Dexter Rising

Dexter circa 2011ish
Dexter circa 2011ish

The snow is really piling up outside and I am loving it. The header image was taken earlier today. I welcome the change of scenery as it evokes a new mood inside of me. When something novel happens at home, I automatically think of Dexter. He would have been glued to the windows propped up on hind legs, taking in the action.

Most long time readers know that Dexter had been an integral part of litebeing chronicles. His picture is on my about page and he is mentioned in several posts. He taught me more about love than everyone else combined. He loved hanging out in that special spot on my couch. This shot was taken many years ago, perhaps 2011 or 2012. My former cat Jasmine also fancied that very spot. Perhaps it is all mapped out in the top-secret feline handbook.

I worry that I may forget him more and more over time. I recall so little about Jasmine and she lived with me 16 years. Maybe this has more to do with the passage of time as it affects my consciousness. Part of grieving for me is the sadness as shared moments fade.

However, I experienced something odd and unusual that is definitely blog-worthy:

The pieces come together more in retrospect so I will walk you through it piece by piece. A few days ago I looked under my coffee table and discovered a whisker. I had not noticed it there before. I was filled with joy to find a piece of Dexter that remains intact ( on the physical plane.) I have held onto it, an angel’s feather if you will. Then a couple of days later I was dusting a bookshelf and took the decorations off the shelves. I put them on the floor. As I began putting them back up, I discovered a brightly colored round object. It is one of Dexter’s toys. I was amazed to see it. I thought that I had gathered them all up right after his passing.

Then I was led to google Dexter the Cat to see what came up. I learned about a comic character Dex-Starr. While there are many glaring differences, I enjoyed the narrative.

To learn more, visit this link:

The following morning, after discovering the toy and comic icon, I was involved in a mysterious interaction. I think it was a dream about being awake, but there could be multiple explanations. I was asleep in my bed and I felt this furry being above my head on the pillow. It was giving me furry head bumps. Then it rubbed its furry self on the top of my head. Dexter loved to run up on the pillows, despite my displeasure. He also was a fan of the occasional head bump. Then the scene went dark and I was petting this large cat on his head and his back. I did not see anything. He was warm and soft and very alive. A second or two later, I was laying in my bed recalling these events. I immediately thought of Dexter. My next instinct was to check the clock. It was a few minutes before 4:00 AM. That is prime liminal time.  There ares stories online about ghost cats visiting their owners ( parents).

Here is a link to a blog featuring a cool ghost cat video:

In my case, I did not see anything. My experience was strictly tactile. I have not as of yet seen any Spirits of deceased loved ones, or any Spirits at all. None that I am aware of. But this “visitation” combined with the previous events has me wondering what really happened.


I have missed him more intensely the past few weeks. The rhythms of grief differ from person to person.

Having this cosmic love exchange was just what I needed.

20 thoughts on “Dexter Rising

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  2. Wow so much snow you have had Linda.. And the story of finding Dexter’s whisker angel calling card 🙂 and toy, and then having that wonderful feeling of his visit.. I am sure it was him.. Letting you know he is well..
    I have had my old cat visit me like that many times especially in the first few years after her passing.. Not so much these days, But like you I would feel her pawing me in bed and head buts and purrrrrss.. 🙂 Now from time to time I see her shadow go across the hallway… 🙂
    The veils of becoming more pliable right now and especially in the small hours of the night.. 🙂
    Loved your sharing of him with us again 🙂 xxx

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    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your validation and your experiences with your dearly departed cat. You even got the head bumps, wow! I have kept the delicate whisker nearby as a reminder.

      I am grateful for your support as I navigate without him.

      xx Linda

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    2. Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your validation and your experiences with your dearly departed cat. You even got the head bumps, wow! I have kept the delicate whisker nearby as a reminder.

      I am grateful for your support as I navigate without him.

      xx Linda

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  3. I’m thinking a visit for sure! Cats are good like that. I had a good friend have an experience on a working ranch that I spent the summer on. I can’t remember it exactly, but we awoke and it was raining, and the rain was really going to be a problem for reasons to do with what needed to be done that day. Like, it was a problem… He usually wouldn’t sleep in at all, but his cat came over and curled up near his head, and he dozed… He had a dream of following the cat on this walk or something, and he awoke again to their cat prodding him… on a sunny day. Ha! It was quite a story to hear firsthand… Cats are pretty amazing when it comes to drifting through worlds and possibilities…


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  4. What a lovely memory, we have no snow here and not able to have cats because we’re always on the move but I do remember the cats in my grandmother’s house (that’s a long time ago). Thanks for that memory…

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    1. Happy to know that my experience triggered wonderful memories of the cats in your grandma’s home. I have plenty of snow to offer you Tiramit, if you are interested!

      blessings, Linda


  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Ah, yes Linda. You grieve as I do. Layers over a fairly long period of time. I am still, once in a while, sprinkling ashes of my dear Rosie who died almost 3 years ago. For me, it comes in waves, the tides ebbing and flowing, tidal sometimes. Then less and less over time, which in itself is sad, because as the memories fade, the closeness sort of does too. I mean, I can always get in touch with my feelings for her, but it doesn’t happen all the time as it did the first year. I was as close to another dog I had for 16 years, but she died in 1988. I don’t have the feeling of missing her anymore, though I smile at many memories when they show up. I see both of them in my dog, Mattie who showed up at our house as a 6 week old puppy, 6 weeks after Rose died.

    Anyway, I guess I tell that story as a way to relate with you about Dexter, and grief. It’s a beautiful process, grief. Hard, but sweet.

    I think it is lovely he came to you like that. What a gift. I don’t know if you read my last post, Walking a Path of Blessings in Nature – Blesstival 2016, but I had a visit from my brother, David who died in 1986. It was as real as can be, and though it was a dream, I know the visit was real.

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Linda. Enjoy the lingering feeling of Dexter’s presence.


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    1. I think I did read that post, but will give it another look. My grief is not the point of the post. It is to explore ‘anomalous” experiences, such as connections with those on other realms, unusual dreams, etc. I don’t agree that grief is beautiful but respect your views.

      peace and thanks for your heartfelt comment, Linda


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