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Now it’s time to get back to some storytelling. While my last few posts did not stray from my theme, this blog is primarily about sharing stories on how my everyday experiences contain some light. I am excited to share another true story with you. It’s about angels and me. So once upon a time……

But first,  here’s a little background –

Early Influences – My childhood was not filled with angels , except for the movies and one angel story. Glinda from The Wizard of Oz was an angelic archetype for me, as was The fairy godmother from Cinderella . I longed for both of them to enter my life. Perhaps those figures fueled my interest in shows like Touched By An Angel and films like City of Angels.  Once my father told me a story about Gabriel and how we come into this life.

This version was taken from

” There is a tradition that Gabriel is the Angel of Birth. It is said that he carefully spends the nine months of the pregnancy watching over each unborn child and instructing that child on the necessary knowledge of Heaven that is an inherent part of all people. Just before birth, though, Gabriel touches each baby on the upper lip to make the child unable to remember all of the information about Heaven until the child returns to the spiritual state at death. The sign of Gabriel’s Touch is the cleft just below the nose.

I remember wondering how this process actually works and became very curious about life before and after we incarnate. It was a pleasant memory of religion for me amidst a typically fearful religious atmosphere laden with guilt, rigidity, obedience, and tradition for tradition’s sake. This particular  story contained mystery and magic, which is probably why it has stayed with me throughout the years. “

Watch – A few years ago my watch stopped working and I was told that I could no longer replace the battery. So I looked for replacement right away.  I found an inexpensive but delightful bracelet watch which was part of a holiday collection. I liked the fact that it stretched to fit my small wrist and that it was mostly copper in color, making it neutral. It had the most lovely assortment of charms.

The bracelet had lovely angelic figures alongside stars and engraved sections displaying peace, hope, love, bliss, etc. What seemed to be unusual about this watch was the reaction I got wherever I wore it:  coworkers, neighbors, passengers on the train,  strangers in elevators , medical technicians: everyone would grab me and ask ” Where did you get this watch? ” I figured  it must be the angels. I will never forget the time I went to Pendle Hill for a Quaker gathering. One evening we stood in a circle holding hands. I heard a noise, looked down, and then noticed my watch had scattered into pieces all over the floor!  I felt the sadness of this loss and wanted to find a way to turn it around. Instead of getting it repaired  I decided to honor its unraveling by giving away some of the angels. I gave away some of the charms to special women while at Pendle Hill. Later I gave away a few more to other significant angels in my circle  This process was very powerful and transformative. It showed me that the energy associated with the watch can live on in a different form.  I still have a few pieces of the watch.

 See below:

get-attachment (4) get-attachment (2)

 get-attachment (5)

Automotive Angels –

About a month ago, I took my car in for an oil change. The car is reliable but old and well-lived. The shop mechanic said the car was excessively leaking oil and transmission fluid.  I did not have the money to pay for major repairs. The car had been making odd noises while in reverse, which I chose to overlook. I’m feeling pretty lousy and frustrated since I have put plenty of money into the car and recalled past experiences with failed engines and transmissions. As I am about to leave, a man calls over to me . I had not seen him  before, either in the waiting area or in the garage until this moment. He looks like someone straight out of Central casting: A balding hefty guy with big glasses smoking on a cigar. He looks over at me and says ” Sometimes an excessive oil leak is not what it sounds like. You can just check for oil.” Than the mechanic comes out and says ” We can tap off the oil for free anytime you come by.” Then the cigar dude says ” See what he said.” and he grinned at me. A few days later I go to a transmission center for a free transmission check. I  tell the manager what happened and I describe the odd noise the car makes in reverse. As I hand him the remote, I mention that the keys have begun to fall off the chain because the remote has broken. A few minutes later the manager calls me over to look over the vehicle. Apparently the brakes were making that noise signaling the need for repair. He also said that there are some leaks but that the transmission is not in need of any repair at this time. The noise was gone after he repaired the brakes and he also fixed my key remote!

I believe the broken remote is symbolic and the restoration  of the key remote represents a healing:

According to

 “Both physically and magically, a key can both unlock and lock things. This ability to be on both sides of the same argument is sometimes called ‘antagonistic’ and you come across it quite a bit in magic. You can see it in the saying ‘under lock and key’, which when you think about it is rather overstating things; why not just ‘under lock,’ or ‘under key’? But the presence of lock AND key shows the antagonistic side of keys… we turn the key in the lock one way, and deprive someone of their liberty. Turn it the other way and we set them free. The lock doesn’t work without its key, and vice versa.

The Roman god Janus (the month January is named after him) was, amongst other things, a god of doors and beginnings, and was often shown holding a staff and a key. In Christianity the iconography of the key is almost always associated with the Apostle Peter, since he was supposed to be the keeper of the gates of heaven. Sometimes the key is shown in double form.

If you hand over a key then you are granting someone power. Granting someone the freedom of a city is an example – giving them a key to the gates means they can come and go as they wish.

In the same way, when young people celebrate their 21st birthday they are often given a symbolic key ‘the key of the door’ although what door exactly is rarely ever specified. What I think it means is that when they reach 21 they used to be considered an adult – and the key symbolised their newfound power to access the world of adults and all that it entails. At least, that’s my theory!

This might also explain why keys can symbolise being initiated – the key gives you access to knowledge that was previously hidden. So when we say something like, ‘The key to inner happiness…’ (or winning the lottery, or the key to success) we’re unconsciously drawing on the key symbolising arcane knowledge. And knowledge is power. “


In my case, the concept of initiation really resonates for me. As I reflected on the chain of events, getting the oil change alerted me to the need to get the transmission checked. Having the transmission checked resulted in fixing my brakes, which potentially saved my life and the lives of others. Meeting both the man with the cigar and the transmission shop manager helped restore hope in my heart, access knowledge, and reclaim my power.

I wondered if the man with the cigar was real. Could he have been an angel? He certainly showed me kindness during a challenging time and appeared virtually out of the ethers. His intervention helped me find the strength to get the transmission checked. What about the transmission manager who fixed the brakes , fixed the remote, and solved the mystery of the odd car noise? He fixed the remote without prompting and free of charge. He also gave me a discount on my bill, which was substantially smaller than major transmission work would cost.

josephine wall

There is no neat resolution to this story. The car will require frequent fluid checks to assess a need for major repairs. I am still unable to afford a new car. Yet I learned so much about my assumptions about cause and effect. I also was gifted with another round of synchronicity, which tells me I may hold the key to something larger than 3D reality.

Finally, this saga is in need of a soundtrack. I am providing the music for the closing credits. I am open to suggestions for more musical accompaniment as well as reactions to this tale.

Who are the angels? Glinda, Gabriel, The bracelet watch, The folks who received the charms,  Cigar dude?

 paintings by Josephine Wall 

related reading on mystical mechanics

related post –

30 comments on “Calling All Angels

  1. shreejacob says:

    Loving your stories!! And I say ALL of them are angels!!!
    I’ve just read about the Gabriel story too! And you know, I really wish he wasn’t that good at his job!! It’ll be nice to at least remember the major life lessons we’ve come down to learn 😛 BUT then again I can see all sorts of chaos occurring if we did!
    Sigh….guess there’s not short cuts huh?? hehe


    1. maybe we all play the role of angels in each other’s lives, but would love it if actual angelic beings do exist here.
      I agree with you about Gabriel. I do think some of us come to earth with a thinner veil between realities and some of those folks are well represented in our circle at WordPress.


  2. reikiheidi says:

    People think of Angels as ethereal beings with white dresses and wings… but often they appear to help us in everyday ordinary ways, as this is the life we have to live. Magic is ordianary 🙂
    My daughter found an Angel feather right on our back doorstep today (its cold, grey no sun – no birds have been around, as far as I can tell!) A message? ‘we got your back’!


    1. I love ” magic is ordinary”

      in light, linda


  3. i really enjoyed reading this post. its as if i can hear your voice telling the story to me as you speak its words while i read them. hope that makes sense.. and you really got me to thinking about what if every moment in this life that we have is an angel moment? from the cigar smoking big guy to the car to the remote fix, etc… which i definitely think was a great series of blessings for you… to the moments when we first wake and even are deep in sleep filled with dream. sometimes i feel as if all of our lives are one big holodeck experience in which most of us dont get to decide when and how we say “end program”. and thats the best part of it. it keeps it fresh exiting and real.
    🙂 goodnight linda lite and dexy midnight.
    O and OM
    (odie has a new fave toy and was wondering if dex wouldnt mind adopting his well worn much loved blue ball “mouse guy” on a fishing pole. the eyes are long gone and odie mamas had to put the stuffing back in, reload it with catnip and sew up the gaping holes in it from endless eves of playtime.. but its ready to go now and would love a new playfriend! odie loved it so.. perhaps dex will too?


    1. Hey twins, when did you switch to cranberry juice and relocate to Orion?
      I really loved your reaction to my post. I like the narrative to be conversational and this tale is very close to my heart. Your premise about our lifetime is fascinating- what is holodeck? As an active dreamer, you got me thinking ( who knows where that will lead?)

      Dex is always up for something new/ reconfigured/ torn-up, he just loves stuff and says thanks to Odie. lately he’s had the attention span of a gnat, but I’ll keep him anyway!

      love ya twins 🙂


  4. Linda,
    Fabulous blog post!!! Angels are real. I have found angelic qualities here on Earth and seen them beyond!
    (I am loving the song too!)


    1. thanks Karen!
      whenever I hear that song, it heightens my awareness. Train also does Drops of Jupiter which is another amazing song.

      peace, Linda


  5. I go back and forth on the angel topic. I believe that they are just 1 dimensional step from 3D incarnation. I also believe that we can be too codependent on angels and not claim our own sovereign power but they have been there for me, and some angel (most likely Guardian) has always kept me safe, I have stories. 😉

    Good, well written post Linda, my friend.
    ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


    1. thanks Sindy for your take on Angels. When you say just one dimension away from 3d, it peaks my curiosity about integrating one more step. What does it take to make it happen? Are some of us already there?

      love, linda lite


      1. Maybe half way there, like 3.5 lol


      2. is that like 3rd dimension 2.0 ? 🙂


  6. My dear friend, I have nominated you for The Best Moment Award! Congratulations! Please visit this


    1. thank you Tazein

      you would be a fine recipient for the Sweetest Award Giver Award!

      maybe we will create one 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for a wonderful, angelic post, Linda. It resonates deeply within. And like to Monika, Gabriel is a very close angel to me, too.


    1. you are welcome Deelia!


      1. Sharing a snippet from my past that relates to your post: I was deeply thinking about the meaning of inner strength, what it is in the practice and what it isn´t, and about its relativeness. Inner strength has been a major theme in my personal life, having been pushing and struggling too much in the past and repressing my so called negative emotions in a major way and in the name of being the strong one (not that I advised anyone else to do so). Straight after that I ran into an old lady on the street, who stopped me and asked: – “Do you have strength? Can you tie the strap(?) of my watch (wristwatch)?” It was loose. When I was done, she smiled and wished a happy life to me. I could have sworn she disappeared when I continued my walk and turned to look a at her once again. 😀 I remember this little meeting well, because I also wrote a poem about strength and about meeting an angel in human form.

        (Please ask if any language problems in my comment.)


      2. what a lovely story Deelia, it seems symbolic as well with the tying of the strap and the watch itself. perhaps you can post the poem at some point?


      3. Yes, thank you, there was a lot of symbolism indeed. The poem is one of a series of poems relating to certain issues during a certain time period. It is one of those that may not work alone, at least it is more understandable in the whole context. But we´ll see, I could also mold it a bit. (I´d need to translate it, too. Short ones are sometimes more difficult to translate, that is to keep the crystallized ideas and word plays. You might have heard this quote: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”― Mark Twain 😀 ). Love, Deelia

        PS. I saw a visual recently for myself about writing poems again, but have not been drawn to that at least of yet. Writing poems has been periodic to me, and during those time periods I have been very drawn and inspired to write them. So, this is something I´ve pondering a bit just recently.


  8. Such a lovely post, Linda and so rich in meaning. I was especially touched by the watch story, knowing me you know why. I did not know that story about angel Gabriel but he has been significant for me and I used to draw him all the time from my angel cards deck. He was sending me a message…


    1. Gabriel is a good one.
      ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


    2. thanks Monika, I enjoyed gathering the information and weaving it together. I plan to explore Gabriel and the others going forward.


  9. Her Locket says:

    That is a very very stunning looking watch and what a beautiful article 🙂


  10. dearmiracle says:

    All those sweet little synchronicities that let us know we aren’t alone…like bread crumbs that leave a trail to our salvation in large and small ways. So wonderful that you are able to connect the dots…breadcrumb to breadcrumb! Not everyone notices these little kisses on the cheek.


    1. what a lovely observation!
      thank you


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