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It is a warm and rainy Wednesday in my corner of the world. This eclipse hit me so hard, I never saw it coming. Kundalini (or whatever ? ) left me with aches and pains and emptiness and some  mysterious cold ” thingy “.  My energy waxes and wanes. I find that music, candles, meditation, and Lee Harris seem to help mitigate the anxiety and my intermittent desire to just throw in the towel.

get-attachment (48)

Caroline Myss said on Oprah that conscious beings know when to let go of anything that is not theirs to begin with. Well it appears that I will not be doing the “dream job” that I have spent most of my life preparing for. That means it was never mine to begin with.  To put it another way, does that mean every relationship, residence, business one spends extensive time in is theirs by birthright? I don’t actually understand the totality of her message, but I like the concept of recognizing what is worth pursuing and what is not. But isn’t a mind a terrible thing to waste?

How do you find what is yours?

I must admit that I feel quite foolish for believing that all my life was geared towards this one shot to apply most of my toughest lessons to the service of humanity. My north node in Virgo knows it has to earn money and serve. My south node in Pisces just wants to chill indefinitely.  Sometimes it is just easier to keep distracting myself with books, games, movies, etc to avoid this sense of inevitable loss. With so much emphasis in my Solar 12 house, what else can I expect?

So I created this exercise that hopefully is more than a mere distraction. It could be very exciting and lead to all kinds of openings. We shall see.


get-attachment (27)


The picture above was created during my Awakening week in 2005. I worked on it at Pendle Hill and left it unfinished. I would like you to finish it for me and send it back to me for upload here. I don’t know how you will do this, but am certain there is a way to copy the image and add onto it ( I used markers and colored pencils).

I trust this invitation will reach the right people with the inclination to collaborate on this incomplete birthing of potential.

Help me fill in the blanks.




all artwork and photographs by © litebeing chronicles

27 comments on “Fill in the blanks, literally

  1. Oh Linda Big Hug! Things have been so tough for me for all of September and up until now. I am feeling a bit better as I am determined to be positive, even though I haven’t been. You are so bright and talented and well loved by many. Good things are on the horizon~ I believe that. I know that. ❤

    Love you~


    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Sindy Sue, 2014 was such a tough ride for all Scorps with Saturn there and 2015 will be challenging for late degree Scorps. You are an early degree so the worst of Saturn is probably over for you 🙂 I am wondering if part of my struggle is that as I evolve, more is being asked of me, including ridding myself of more negative thought forms, habits, stories I tell about myself that are erroneous, etc.. I have never been patient and perhaps this lifetime is about waiting, maybe…

      Sometimes I feel if I was put here in the wrong time period and that I am tired of waiting for the masses to catch up with me. Other times I realize that there are no mistakes and I belong in the NOW.




      1. Well thanks the stars if Saturn is done messing with me. I sure hope so. lol I do believe that as we all evolve further we have more ask of us. Yes! I have lots of negativity that needs to be gotten rid of, and it seems deep buried things are resurfacing to be healed. Old things, things I have not dealt with properly, but its all good! A bright being like you is here at a perfect time and you just keep on shinning girl. Just keep on shinning. I know we will all get to meet one day in a beautiful place and hug and laugh and have a great time together. If you didn’t get a chance, do listen to that Stuart Wilde video on miracles. It was really helpful for me anyways. ❤

        SO MUCH LOVE~~~~~
        Sindy Sue Who


    2. litebeing says:

      PS , thanks for the link ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are MOST welcome 😀 ❤


  2. Missing you and keeping you close to me as we both endure the epic Storm. I felt this post so deeply in my heart and know we are in this together Linda. Loving you from afar… Amanda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      You have been with me and I dreamed of you a few weeks back. I also “liked” your Durga post which immediately disappeared. Did I dream that post or was it during waketime??

      love and lite that shimmers and heals,


      1. As soon as I posted it my Intuition told me it was much too personal to share, and that is another lesson of the storm, honoring my personal boundaries. I have deleted all my personal posts in the past, so it seems Merc Retrograde is back to teach me yet another lesson – keep some things close!! Damn this one is giving me an ass kicking. Somehow it comforts me deeply to know we are in this together.
        Deep Love,
        PS> Love the artwork! So Emotive!


      2. litebeing says:

        well I do understand about the balance between vulnerability and lack of safety/boundaries. But I am glad that I saw you, it was so comforting to see you there, before my eyes. I am truly being pummeled and pulled and loved and broke wide open and purged and …

        Thanks to you for encouragement about my “art”. I have been sharing it freely here and it has brought a plethora of unexpected treasures.

        I love you and trust you will step into your most preciousness.

        xx Linda

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I love you Linda. I see now that I had to post the post, even if it didn’t stay up. Maybe an edited-down version is in order; finding that balance between vulnerability and safety as you so wisely council!

        It reminds me of a favorite quote from my drum teacher, “The only mistake is the one you judge yourself for.”

        Please feel this when I say that your comments on this post are breaking me wide open with your own love. I just printed your piece of art right now and I will see what can come of a little joint venture; after all we did so awesome together on our Gemini Moon Love!

        Thank you for lifting my spirits, sweet Gem Moon Sis.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not sure what will come of it but I’ll take a stab at it and email it to you. Might take a week or two for me to set the time aside.

    Sending you big, warm, fuzzy hugs. And some hot tea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hot soy chai perhaps? Thanks for joining me in a myriad of ways. Big hugs back my dear!


      1. I promise! I haven’t forgotten. I’m finishing up tonight and will send you the image as soon as I get it scanned tomorrow evening.


      2. litebeing says:

        I know you haven’t. This comment was made awhile ago 🙂
        I will need everything in by Sunday so I can organize the project. So far it has been wild in a very good way. Blogging is such a great way to bring people together. Did you read the post I did with Deb and Amanda? It was the 3 Gemini moon goddesses!

        I know whatever you produce is already awesome. How could it not??

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’m not sure if I have seen it. Can you put the link in your reply so I can check it out?


  4. Linda I may well take you your challenge in the ‘art’ department.. 🙂 As for how you are feeling at the moment.. Please take heart from what both Ka and Julie have stated… For me I see that for a time we have to lose ourselves in order to find ourselves again… You I feel are on the cusp of discovering where your true energies are.. So no towel throwing!.. I see it more as a boomerang. ,, As your energies are being thrown out.. I see much more returning to you 🙂

    Now to work out how I am going to do justice to your creation.. I may even try to give you an interpretation via what I see within what you have already created.. I don’t know yet… It depends on how well it will print out on my temperamental printer.. 🙂 😀

    Enjoy you day.. xx Hugs Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      You finished the art and interpretation faster than I could muster a reply. And they call you a Taurus,lol! You are speeding up Sue! I am just tired of falling of the horse and then having to heal again to get back on 😉 Thanks for being so nurturing and so very wise.

      Using this time to re-trieve whatever I need to move on and through…


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Linda you will, And I am sure by now you are an excellent ‘horsewoman’ LOL.. And All things have purpose.. Its just we who are the last ones to figure that out.. But judging by the various Aquatic Life surrounding you and their messages Linda. I would say you are being guided and nudged along at just the right speed.. ALL will become clear.. And you are doing the right thing in TRUSTING in the Process.. 🙂 Love back.. Sue x


  5. One more thing! Matthew Kahn does amazing work: password is “healing” The call is only free for a little bit longer, I’m not sure how long. Fantastic.


    1. litebeing says:

      I was not able to follow up here but appreciate how caring you are 😉


  6. Hi Linda,
    I wish I could make this my project and collaborate with you-can’t right now, but I can at least leave a comment that I hope, in earnest, is supportive or triggers some awareness for possibilities you hadn’t imagined.

    That 6th house node makes me think of volunteer work (virtual assistance, analytical). I see ‘volunteer’ as not a means in terms of money, but in terms of ideas–> will help you feel productive and like you are benefiting mankind (something N. Node Virgo needs). Just a couple of hours, very small.

    I’m just going off what you wrote in your blog post and not looking at your chart because I’m not doing a reading.

    Your ‘giving’ of your vulnerability is definitely part of your transition, and you seem ‘to me’ much too strong to throw in the towel. The former is my intuition talking. 12th house S. Node helps with faith, and former lifetimes of self transcendence. Your gifts may still end up providing for your sustenance but not necessarily in the ways you originally surmised when you took your ‘leap.’ Sometimes the leap itself is the first act and it takes a while for your next “platform” to show up. It’s like being suspended in air… The air element: can be busy, because being suspended can bring anxiety.

    Autumn is filled with ‘releasing’ energy. I want to send some supportive vibes during this time of great transition, if they would flow unimpeded, let them.

    Hang in there! Have faith! Faith is sort of your gift, no? With N. Node in Virgo you have practical skills that will be fulfilling on some level to provide as support to others. I’d have to see your chart if you want a reading let me know (another pair of eyes). In two weeks I’ll actually (hopefully) have more time.

    If any of this doesn’t resonate, just let it go…I am asking for your angels to keep you company and hold you in safety.

    Best to you my sister,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi fellow Water bearing goddess,
      I love your comments and much of it applies. I would be honored if you take a glance at my chart. I think you have a copy, if not, let me know. I always takeaway something hidden when others read my chart. Call it my astrological myopia regarding my own chart! My leap began in 2006, followed by another 5 or so years of work. Now I am the second phase of my “leap”. Of course we all know time is not real, but tell that to my bills 😉 I am so fortunate to have such extraordinary souls as friends. Thank you for being you.




  7. I just re-visited your chart, and I sense Chiron transiting your 1st where natal Chiron is, is much of the struggle right now. You’ve been in a major healing cycle for some time. With Neptune there too, keep diving deeper, and you will come out stronger than ever! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      thanks for the re-visit. Chiron is actually trining my water planets now and is behaving while still in the 1st. Neptune on the other hand has been squaring MH for a good while, making my worklife/calling/public persona both fantastic and fleeting at best and deceptive at the other end.
      I really value your consistent accompaniment of me, like an angel.

      Namaste Jules aka Jewels


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