So 2 bloggers enter a bar …

The past few years could be compared to life on a movie set. I have heard that performers typically complain that they are continuously being told to hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait, I know this line too well. Especially in terms of my career search. Yet in other areas, manifestation is easy. I don’t do much at all except turn on my laptop and pay my internet service provider bill.

When it comes to making cosmic connections of the friendship variety, I have all the right qualifications and no interviews are required. The only networking necessary is that of the Divine variety.  The job is already mine and it does not feel like work at all. Joy abounds and the living is easy. Like when all the Scorpio planets move in and Mercury starts moving forward.

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When life is in flow, all I have to do is be me. I met another radiant litebeing today and her name is Sarah. Today was my first bloggette meeting in real-time, woohoo! Sarah lives locally and we have quite a bit in common. I will keep those synchronicities between us , but I will disclose that we met because I was missing Amanda at Dreamly and was reading all her goodbye comments. I liked Sarah’s avatar and energy so I visited her site. And the rest, as they say, is herstory!

We chowed down on yummy Indian food in lovely Mt. Airy and got acquainted. She is as warm and fun and kind as her videos portray her to be. There was garlic naan, veggie korma, lamb chettinad, and plenty of conversation.  I provided her with the astrology reading that she won on my Grand Fire Trine giveaway contest. There is some cosmic glitter linking her with the giveaway, but you will have to ask her about that.

Spirit has been very generous in introducing me to wildly energetic, loving beings. Some live as far away as Australia, while others are as close as a car ride on a windy October Sunday. While I have met many of you via dreamtime, email, telephone and Skype, this encounter was quite unique and special. While I value our access to technology, there really is no substitute for face to face interaction.  There have been some moves behind the scenes to plan an international WordPress gathering, but they have been stalled for now. While this does disappoint me, I am learning to let any attachments go.  In the meantime, I choose to trust that I will meet and connect with all that are meant to cross my path for the highest good. And perhaps a couple of laughs and some spicy curry.

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Tell me about any blogger sightings.

Who have you met and where did the connection take place?

Have any of you met in the non-physical realms?

How was Spirit involved in bringing you together?

BTW, this is my 222nd post!

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