Cosmic Retrograde Challenge: Moving Forward

Welcome to the first day of the Cosmic Retrograde Challenge. I will be popping in to update and comment along the way. Enjoy this initial offering ~ a beautiful and illuminating article by the kind and wise Julianne.

Through the Peacock's Eyes

Today I am participating in Linda of Litebeing Chronicles’ Cosmic Retrograde Challenge. I am the first of nine of us lucky bloggers who have taken on Linda’s challenge:

1- Find an item you never use or never wear but you feel very drawn to. It could be an article of clothing like a hat or jeans, or a CD that you haven’t played in years. Hang up a poster or picture that is hiding in a closet. Prepare a few meals from an old favorite cookbook that’s been neglected. Reread an old novel. Wear that old hat. Play that album. Wear an old scent that you are fond of. Watch several episodes of an old television series. Find something old that still resonates for you NOW.

2- Wear the item or use the object or perform the activity repeatedly for a minimum of one week; three weeks would be…

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3 thoughts on “Cosmic Retrograde Challenge: Moving Forward

  1. Hi Linda, it seems this is turning out to be a wonderful Challenge… ( Even though I am being challenged at the moment to getting time on the web) But where there is a will! etc.. 🙂 Such an impressive post from Julianne 🙂
    BLessings this day


    1. Thanks Sue,
      Just sent you an email 🙂
      I agree this is shaping up quite well. Check out Heidi’s post when you can. She made some interesting discoveries about herself that we can all learn from.
      Great writers and amazing people! I hope the readers are enjoying themselves along with us bloggers 🙂

      blessing to you,


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