Musings – Hiding in plain sight

I have recently subscribed to the theory that every image is potentially a symbol. I mean every image, no exceptions! Some are very obvious, such as a national flag, a smiley face, or a red traffic light. Others are more multilayered and typically more subtle. I have not totally grasped the nuances of my theory, but decades of exposure to symbols as a therapist, astrologer, dream worker, etc, has certainly laid the groundwork.

josephine wall starscape

Dream: I had a dream last night that was not that different from my standard fare. I dreamt of a former lover paying me a visit. So ” been there, done that ” .  I do not want him back in my life , but he was significant at one time. I used to relish these ” visitations”, but not anymore because I have moved on. There was something new in this dreamscape, though, that really caught my attention!  He brought over a bottle of champagne for us to share. I recall feeling very happy in the dream when I noticed the bottle. I even remarked ” You brought us champagne!”  I did some quick research and champagne can mean anything from sexual activity (ejaculation), to celebration,  to  completion of a long-term project. I believe that I have grown and evolved these past few months and that this symbol is telling me to celebrate and enjoy my  internal and external successes. I feel great that I can now place more emphasis on new symbology rather than staying stuck in some old relationship holding pattern!

Numerical sequences: I went to the dentist today, not typical blog fodder!  Yet……  I was entering the office building and noticed an acupuncture practice. I looked at the address and it was 112. I was surprised I had not noticed it before, and then quickly became curious as to my dentist’s address. In case you are wondering, I do not usually memorize these details, I just drive to the medical office and look for a nearby parking space. So imagine my amazement when I got to his door and saw 111 !  I felt absolutely ecstatic since I have been seeing 111 and 1111 for over a year now. I told the receptionist about the number and she asked if I was going to play the lottery. I  replied that I was not planning on doing so and asked if she knew anything about repeating numbers. She shrugged her head no. I took my newfound bliss into my appointment with me and stayed in that space for as long as I could.  I later reflected on why I prefer this office to my previous dental practice. Their lovely aquarium truly does make a difference , but I think that the energy of 111 and its sum, 3 is beneficial to me.

 So as I continue to process today’s events and contemplate my theory, I have some questions for you to ponder:

Do symbols hide in plain sight?

Are symbols immersed everywhere?

Do numerical sequences like phone numbers, addresses, account numbers all have a unique vibration?

Speaking of numbers: My blog just recently surpassed the following milestones, 200 followers, 1000 likes, and 5000 hits. Thank you all for your part in helping litebeing chronicles achieve what seems to be a critical mass within the past few days!

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