Pink Sky Desires


I had a totally different post in mind for today, but it just ain’t ready and I am not going to force it. I am led to write today since the transits mimic my own: Sun in Scorpio / Moon in Gemini.

It is my time and the sun is about to set, my favorite time of day. The sky is a flush with pink streaks gliding upon a greyish blue backdrop. So here we go:

My heart has been opening more to the notion that life can be fun. No more small Saturn living for me, it is all about my solar return MH exactly conjunct my natal Jupiter! Double wow since Jupiter rules my natal MH. For the non astrologers, I am choosing to focus only on the exuberant, loving, benevolent, generous energies. They are extraordinary and so are we. Living is miraculous and this truth is often overlooked or minimized. My desire to travel has been on hold long enough. I wrote a poem in  1897 ,  no I meant 1987 ,  about Peru and Morocco. I have been imagining visiting  these places for even longer than that. My soul requires adventure and exotic locales.  I spent my birthday this year near Delaware at Longwood Gardens ( post in pre-production)  and making that short pilgrimage moved my Solar Return MH just  close enough to kiss natal Jupiter. I did not plan for that to happen, but my desire to travel on my birthday created a new energetic reality.

So what else is on the agenda?


How Good Can It Get?


I am in Mexico City and the surrounding regions ~ the land of the Aztecs, Frida Kahlo , and Diego Rivera. Ancient ruins and MesoAmerica, woohoo!

I am awestruck in  Machu Picchu, Peru. ( no words)

I am dancing in Morocco, celebrating the wonders of Marrakech.

I am embracing Brazil, especially Rio and Sao Paulo.

I am ” back home” in India, gazing upon the Taj Mahal once again, and consuming more Indian food than deemed possible.

I am hanging out with my circle in Bali.

I am drinking so much coffee in Seattle and meandering about the glorious Pacific Northwest. Tacoma, Portland ( Portal – land), check!

I am grooving in Sedona with all sorts of litebeings.

I am rocking the Grand Canyon.

The South has been calling my name and the livin’ is easy in Atlanta, Asheville, Savannah, San Antonio, Houston, Charleston, and New Orleans. I am also back in FLA, digging all things Disney , South Beach, and savoring Key Lime pie ~ where else but Key West!

I am thrilled to be in Chicago, a city that has eluded me for too long.

I am castle and cathedral hopping throughout all of Europe, including France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, and all of Scandinavia. Barcelona, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Brussels, I am so there!

I am chasing windmills in Amsterdam.

I am revisiting California, Hawaii, Jamaica, Italy, Switzerland, and Canada because I have so much more to explore and people to see!

I am digging the vibes on Malaysia.

I am savoring sushi in Japan.

I am prayerful in the temples throughout Asia and the Middle East.

I am checking out my Eastern European ancestral roots in Germany, Belarus, Poland, the Ukraine, Russia, and wherever else I am from.

I am communing with nature on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

I am grooving in Pittsburgh because I can! So cool to traverse the entire state of Pennsylvania.

I am writing for TMA so I can hang out with all my astrology writer friends in print and celebrate the synastry of TMA’s chart and mine!

I am finally chatting with Oprah outside of Dreamtime. She really loves my book on mystical experiences and is interviewing me about it on Super Soul Sunday.

I am marveling with delight at Stonehenge, the great Pyramids and Niagara Falls! ( not necessarily in that order.)

I am immersed in knowledge at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach.

I am meeting all of my blogger friends near and far in one big global party.

and, I totally rocked my job interview tomorrow.

And that’s just for starters!


feature image by Josephine Wall

header image from wikimedia commons, public domain

21 thoughts on “Pink Sky Desires

  1. Yeah, dream big. And dream pink. Beautiful picture. And beautiful travel list.
    May your wishes manifest reality. You never know how the universe might help to manifest wishes, but there are more ways that we can think of. The sister of a colleague just won a very expensive journey to Africa in a lottery. She won the first prize and deleted the emails with the congratulations because she thought it was spam. But no, she really won the first prize. Miracles are always an option.

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    1. Thank you Karin for cheering me on. I want to travel now more than ever so I can meet all my WP friends. I think Source wants that for all of us 🙂 Great story about the safari. I have been offered to guest blog for Spirit Post Magazine and am very excited. This is the first time an entity that has no personal connection to me has accepted my writing.

      miracles are always an option, Can I quote you ?

      hugs, Linda

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      1. Wow, congratulations! You will write for the spirit post magazine.
        Yes, you can quote me;-)
        (I really should think about creating some postcards or coffee mugs with quotes… hahaha)

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  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Yes, that sunset photo is so incredible! I love your travel list. I look forward to hearing about them all, as you write about your trips!

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    1. It is lovely and was taken by someone else. I do like pink clouds and they have been on my mind lately. Thanks for your support for my manifestation of these trips. My heart yearns to see and feel these places.


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  3. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    As we Spring ahead thanks to Daylight Savings Time here in America, I was prompted to consider some dreams for the future. I hope that making this wishlist front and center will allow me to propel myself to the point where all this , and more, is possible….


  4. Pingback: Road to NO-where | litebeing chronicles

    1. Absolutely, which is why I put my visions in writing and online. My soul yearns to travel and cannot be denied. I am letting the universe handle the details here as I learn more and more to let go of control. The past few years have been harsh teachers, but I have made some progress as a result. xoxo Linda

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