By Jina Lee [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Giving Tuesday ~ Donate Some Lite

Hello dear bloggers, writers, and followers:

Please consider donating today to Litebeing Chronicles for Giving Tuesday. You can easily donate via the Donate Button on my home page. For close to 8 years I have been blogging about my spiritual journey, incorporating my love of art, nature, music and photography into the mix. I also have given away numerous astrology and intuitive readings to many over the years. Many long timers also know I have been very active in the WordPress community, bringing others together through inspiration, blogging challenges and general kindness and support.

Not everyone may be aware that I am unemployed due to Covid triggered layoffs. My benefits will be ending very soon. While I do not relish asking for help, it is truly needed at this time. Thanks for reading my posts, reblogging, commenting, and accompanying me on my journey. It is such a joy to write and share with all of you.

Much love, Litebeing