!!


  12. Congratulations on your milestones!!! 😀
    I like your interpretation of your dream! It does seem to be a celebratory imagery of completing one level and entering the next 🙂
    I feel that symbols are hidden in plain sight. It can afford to because:
    1. It is meant for all to see and not a secret.
    2. We just don’t take the time to notice them because we are either too busy with all that white noise in our heads, we feel that it’s got to be more mysterious than simple (this is my problem), we live with our heads in the clouds (another of my problems), we don’t trust ourselves and so our minds over ride the softer voice of intuition (my problem).

    The more I read and interact, the more I seem to realize (when I remember to) that symbols are amazing because it is all so personal! It’s as if that one symbol can mean a 1000 different things to different people, giving them the message that suits their needs at that time. It’s no wonder the saying, A picture is worth a 1000 words!

    Yes! Not only numbers but words too…and thoughts…and how we feel. Everything has it’s own unique vibrations and it expands out into our world!!!

    Can you tell when I’m not playing catch up on blogs any more and taking my time in a relaxed manner to comment? LOL!


    1. I agree with you, particularly about how symbols are very personal and that words are equally relevant symbols. I realize that I emphasized numbers over the champagne in this post but I do not value any symbolic manifestations over others.

      Thank you for another thoughtful comment! I am also able to comment more completely when I feel ” caught up” .


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