Shine a Light on 1111

Monet public domain

Update: Yesterday ( 11/23/14) I took a trip to meet up with a friend that I have not seen in about 20 years. We were looking at art and I had to go to the bathroom. We were headed towards the restrooms when I noticed a room filled with beguiling paintings that we may have missed. So we made a quick detour and lo and behold, what did I find staring right in front of me? This masterpiece by Monet which is the image for my 1111 blog post!

Seeing Poplars, Four Trees in person for the first time was exciting and we both were taken with it. The meeting of the physical world with the cyberworld was intensely gratifying. Seems the Elevens are always waiting for me to discover them and remind me that all is well.


Guess what, it is 1111 time once more. For myself, every day is 1111 time.  I cannot remember even one day going by that I do not see this sequence. I researched to see if I could discover some new information on this phenomenon and stumbled upon a very powerful truth.

Eleven is the number of Light.

I could just end the post now and call it a day. What could possibly follow such a profound statement?

Well, remember when I mentioned that I changed my original blog name from lightbeing to litebeing ? Well Renate over at Pisces looked into the numerology and uncovered that litebeing equals 11.

How about that for a little synchronicity? I wonder if my habitual attention to all things 11 had somehow influenced my decision to alter the name? We know so much more than we can ever consciously access at any one time. In fact, I still believe that we spend our life here continuously uncovering what our soul holds for us eternally. Imagine a cosmic storage bin with your name on it.

So if eleven equals light, than double eleven is the duality of light, or light in relationship perhaps? It is interesting that November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the US. Where is the light in combat? What is the point of violence and destruction? Maybe the duality resides in the sacrifice that those in the military make to defend the lives of others. Or perhaps it shows up in the throes of darkness, emerging as bravery and loyalty to country and freedom at any price. I abhor war, but am no stranger to conflict in my own life. Whatever lies within is projected without. Until conflict is eradicated from humankind, war will prevail on the world stage.

“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” This is one of my favorite Quaker sayings. It stops me in my tracks and gives me great pause.

Peace IS the way. I hope that I shined a huge spotlight on this truth today for all to take to heart. It is interesting that I did not intend to write about Veteran’s day or peace. I am grateful that my writing is often orchestrated by intuition. I hope that readers will consider their positions on the nature of darkness and light. Many wise individuals have said that the dark is necessary for contrast so that we can truly understand the light. Others assert that light cannot exist without dark. I recently read that the universal ideal of Peace on Earth is just the beginning of a New Earth. Apparently, when permanent peace prevails,  the party really gets rolling. I have attempted visualizing what life would look like at this juncture. What do you see at the rainbow’s end? Tell me all about it in the comments section.

I wish you PEACE and LIGHT.



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Monet courtesy of public domain

31 thoughts on “Shine a Light on 1111

    1. 8 + 8 = 16, which reduces to 7, but you seem more like an 8 person to me. 8 is power and transformation. The 8th house in astrology contains death, what is hidden, the occult, sex, insurance, taxes and assets of one’s partner. It is associated with the sign Scorpio and planet Pluto.

      Thank you Mike for commenting. Your blog is so intriguing to me BTW 😉


  1. Hello lite! A great blog and I also love the numbers. 13 is a fav of mine, being an old Mayan TimeKeeper, myself. “Where is the light in war/combat?” you ask. Let’s remember that our “Partners in Contrast” are very fond of usurping and reversing the Light and associating it with dark in the minds of the masses. Not surprised that 11/11 is also Veteran’s Day in the US. However, lately, the Light has been claiming back those usurpations and exposing the template that has been used to bind the Light to the Dark. Transparency is happening all around. Thanks for a great post and for visiting my site, Alia


    1. Hi Alia,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, We have chatted here before, but not recently. I follow your blog, but my reader does not inform me when you post, strange??

      I really like your take on the interplay between light and dark, and am very fascinated with Morocco. I can tell that you are having quite an adventure there.

      peace to you


  2. I popped in to read your post and wow…I see “29/11” in the title. I am a 29/11 in numerology and like you, I see 11:11 almost daily. At the end of the rainbow I visualize a kinder, gentler world where people love and respect one another, the environment, and most of all our Creator.

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    1. Thanks Bev for such a lively comment and your follow. Not surprised you have the 29/11 vibe. I so enjoyed your numerology post that I reblogged it 🙂 I have a 24/6 or 33 path, depending on how you add up the numbers. I like the 6 and I was born on the 6th as well. I was born this month so I also carry the 11! I think we attract what we need or what we tell ourselves we need via our thoughts. And on it goes.. I relish your rainbow vision, may it manifest immediately 🙂

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  3. Wonderful post Linda.. So many now aware of how these synchronicities in numbers now invade our every day lives.. Being aware of them and seeing the ‘Signs’ is awakening us up.. May the Light of Peace also start to shine within the world .. It was not by chance that the 11th Hour of the 11th month of 1918, the Great War ended..

    Love and Blessings


    1. Thanks for the encouragement here. One of the newest events for me spiritually has been the number thing, and I have had digital clocks around me for ages! It is the one thread that ties me loosely to this planetary upgrade theory. Mostly every other experience I report in my blog is not new, perhaps just with a different nuance or permutation. Dreams, synchronicities, sensory openings, telepathy, deja vu, etc, been there done that before. But the number arrived quietly and for awhile I did not place any value on it. Then when the sightings persisted and I researched more online, I realized that this may have a collective significance. Everyone’s life path is unique and that can be exciting. Do you mean WW1?

      love, Linda


  4. I definitely see 1111 everywhere since a couple of years back, just when I deepened in my spiritual work and experienced a great flow of heart chakra energy. By all means, repetitive numbers are always a great sign. I always curiously read everything about repetitive digits and synchronicities 🙂 So interesting post, thanks 🙂


    1. Hi Sofia,
      When I began to see 111 and 1111, my spiritual life was not particularly active, but perhaps something was brewing beneath the surface. Thanks for commenting and following my blog.

      Speaking of numbers, according to my stats, you are my 400th follower! How is that for synchronicity?
      BTW 4 is foundation 🙂

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      1. Exactly, “something brewing beneath the surface”. That is it, it’s when repetitive numbers and synchronicities start coming at us 🙂
        Hahaha, see, first we experience synchronicities, then we contribute to them ;D
        I loved the foundation thing, and it’s currently very relevant tbh! 🙂
        Haha cheers and love to you

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    1. Renate,thank you for providing me with such a profound gift by doing the numerology for lightbeing and litebeing. This new puzzle piece has benefited me by showing once again we are guided all the time.

      peace, love, and light Namaste


  5. Thanks for a fun post! I like your musings and I like eleven, too. Among other esoteric things it reminds me of the 11th House as well (of groups and communities and international interactions, to those who are not so familiar with astrology, and where you natal Jupiter and Saturn reside).

    Since for a quite while I frequently happen to look at the computer clock at 22:22 and it also pops elsewhere a lot (in addition to my own birth date, which I don´t want to share on the Internet. It has been appearing for years). To me personally and esp. at this phase 2222 relates to life partner area and being on the right path. 2 x 1111. 😀 Talking about synchronicity again.

    Here is by the way a link about eleven meanings, I thought might interest you (unless you know it already):

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    1. 11 is also my birth month and 11th house is ruled by my chart ruler Uranus and Aquarius is the 11th sign, Uranus rules astrology, but as you know I use this blog inspire everyone. Aquarius is the place for community and the collective. 🙂 Another cool fact is that my progressed sun is now in Cap in the 11th house between natal Jup and Sat. I will have to see if I have more 11s in my life!

      Thanks for your enthusiasm Deelia and hope this 1111 Mars Pluto day treats you well.

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