Emerging frequencies

Here’s a gift to commemorate the double elevens  1111:

a bonus post!  2 posts in one day, enjoy!

Have you heard? Neptune will be moving direct on November 16th. We have had little forward movement in this Year of the Horse, but perhaps with Mercury leaving its shadow and Mars, Saturn, and Neptune humming along, we may experience more clarity of action, thought, purpose, and vision.  At least for a little while.

Neptune is my go-to planet. It is home. I have a stellium that includes  Neptune conjunct Sun conjunct Mercury and Pisces intercepts my 1st house. My south node is in Pisces. Neptune squares my Ascendant and trines my Mars.  Get the picture? Read Liz Greene’s sumptuous book on Neptune if you long to swim among the sea nymphs for an extended stay ( link provided at end of post).

In honor of the pending Neptune station, I am presenting the collaborative artwork project introduced on Fill in the Blanks, Literally. I invited readers to finish the drawing  I began while on retreat in 2005. The energies of 2005 and 2014 are reunited in the NOW. This was a very enlightening time for me and my art was one method I used to bring forth my inner mystic. Thanks to Sue Dreamwalker and Sarah of Seize One Day for participating and bringing their unique love and brilliance to life. You both raised the vibrations of my unfinished dream by joining forces and creating exciting, new dreams. I honestly do not remember if I had an actual intention for my original drawing.  It does not matter now. A treasure chest brimming with symbols have made their presence known and are summoning us now: a mermaid, DNA strands, squirrel, sea anemone, crab, spirals, pin wheel, seahorse, shark, arrow, caterpillar, fish, waves, triangles,  and more. What has evolved in the present moment is a divine partnership of the ethereal and sublime ~ slightly elusive inner – worlds; out of focus and yet, with a stroke of grace, clear as a bell. We are so much more than the sum of our parts. Neptune leads us by blurring the edges between fantasy and reality. Which is which anyway?

Neptune requires no words.

It seeks an oceanic refuge, an effortless floating and blending of energies,

delightful e-merging of the IAM.

Let the art on this page commune with the artist within you.

Welcome to the depths of your being ..

get-attachment (27)

 my original piece, July 2005

Sue's collaboration

 Sue’s creation


 Sarah’s creation


Neptune’s in the house! let’s dive further below the surface..

wikipedia.org US public domain

wikimedia public domain

all these coral reef and underwater series are wikimedia public domain

public domain


holy communion, Neptune style

bathe in the frequencies

what do YOU see??

Neptune is also associated with music and video, so swim along with me:


resources :

The-Astrological-Neptune by Liz Greene

 2014-planet retrogrades

all non- credited images courtesy of wikimedia commons, public domain

10 thoughts on “Emerging frequencies

  1. I love that Neptune is your home 🙂 and I enjoyed picking out the Mermaid, shark, Seal, and other things in your drawing and hope you could take their totem meanings in your life right now..
    Its good to see that these emerging frequencies are turning the tide of events in your life.. I am positive your ocean will be full of life and colour.. Just like those amazing graphics and photo’s you have shared..

    I have a good feeling for you Linda..Keep floating along in the flow of the current.. All is well in your world.. As in mine.. 🙂 Bless you
    Much Love.. Sue ❤


    1. glad you approve Sue. Was not sure how much of your email message you wanted to be public, so I did not specify on this post. What you provided was powerful and totally unexpected. Your art is magical and I am thrilled to display it here. I loved what the blending of our energy frequenceis created, hence the e-mergence 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the Neptunian vibe sister. Great art creations ladies! I went off to do an English assignment with Octopus’s Garden in my mind, needless to say it found its way into the writing. I say that it went swimmingly. Ahaha I am so corny. Water, water everywhere. Makes me want fish for dinner.
    Perhaps? Wait for it. . . fish taco’s. Yummy! Hey I am planning an Adios to Saturn party in December, it will be a HUGE celebration. lol

    Love you~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t you eat fish tacos every day? hehe
      Glad you enjoyed the amazing art. I have gone snorkeling once and wish there would have been a way for me to photograph what I saw. But our imagination, bot individually and collectively can conjure up so much more that anything already out there.

      So long Saturn in Scorpio soon, but he never leaves, just travels to the next sign!

      The party sounds great! xoxoxo Linda

      Liked by 1 person

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