Somewhere In Time

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Planetary retrogrades are absolutely wonderful for re-watching ( retrograde) old films and re-exploring familiar concepts (airy Aquarius). I did both while watching Somewhere In Time yesterday. I have seen it numerous times, but noticed some details I may have overlooked before.

Backstory: This is more of a back paragraph… Through my teens and young adulthood, I was fascinated with eternal love. I also fancied myself a budding writer. I journaled regularly and would occasionally jot possible story lines on a notepad. I had an amazing idea for a book/movie. Two people would alter time to be together for eternity. No obstacles could defer them from realizing their fate. Every great love is timeless!  Then in 1980 Somewhere In Time was released. I must admit I was quite angry, realizing my idea was already taken and it was too late to do anything about it. I did not know then that ideas can be received by many people simultaneously, and that an original idea may not be so original after all. Eventually my envy turned into appreciation.  When discussing movies, I would declare that this was my all-time favorite film. Immediately a palpable mystical glow would follow whenever I met another who felt the very same way.

Growing older has made viewing this treasure even more fulfilling.This movie has an incredible score, lovely use of color and cinematography, and the considerable acting abilities of Christopher Reeves. I give a mini review of this now classic tale here. I noticed how primitive the late 1970s look in retrospect. The typewriter and clunky desk phones were commonplace items when the film was created. Now they seem almost as dated as the horse-drawn carriages and photographic equipment which were characteristic of the turn of the century period featured in this film.




This phenomenon reminds me of one of the themes in Cynthia Sue’s Larson’s book Quantum Jumps. She discusses how you can go back in time and influence the past by your current perception of your memories. Noticing the names of popular actors in the credits, for example,  can prompt you to realize that once unfamiliar faces are now fixtures in some of your favorite weekly TV series. When you come to that realization, you may view these actors differently.




I am still a newbie at this process, but am enjoying the ride. I do have more experience with this through the lens of past relationships. Last night I planned on setting an intention before bed to imagine how I would feel having attained a particular goal. Lately I have been having some difficulties falling to sleep easily. I lost focus and my mind just drifted off. I forgot to follow through. I did , however, have a dream about a past love. I woke up thinking about him, Paris, and pastries. I have never been to France, but would love to travel there. Even now more than ever, after having seen another time travel masterpiece,  Midnight in Paris.  My ex and I used to speak to each other occasionally in French and he was smitten with Paris, so..   Mais oui!

I wished to return to the dream and quickly set this intention. No biggie as I have done this many times successfully. I was only partially successful last night. The dream plot continued with my ex, but no Paris or eclairs. In the interest of full disclosure, I really was more interested in the pastries than my ex or Paris. It is likely that these dream trips were connected to watching Somewhere In Time. I have felt such a strong initial connection in a few of my romances and often wondered if we were together before in some fashion.




Have you noticed that time travel is making a comeback? The makers of cheesy flicks like Hot Tub Time Machine are advertising sequels. My cable network is featuring time travel films this month. Unfortunately I did not notice any good ones. I am faithfully watching a new series on VH1 called Hindsight. I mentioned  this show here. While I find the show to be childish and superficial, I do enjoy how ripple effects occur when the main character makes different choices while visiting her past. There is also a mysterious character who appears both in the present day and the 1990s. I am curious what role he will play. I also like to see what devices are used to aid the transformation between realities. In Hindsight the elevator is primary. I have noticed elevators being used in this way before.

Now that the idea of simultaneous points in time sits rather well with me, I am much more open to seamless time travel being more and more feasible. Pop culture often reflects what is possibly about to become the next big thing, so perhaps we are getting closer.


What are your thoughts on time travel, reincarnation, simultaneous time?

What techniques or portals are best used to move through different dimensions?

Are reincarnation and time travel different? How?


Aquarius rising and like time travel?


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