Sense-sational Blogging Challenge

Thanks to all for making this marvelous Blogging Challenge such a success. I always enjoy meeting new folks and cementing bonds with “old-timers” through this endeavor. We are expanding into December for those who are still interested in participating. My post is still in draft form so we shall see if we can extend the party a bit longer.

love to all, litebeing

litebeing chronicles

UPDATE: The challenge is over and I am thrilled with the assortment of material assembled during the month of November. Many thanks to the contributers, supporters, and most of all, the readers! I plan to offer my challenge post in the near future, so stay tuned!  If you have not had a chance to read the submissions, the links are located here.

I wish everyone a fantabulous Supermoon Full Moon in Gemini, compounded by the Neptune square and Mercury conjunct Saturn stationing retrograde. So what does that all mean? My quick take is to beware of deception, huge promises, and missteps, value yourself through work and inherent resilience, and be the miracle you want to see in the world through all means of self-expression.

So how are you enjoying the challenge so far? In case you are not caught up on your reading, check out the schedule on the pinned…

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