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It’s a snowy sleepy Sunday and that is fine by me. A few birds came to visit on the terrace and this morning the bird feeders were the place to be fed and seen. I finally saw a few cardinals too. Happy Mercury in Aquarius retrograde season with February and Imbolc fast approaching. Many readers know I relish this time of year, but lately time is a blur. I often forget what day it is. Yet the snow set the scene of midwinter with the telltale signs of gradually shorter evenings and gradually longer daylight. Imbolc celebrates the movement towards spring and the Goddess Brigid. I hope you all are faring reasonably well. My Mercury surprise came a few days early when my newish laptop went bizarro. The keyboard has gone rogue with various keys typing incorrect characters or none at all. I am using my 2009 laptop now, which is very temperamental. I know I need to get a new PC, but will wait until this transit is over. I am grateful this one works at all. This particular transit relates to science, electronics, groups, and the future. I predict it will be interesting, especially with so many planets placed in Aquarius now.

A new year, a new milestone. WordPress told me I have 1337 followers now; apparently that is a thing! I actually have more than this figure counting Facebook folks, etc. I am grateful for every person who visits here. Thanks to everyone! Sometimes I still wonder what keeps people coming by. If you want to answer this query, let me know!

Does anyone remember my old post Timeless Tunes? I have a new song to add to my collection of time bending songs. My shower is often the place I feel closer to my higher self and spirit in general. Recently a song came to me in the shower that is featured on a macaroni and cheese commercial. The song is Only Time by the artist Enya.

It can be an ear-worm but the lyrics have an important message about the unpredictability of life and to be patient. It is also has a very soothing, almost angelic vibration. It reminds me to slow my mind, quell my worries, and let the stories play out. With so much still uncertain in my life, this is a challenge. Yet I am thankful for the good in my life and what I am manifesting in the now.

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These prisms images above were discovered a few weeks ago. I caught the light dancing on the living room closet and was awestruck. I quickly wondered how often I miss these spots of beauty in plain sight. Life seems random but it is tailored to one’s imprinting, attitude, vibratory frequency, and akashic record. However we make choices that advance the journey across time and space. I have noticed a barrage of synchronicities occurring between my thoughts or words and the “outside world” ( tv, internet, email, music, etc) I am no closer to understanding the purpose, but someone wise told me it has to do with the environment mirroring my internal world. It is also possible that spending so much time at home with devices at the ready has amped up these synchs.  In any case I thought it was an opportune occasion to introduce you to another Tom Montalk video. This is his take on synchronicity and it is so detailed and thorough. Of course it contained a major synch for me during my initial viewing. Surprise, surprise right? This reminds me of the line of a poem I wrote in my late teens: Time is moving like a song.  I cannot recall the rest of this poem but like this line because it encapsulates most of what I have written about today: Seasons, holidaze, synchronicities, a song about time, and statistics based on accrual of time. Enjoy the video, enjoy your day, enjoy each breath, behold the light.

2 comments on “1337

  1. To answer your question, Linda, I keep coming here because I appreciate your honesty, authenticity, openness and also a good writing style. And I
    think if we met in “real” life, we would have a blast 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thank you! I still hold out hope that one day we will meet. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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