Neptune Retrograde ~ End of the Line

This has not been an easy time, but when has it ever been easy? While  transiting Jupiter retrograded back on my natal Sun over the past few days, I spent most of the time physically ill and/or exhausted. Astrology is complicated and sometimes transits do not show up in a standard way. The late Donna Cunningham wrote about this topic and postulated that often astrological transits trigger internal events, even when it looks like they ought to be external.

I am not certain, but what I do know is how grateful I feel when the pain subsides or when I am able to just let go and be with the pain. How can we know sweet without bitter, light without dark? In the material world, duality is here to teach us the range of creation. Lately, I have noticed that more nudges have appeared, bringing into focus the complexity of emotion and the far-reaching impact of empathy.

Neptune just stationed retrograde this evening at 16 degrees Pisces and will remain retrograde until November 24th. Of course it just started raining as I type this post.  It is part of a grand water trine including Mercury and Jupiter. It also creates a grand water trine with my Mars in Cancer and Scorpio stellium. It exactly trines my Mercury and is transiting my first house. It has been there for many years and will remain there for many many more. For me, it emphasizes an internal re-calibration that is scary and exciting simultaneously. I would imagine many of my readers can relate, as so many of us are experiencing cosmic upgrades.

Neptune in Pisces has many interpretations and her impact will vary on your chart and your sensitivity to her energies. The God Neptune was male but I perceive the energies as feminine, hence the female pronouns! Some of the themes to be revisited during this cycle include: forgiveness, letting go, compassion, empathy, surrender, heart expansion, and boundless ecstasy. If you are typically Neptunian anyway, this cycle is just another day at the office! If not, you can use this time to hone your communication with your Higher Self and learn to block out the static on social media and the world at large.

It is also a great time to get into photography, so I am sharing some recent pics from Longwood Gardens. Before I go , I want to say thanks to those who have been there for me as I deal with the loss of my former patient and my hero Anthony Bourdain. My guess is these two souls had plenty in common, which makes their passing even more tragic. Thank you to Connie who has been there for me consistently over the years. She knows how to listen and hears what isn’t being said. Thank you

Many synchronicities have led me to consider that grief work may be part of my calling. I am happy to share that I have advanced in the hiring process for the position at the non-profit organization that offers grief support programming. I am hopeful that all will occur for the highest good. Thanks to all who continue to hold space for me and shine light, especially when I shut down and retreat.

Before the power goes out ( again), let me conclude with a special video. At my former job I would play videos for my guys at the beginning of Friday’s group therapy that were related to addiction or recovery. One of the first videos I played was End of the Line to celebrate Tom Petty and to illustrate letting go of judgements and expectations. This song has always been a favorite of mine and while some of the undertones are dark, the tempo is upbeat and conveys hope. Besides, there is something about me and trains that is yet to be fully explored.  I hope you enjoy it! I dedicate this post to my guys and to everyone that struggles with addiction:


Three births in one

They say good things come in threes so I am running with it today. I have three announcements on the agenda and they all herald the birthing process. Oh how I love when patterns develop, it’s icing on the German Chocolate cake!

First up: Prince Cambridge was born today. Congratulations to William and Kate on their new arrival. I think his birth chart is a winner with 2 Grand Water Trines, Mercury stationing and an applying full moon. For a more detailed analysis, please check out Donna Cunningham’s post at  Donna’s blog Skywriter is amazing. I have been reading her books and following her online long before I knew a WordPress from a bench press! This Social Worker/Astrologer is a great role model for astrological counselors like me. Please visit her blog and you will understand why I am showering her with praise.

Next up: I drew one card from the Sacred Path Cards deck (by Jamie Sams)  to get my personal message for this full moon. I enjoy pulling these oracle cards on new moons, full moons, and some other occasions. I currently use this process for myself or incorporate it into my astrological sessions with clients. My 6th and 12 houses are spotlighted by this Leo / Aquarius full moon. 6th house matters have been on my mind lately. With a mixture of relief and some Leo pride , I was able to take this picture of the card for you using my cellphone:


This is the first time I chose this particular card for myself. Dexter ( my cat) actually came into the room and squealed as I placed my hand over the card so it was graced with feline approval! According to Jamie Sams , here is an excerpt from the Pow-Wow teaching:

Each year when the richness of summer moved across the Earth Mother and Old Man Winter was just a memory, most Bands and Tribes of each Nation have gathered for what is known as a Pow -Wow. This time of gathering was a ” quickening” for the People.  As the growth of a child in the womb feeds its mother’s heart with joy, these gatherings produced a quickening of talents that fed the People. … Coming together to share our new discoveries and information will strengthen our ability to heal ourselves and live in harmony with our planet.

Here is the message on the Pow -Wow card’s application:

If the Talking Drums have signaled a Pow – Wow, you are being put on notice to gather together with like mind and exchange ideas. The quickening of some aspect of your life will be aided if you use a support system and see what type of support you can call upon from others.  The Pow-Wow card is marking a time of calling in your markers.  You may need assistance or just a friend to be a sounding board.  Your focus will become clearer , and you may receive the boost you need from just an encouraging word or two. The quickening is inside of you and speaks of the time just preceding birth. Whatever you are giving birth to at this time can be assisted by gathering your friends around you for the needed support.

public domain wikipedia
Pow – Wow dancer

 This gathering of like-minded souls to exchange ideas and information sounds an awful lot like blogging, don’t ya think? Perhaps what we do here through this global network is somewhat ( but not entirely) tribal in nature. I have learned so much from the wisdom of indigenous people. We are so fortunate to have access to some of their teachings.

 I am very excited about drawing this card, especially since my Mars return is coming soon. My Mars is in Cancer in the sixth house of work and service. The sixth house is an area of my life that is bursting forth with possibilities. My time here at WordPress has really shown me the power of a supportive, loving network and the joy I derive from the creative process. Networking with readers and fellow bloggers has really added an extra dimension to how I utilize my self-expression. This positive aura often crosses over into other aspects of my life.

I also see a wider collective application of this card for today’s Full Moon. Leo indicates the individual creative process and Aquarius signifies group consciousness. The Pow- Wow  elegantly brings together both energies. The Grand Water trine involving Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune also supports the birthing theme.  Mars/ Jupiter combines exuberant, intuitive drive  ( Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer),  and  creative inspiration (Neptune in Pisces) with a powerful foundation ( Saturn in Scorpio). This also correlates with a potent yet sustainable quickening / birthing process.

Which brings me to my third announcement: On Thursday July 25th, my interview by Ky Grabowski is being posted on Spotlight. Spotlight is a feature on Ky Grabowki’s blog that promotes people and their creative projects. This is my first public interview and I am very excited. Please check out Ky’s blog at I was fortunate to win this interview by following the prolific Amber. Please check out Amber’s blog and learn about her work and her passionate spirit. I will be reblogging the interview here, but hope everyone will also go over to Spotlight to learn about the phenomenal folks also being spotlighted.

I believe my reading for this powerful full moon is fortuitous. My interview will highlight my writing projects and my astrology work.  I am in the early stages of launching my astrological counseling service where I combine my intuitive therapeutic skills with my astrological background. This concept has been floating around for a while and now is the time to bring it to fruition. I look forward to your feedback on the interview along with any questions that may surface.

So there you have it, three births in one. May today’s full moon offer you many moments to be radiant, both individually and in relationship. Let me know how the Pow – Wow card operates in your life!


Update: Here is a clearer picture of the Pow Wow card for your viewing pleasure:


pow-wow dancer image and header courtesy of wikimedia public domain